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Shopwell: Tindahan nga Masaligan

Purchase your wholesale needs and groceries here!

Filipinos are known to be thrifty people who always ensure that they get their money’s worth. They look for quality products at a reasonable cost and look for the best value for their pesos especially when grocery shopping.

But none are thriftier than those that have sari-sari stores or retailers as one of their sources of income. These small to medium sized establishments are usually the ones who purchase in bulk in order to add to the products they can sell in their area.

So the question is, where can you find wholesale stores that provide the best deals for their money? Where’s it quick and easy to shop? Offers online delivery and advance orders that allows you to skip the long lines in Cebu? Head on over to..


Shopwell is a neighborhood convenience store that sells packaging and grocery items. They cater to customers inside and outside of Cebu City.

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They’ve started out as a humble fishing and packaging store. But as the demand for their services increased, they decided to establish their first branch in Talisay, Cebu last May 26, 2017.

After three years, they’ve also successfully opened their second branch in the north of Cebu, Shopwell Opon, which was established on March 17, 2020.

Shopwell’s Unique Services

Shopwell isn’t just your regular convenience store. They offer unique services such as providing:

  • An advance order and pick-up and grocery-delivery

The pandemic has rapidly increased the demand for e-commerce. And these aren’t limited to cosmetics, clothing, foods, and appliances. Families and businesses also appreciate the convenience of simply ordering their groceries online. With a simple tap of a button, you can ask our hardworking riders to purchase items for you.

  • FREE delivery

In addition, for a minimum purchase of 10,000 pesos. Shopwell provides FREE delivery shopping for those within their service area. It gives a hassle-free option to customers. And they also offer a variety of items to order. From basic needs, houseware, dry goods, and soon will offer Bayad centers, pharmacy, and perishables.

  • Competitive prices

Wholesale retailers will surely appreciate the rates provided at Shopwell. A difference in peso and centavos can make or break someone’s budget. But with Shopwell, you are guaranteed only the most competitive of prices.

Helping the Community

Since opening until today, Shopwell created Marketing activities to promote the brand and helping the community.

Stay Home and Win

In support of the government’s drive to fight pandemic issues, Shopwell encouraged customers to Stay Home and Win by sharing customer’s activities in a productive manner. Grocery prizes were given to the most productive activity.

With health and occupational crises last year, creativity and resourcefulness were tested. Customers opted to sell baked goods and pastries, home-made brands, and more small businesses emerged.

Featuring Small and Local Businesses

To boost customer’s self-esteem and lessen the anxiety, Shopwell made a “Business Feature of the Week” category on their page as a support to its local and small enterprise customers. Promoting their brands and expanding local brand’s networks.

TikTok Dance Challenge

In 2020, a Shopwell jingle was composed: “Tindahan nga Masaligan”. It was launched to the public during the second branch opening. To further bring contact with the jingle, Shopwell created a Jingle Dance Challenge through the social media platform, TikTok.

Several entries were gathered and three emerged as winners with the greatest number of reactions.

Exciting Deals for Shopwell Shoppers

This year, Shopwell continues in creating and innovating marketing campaigns to strengthen customer relations, brand equity and product quality, such as:

The Wholesaler Program

The program offers regular customers a wholesaler with a minimum purchase and enjoying exclusive benefits. In relation, the wholesaler, Shopwell introduced a Wholesaler Incentive annually and quarterly.

Masaligan Rewards Program

To strengthen customer relations, Shopwell recently introduced the loyalty program for both wholesaler program and retail customers in which accumulated points can be rewarded as payment options.

So for every Php400 spent, it converts to one (1) point which is equivalent to Php1.

The Race to 3 Million

Wholesalers are also qualified to join the Race to 3 Million where they get incentive when their accumulated purchases reach three million pesos.

Parol Making Contest

And for its 2nd year, Shopwell is happy to announce the Parol Making Contest with a huge Noche Buena Packages and consolation Gift Certificates that are provided for all entries.

New Branches Opening Soon!

Seeing the rise of their customer’s loyalty and employee’s dedication, Shopwell plans to open more branches in Visayas and Mindanao. Serving customers with competitive price, quality products, variety of items and to be the preferred neighborhood grocery store.


Talisay Branch 

Opon Branch

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