PH Ranks Third in Southeast Asia at The World’s Best Countries For Quality of Life

Phillippines is number three!

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While there is no surprise that European countries have topped the in the rankings of the World’s Best Countries for Quality of Life. We take a look at our Southeast Asian neighbors which is made up of eleven countries with a wide range of religions, cultures, and histories. Just this year 2021, CEOWorld Magazine has ranked the Philippines as third out of the…

9 Southeast Asian Countries at The World’s Best Countries For Quality of Life  

9. Cambodia

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Cambodia is ranked 111th among The World’s Best Countries For Quality of Life. Many people wonder why they should relocate to Cambodia. Well, we have lots of explanations for this! This country boasts one of the world’s most relaxed visa programmes; for less than $1 per day, practically anyone can obtain a visa to stay.

The cost of living is cheap, and most expats can make ends meet by working part-time, which they would not have had back home. Aside from economics, the locals are friendly just like the weather. For those foreign who love the hot season, you can have it here along with their beautiful beaches and natural wonders.

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8. Myanmar

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Ranked as 101st on the list of CEOWorld Magazine! The country with steady development is making it a viable option for large international investments. We can state that it is a safe and pleasant destination for expats to reside because of its natural grandeur and friendly locals. 

You can live in Yangon and Mandalay, the biggest cities in the country that both excel in business and trade.  And, same thing with Cambodia, the country’s cost of living is also inexpensive.  

7. Vietnam

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You’ve undoubtedly heard hundreds of reasons why you should visit Vietnam. And perhaps some of you have already been to this historically significant country. Now? Taking 62nd place in the list of The World’s Best Countries for Quality of Life in Southeast Asia!  

In terms of livelihood, practically all Southeast Asian countries share similarities and excel in differences. One of the best aspects of living in Vietnam is the ease with which places may be reached. Vietnam is not like most other nations where it is always hot and sweaty since it has a long length and a variety of climate zones where you may live comfortably. If it becomes too hot in one region of the country, you may always flee to the highlands to cool off. 

6. Indonesia

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Next on our list, the Top 58th of The World’s Best Countries For Quality of Life, Indonesia.  Living in Indonesia awaits a wholesome experience, imagine being in the world largest archipelago with more than 17,500 islands, amazing right? If you’re planning to have your retirement then you have all the possibilities of enjoying its beautiful islands and cultures. 

5. Brunei

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Bordered by Malaysia and West Philippine Sea bagged the number 49th rank on the The World’s Best Countries For Quality of Life, Brunei. This country has a sizable expat population, accounting for roughly 40% of the total population, with most foreigners drawn in by the potential of lucrative work packages and tax-free income.

Though culture shock is typical when migrating, when in Brunei, you must wear modest clothing and take the required efforts to comply with local standards because the country is officially Islamic, and doing so is highly respectable.

4. Malaysia

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Home of Langkawi, the most beautiful beach located in Malaysia. Malaysia is the fourth largest economy in Southeast Asia and the 39th largest in the world, and it is steadily but steadily growing year after year.

Aside from possessing some of the world’s most stunning beaches and natural wonders, this country is extremely agricultural, so retiring here will be relaxing and easy, especially with its inexpensive and plentiful supplies. 

3. Philippines

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Philippines is ranked 39th among The World’s Best Countries in Southeast Asia for Quality of Life. Many foreigners have chosen to live in the Philippines, and they absolutely love it! The vast majority of them have begun to raise their own families. Do you know why? Well, the country has a low cost of living, particularly in the provinces, and when we say low, we mean it. You don’t need to worry about buying stuff and supplies because even when you’re in regions, they also have business centers, malls, hospitals, schools, and even recreational stadiums.  

It’s not difficult to get along with locals in the Philippines since, despite the country’s many dialects, they can understand English. It is the second language of Filipinos because it is taught in schools.

2. Thailand

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Our number two on the list and ranked 38th of The World’s Best Countries For Quality of Life, Thailand. Living in Thailand or planning to retire here is much easier than you might assume. Sure, there are cultural differences, but home comforts are easy to find, and the cost of living is relatively low. 

Thailand, like several other Southeast Asian countries, is full of stunning sights, particularly in Chiang Mai, a hilly city with a good quality of living and plenty of convenient services and close entertainment.

1. Singapore

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Finally, our number one on the list and ranked 19th in The World’s Best Countries For Quality of Life. Many individuals aspire to live in Singapore since many consider it to be the pinnacle of living. Singapore is a modern and clean Asian metropolis that preserves much of its British colonial charm while still providing a cutting-edge, well-developed environment. 

Well, if you’re thinking about migrating here, you should be aware that this well-developed country has high standard rates. Singapore remained among the top ten most expensive cities in the world to live in, jumping up two places from position 8 to position 6 the previous year.


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