5 Timeless Exterior House Paint Colors in the Philippines

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House colors are an important aspect of our daily lives; they influence your moods and energy levels simply by looking at your walls. Color can alter your perception as well as the views of those who see it. When it comes to exterior house paint colors! Let’s take a look at 5 Timeless Exterior House Paint Colors in the Philippines that have been utilized repeatedly for good reason.

Whether you want to add energy to a dull wall or calm a hectic one, this guide will help you pick the color that suits you best at…

5 Timeless Exterior House Paint Colors in the Philippines

5. Warm earth tones

Photo by FAB MOOD

Most Filipinos, they believed that colors are factors of escalating one’s emotion and energy. Have you watched the movie The Hobbit? Take a look at the hobbit-holes or smials, you can see and feel how cozy and inviting the houses are, particularly because the warm earthy tones combined, and also accented with beautiful flowers and plants. 

If you want your house to appear nice, restful, and snug for everyone’s eyes to discern then you can start by having enjoyable yellow, reddish-brown, happy glow, red bay, arizona, and more. In that, you’re not just inviting visitors but also compliments and praises. 

4. Earthly greens

If you live in a rural portion of the country or an elevated area of the province where trees, mountains, and greens abound, perhaps you should complement it with Earthly greens. The type of dull shades mixed with understated greys such as dark green, melange green, brown, mustard, and caramel. The grey type will make it appear matte which is strong and so appealing to the eyes. 

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3. Sea fare

Photo by FAB MOOD

We don’t believe there is a rule about what you feel within; all you have to do is not invalidate it. If you’re in the sea, near a river or lake, or even in the streets and want to experience the breeze and cool colors of the ocean, you can apply its palettes to your exteriors. 

If you want to feel like you’re in Moana, calling the sea, try this stunning summer color combination of emerald green, sea green, brown, terracotta, nude, and light blue. This color scheme would be perfect.

2. Creamy and Warm Shades of White

Whites are always fashionable, but instead of a clean white, try off-whites in creamy and soft tones. You can choose brighter or darker tones based on your preferences, but warm whites work nicely with wood accents. You know, like  the type of being in English country or modern victorian style but a twist of cozy matte colors of creamy white. 

1. Understated grays

Photo by FAB MOOD

People always think that grey gives us the sad and lonely vibe but our first one on the list of 5 Timeless Exterior House Paint Colors in the Philippines revoke that belief. Grey gives us the dreamy and cozy rain type of weather, feels like you’re in a movie or a music video. 

If you want your exterior to be grey and vibe the white and black sky, you can start with a dream, passive, pale, and modern grey, they possess warm undertones. Grey exteriors are rare in the Philippines and if you do so, people will be amazed.

Do you have your shades already?

Photo by The Spruce

Choosing the appropriate tones for your exterior designs can be difficult, but with the help of FAB MOOD, it is a lot easier. We hope you’ve already found yours among the top 5 Timeless Exterior House Paint Colors in the Philippines. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below, and if you have any recommendations, please do so.


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