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Gullas Heights: A Panoramic View of the South via Minglanilla, Cebu

Mountain view plus overlooking Cityscape!

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Gullas Heights is not a destination but a highway that offers an therapeutic stop for those in long drives or road trips. It offer a scene where during some sunny days, people are welcomed with calm winds and a great view! Looking for a road stop? Take in the view at…

Gullas Heights

Photo from X Marks The Spot Photo & Video Facebook Page

A  certain road at Minglanilla, Cebu, is now a famous stopover for some tourists and locals. It is at its peak because of the scenic view nature can promise at the top. It gives the people a sense of freedom as the beauty envelopes the whole place. It soothes the state of mind and can make someone feel at ease as the atmosphere is so serene.

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Gullas Heights has been one of the biking itineraries by most bikers in Cebu because of the breathtaking view it possesses. One of the best parts of Gulla’s drive is that it has two amazing views, one side is overlooking the city, and the other shows how magnificent nature is.

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The place can be considered as a little escapade as it gives you a tranquil ambiance, that allows people to have a moment of seclusion from all the stress from city harbors.  The hustle and bustle can fade away in a moment as the serenity of the place envelops your being. Have a time in your life to pull away from all the city stress and bring yourself some natural therapeutic sessions in Gullas Heights.

On a normal warm day, the sun gives colors to the mountain and trees, the blue sky is painted with shades of blue and the overlooking city gives you perfect picturesque scenery. The natural setting refreshes visitors, letting their bodies and minds unwind for a while.

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As the Gullas Heights reach its popularity food stalls are installed by locals, to gain income and also to quench the thirst and hunger of those who ascend the mountain drive Many habal-habal or hired motorcycles are willing to transport anyone to the gorgeous mountain road, so getting there is the least of anyone’s concerns. All you have to do is to prepare yourself for a majestic view.

From the top!

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It’s time for you to take a step back and head the south. Give yourself a break and have the time to witness what nature can offer. Drown yourself with all the natural beauty and feel the peace and freedom the “ Gullas Heights” gives you. If you are looking for a secluded place where you can clear your thoughts or even shout your heart out this place is perfect for you.  Or if you want to exercise then ready yourself with this new challenge!

How to Get There?

Location: Cadulawan, Minglanilla, Southern Cebu — approx. 1-1.5 hours away from Cebu City.

BY COMMUTE: Many jeepneys bound for Minglanilla pass by either Our Lady of Lourdes Church – Punta and Mambaling. Watch out for any jeepney with a Minglanilla sign and ask them if they will pass by Gaisano Minglanilla. Upon arriving in Gaisano Minglanilla, there will be numerous habal-habal or motorcycles for hire right in front of the mall. You can ask any of them to take you to Gullas Drive.

BY PRIVATE VEHICLE: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Gaisano Minglanilla”. From there, you can head straight up to Cadulawan Road. Ask around for directions going to Gullas Drive (or also known as Selma drive)


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