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Escape into the countryside!

It is exactly during these uncertain times that our health must be our top priority. We need to eat good and healthy food. And the Farmer’s Table in Tagaytay offers just that. After long weekdays with so much workload and busy streets on every corner. Not everyone has the luxury of time to find the freshest ingredients in a meal.  But these are served and best prepared at the…

 Farmer’s Table 

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Experience a fully Al Fresco dining in a restaurant that has a concept of farm-to-table. Serving you with all the natural ingredients fresh from the farm and served deliciously at your table. The overall ambiance of this place shouts nature and freshness, as the whole place is surrounded by varieties of plants and trees.

Photo courtesy to  Buzzsetter Facebook Page

Escape is the right term to describe the whole place. As it helps everyone who wants to escape the city stress align their train of thoughts. This therapeutic place can help you achieve some peace of mind while enjoying your comfort food.

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A Peek Inside

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Farmer’s Table is a large, intricate project that requires considerably more than the typical number of hands to complete. It’s divided into three sections—the Boutique Market, the Artisanal Bakery, and the Al Fresco Garden Bistro—and is a much-needed place that deserves to be put in your bucket list stopovers in Tagaytay.

Al Fresco Garden Bistro

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This is where the main dining is located.  The dining tables are spread  in an orderly manner for the diners to always  maintain social distancing and also to have the breeze evenly spread out.  The whole interior shows a minimalistic style,  starting with the braided ceiling that draws the eye out and around, while various textures of wood, rattan, and patterned upholstery concentrate the trees strewn about the floor space.  From the ceiling, floors and every corner are all picture perfect!

Boutique Market

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From the name itself, this section is where the goods are all stock. Nurture Wellness Village’s unique items are available, as well as fresh weekend harvests from their organic farm and those from other farms and producers within a three-kilometer radius. This is where we can grab our favorite freshly picked goods  that we can use at home!

 Artisanal Bakery

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Grab your favorite artisan bread here in Farmer’s Table made from  local ingredients. They taste better because they are manufactured by hand and include only organic elements.  Artisan bread is healthier than any other bread as it is made with organic ingredients.

The Food

Photo courtesy to  Farmer’s Table Facebook Page

The Farmer’s Table has something for everyone, whether you’re a vegetarian or looking for a genuine Tagaytay hot bowl of bulalo. In addition, the cuisine is designed to adapt to the seasons, this means that every menu changes depending on the availability of the local products per season.

What to try?

Kale Chips and Dip

Photo courtesy to  Farmer’s Table Facebook Page

For starters let’s start with an appetizer called the “Kale Chips and Dip”. A Crispy with a thin airy tempura-like batter, to be dipped in a malunggay-basil pesto mayonnaise that tasted like a green goddess dressing with more malunggay flavor.

As you taste the whole dish you will never notice that these are all healthy herbs as they taste amazingly good. Give this healthy snack a try!

Fettuccine Ai Frutti Di Mare

Photo courtesy to  Farmer’s Table Facebook Page

If you are a fan of pasta and seafood then give this “Fettuccine Ai Frutti Di Mare”, seafood spaghetti recipe, with sautéed prawns, fish, calamari, clams, and mussels in a light marinara sauce with pesto, fresh basil, and oregano. Fall in love with a full pasta meal and feel the freshness of the seafood every bite!

Kalderetang ‘Osso Buco’!

Photo courtesy to  Farmer’s Table Facebook Page

If you want a hearty meaty meal then give the Kalderetang ‘Osso Buco’, one of the Filipino favorites, the kaldereta but the Farmer’s Table made it more appetizing. 

A braised beef shanks low and slow with bell peppers and carrots then topped with malunggay basil pesto, fried potatoes, and Malagos pecorino cheese.

Dark Chocolate and Rosemary Cookie Dough Skillet

Photo courtesy to  Farmer’s Table Facebook Page

A dessert to wrap  up your Meal at Farmer’s  Table Tagaytay, then hare is Dark Chocolate and Rosemary Cookie Dough Skillet: topped with candied walnuts to add some texture to the dish and mantecado ice cream, and rosemary-infused olive oil. Give this heavenly delight a try and taste the soft doughy cookie that melts in your mouth.


Photo courtesy to Farmer’s Table Facebook Page

Escape to the countryside

Photo courtesy to  Farmer’s Table Facebook Page

Giving yourself a break is not such a bad thing.  You deserve the break you always wanted after all the workloads you’ve done. The Farmer’ Table in Tagaytay can be your key to escape and have a chill weekend. The overall ambiance of the place can make you find your peace of mind while munching on your favorite organic made foods.

A great place and food that looks good in our eyes and tastes heavenly in our mouths. If you are looking for a place to unwind while eating your comfort food then Farmer’s Table is ready to serve you!

Contact Details

Location: Nurture Wellness Village Tagaytay City, Philippines

Facebook: Farmer’s Table Tagaytay

Contact Number: 0960 928 3142

Operating Hours:  Monday to Sunday, 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM


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