10 Non-Profit Organizations for the Environment

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The Philippines has been proven to be the typhoon belt of the Pacific, with an average of twenty typhoons per year and approximately five of which are catastrophic. In addition, the country is also a hotspot for illegal trade and wildlife trafficking.

It’s heartbreaking to think about, but with that in mind, let’s honor these Non-Profit Organizations for the Environment that have had a significant impact on all of us, particularly in their battle against climate change and environmental destruction. Let’s support and make a change together with the…

10 Non-Profit Organizations for the Environment

10. KabanatanPh: A Mangrove Conservation Awareness Project

Kabanatan is a Filipino word that translates to “resilience.” This non-profit project started as a birthday fundraiser for a group of college friends and has now developed into a big online event. The goal of this organization is to increase awareness and demonstrate how investing in and preserving the environment benefits our country and future generations’ true resilience! 

9.Plastic Persist PH

While plastic remains essential to all of us it also houses various environmental effects. That is why Plastic Persists Ph is working to address the waste crisis. This non-profit organization was first organized by a group of BS Biology students from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Manila in response to the UNESCO-funded #EcoSquadGoals grant competition, which was hosted by the DLSU SHORE.  

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8.Save Philippine Seas: Marine conservation in the Philippines

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There is no doubt that the Philippines is surrounded by vast bodies of water, but it is presently under the threat of pollution and waste destruction, and it is up to us to clean and reform to prevent potentially disastrous consequences. Save Philippine Seas advocates for community empowerment, environmental education, and shark protection. This non-profit organization also launches citizen-led programs to enable Filipinos to improve their behavior.

The concept for arose from years of study, education, and conservation work on whales and dolphins around the Philippines. This non-profit organization was founded in 2009 by a group of friends and colleagues interested in marine life studies. 

They want to give baseline data for marine mammals management and conservation in the Philippines. And also seek to boost the capacity of cetaceans in the country by raising knowledge and awareness.

6.Masungi Georeserve

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With our continuous war against climate change, Masungi Georeserve is facing new challenges from quarrying and land grabbers. As a result, we’re asking everyone to join the petition to rescue Masungi. We know you will not accept this flagrant breach of the law, especially one that would harm millions of Filipinos who are in desperate need of clean water and pure air, which only these forests can give.

Masungi Georeserve is one of the vast conservation areas that aid in climate change resistance by maintaining and restoring the watershed’s forests and wildlife.

5.Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines

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With a large number of sea creature species, the Philippines is said to be the world’s center of marine biodiversity. It is, however, a hotspot for illicit trafficking and capture. We can protect and preserve marine species that are on the verge of extinction through your donations and the efforts of Marine Wildlife Watch. 

4.Greenpeace Philippines

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Greenpeace Philippines is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring a peaceful and sustainable planet for future generations. Their major purpose is to safeguard natural landscapes, wildlife, and other natural resources from environmental dangers such as hazardous waste imports, coal projects, and illegal logging. They also run campaigns to combat land, air, and water pollution.

3.Forest Foundation Philippines

The Forest Foundation Philippines primarily supports programs that safeguard and conserve the country’s most vulnerable forest areas, including the Sierra Madre, Palawan, Samar and Leyte, and Bukidnon and Misamis Oriental. Growing forests, livelihoods, collaborations, and advocates are all part of their comprehensive approach to forest preservation and conservation.

2. Philippines Biodiversity Conservation Foundation

As a foundation for biodiversity literacy activities, the Philippines Biodiversity Conservation Foundation intends to give biodiversity knowledge and competence in science-based understanding of animals,  habitats, and ecosystems. So far, they have accomplished conservation efforts for rare species such as Philippine bats, Calamian deer, and cloud rats.

1. Oceana Philippines

Photo by Ferdinand Edralin

Oceana Philippines is dedicated to the worldwide protection and restoration of the world’s oceans. This non-profit organization aims to restore our seas to their former richness, health, and abundance. They advocate for the implementation of sound science-based policies to guarantee sustainable fisheries and healthy marine ecosystems.

Contribute and Donate now!

Climate issues are not individual battles, they are up for everyone. If you want to make changes and fight against the adversities that nature has been facing, let’s contribute now by spreading and sharing these non-profit organizations to raise funds and continue the movement.


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