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5 Reasons Why It’s More Fun for Geeks in Panglao Island, Bohol!

5 Reasons Why It’s More Fun for Geeks in Panglao Island, Bohol!

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Panglao Island. Yes! It’s a paradise. And for geeks like me, this place has something special. Why? It’s because it’s where the 4th Geeks on a Beach will be held. Yay!!

It will be easy for geeks—people who are understood to be connoisseurs of tech, design and startups—to find Panglao Island to be a fun-filled and exciting place to visit. Geeks can be beach buff, if they have the right and fit bodies.

But seriously, being a geek and doing some geeky stuffs in a paradise is something to look forward to. Am I right?

Yes, very right.

Gone are the days when the term geek used to refer to a circus performer whose act includes the eating of live animals. But today’s tech-dependent geek are not only certified tech-savvy millennials but also fun-loving, playful, witty, encyclopedic, and inquisitive party-enthusiasts.

Of course, not all geeks are created equal so some may prefer quiet and relaxed atmosphere with nature. All of which can be found in Bohol.

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Panglao Island has been the favored watering hole of tourists, diving enthusiasts, and nature lovers alike with its pristine waters, palm trees, white sand beaches, and coral reefs. And I believe, I have the 5 reasons why it’s more fun to be in Panglao Island, Bohol while immersing oneself with other geeks.

1. Panglao is a mere half-hour away drive from the provincial capital Tagbilaran in the southwestern coast of Bohol in the Philippines. A small town of over 68,000 people, it is proximity to civilization while retaining its charm as an almost untouched tropical paradise should make it the perfect place for adventure-seeking yet tech-dependent geeks.

2. This is the place to be for geeks looking for an all-in-one escapade with resorts, bars and souvenir shops in an 80.5 square kilometer island considered to be one of the leading marine biodiversity hotspots in the world. Geeks can go island-hopping, dolphin watching, or take a dip in an underground lake inside a coral cave.

3. Panglao is also the site of Hinagdanan Cave that hides within its naturally lighted depths a lagoon. It’s majestic yet creepy but still awesome.

4. It is also very near Loboc River which is world-famous for its river-cruise and floating restaurants. And yes, it’s very possible to dine here while cruising the river.

5. Another interesting fact is that Alona Beach is Panglao’s most famous beach. One intriguing detail about Alona Beach, where many of Panglao’s resorts and shops are located, is its name. This one and a half kilometer stretch was named so by locals after sexy star Alona Alegre filmed a television advertisement for an alcoholic drink in the beach wearing revealing bikini attire on horseback.

In 2012, the prestigious Travel+Leisure magazine named Panglao as one of the 15 best secret beaches on earth, describing them as “understated, unexpected, and—at least for now—under the radar.”

Geeks looking for a haven that is not as crowded as Boracay can choose this destination which has been favorably compared with Todos Santos in Mexico, Puako in Hawaii, Ibo Island in Mozambique, Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam, Salema in Portugal, Palm Beach in Barbuda, Cirali Beach in Turkey, Koh Lanta in Thailand, and Alagoas in Brazil.

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Geeks will be happy to know that all these will become closer to more people as the Philippine government has begun the construction of a new world-class eco-friendly airport in the area.

The construction team expects to complete the eco-airport, which will feature state-of-the-art environmentally sustainable technologies like LED lighting, natural lighting, ventilation for public areas, and solar-powered air conditioning, by the year 2018.

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Come the month of August, Panglao Island in Bohol will be the host of the country’s biggest tech event, the fourth edition of the annual global tech and startup event Geeks on a Beach (GOAB). Geeks who want to experience all the great stuff in Panglao should attend GOAB. It will be held on August 25-26 at the Bellevue Hotel in Panglao.

GOAB is open to all whether you have a tech background or not. If you have an interest in tech, business, and design, you will meet like-minded people at this event. Startups define themselves as high-growth, high-risk businesses enabled by technology. Facebook, Instagram and Viber used to be startups but are now billion dollar companies.

This event will feature industry leaders from the Asian region as well as Silicon Valley. This is suitable for anyone already working in or interested in the tech or startup business, for those looking to do business in Asia, and for those who want to understand how tech/online tools can benefit their businesses. No need to go abroad to find these world renowned speakers as they are coming to the Philippines.

GOAB is held in partnership with HappyGaraje,, PR Works, Zalora, Mynimo, Teradoor, Pouch Nation, A Space, USAID-STRIDE, Yoyo Holdings, Eurekloud, Payoneer and Startechup Inc. GOAB4 organizational partners are Philippines Software Industry Association (PSIA), National ICT Confederation of the Philippines., UP,, Game Developers Association of the Philippines., Digital Commerce Association of the Philippines., Developers Connect, STAC Silicon Valley and GoNegosyo. This year’s GOAB media partners are Newsdesk Asia, Auza.Net, Tech in Asia, Geeks in Cambodia,,, InnoPub Media,, Jumpstart Magazine and Mobile Ecosystem Forum.

For more information, to sponsor or purchase tickets, visit the website;

Facebook: Geeks On A Beach and Twitter @GeeksOnABeach
Contents based from PRWorks, the PR firm and co-organizer of Geeks on a Beach


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