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Tourist Destinations in Cebu that you may haven’t experienced yet

Tara, laag ta Cebu!

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Cebu City, formally known as the City of Cebu, is the seat of the Cebu Province and a first-class, highly urbanized city in the Philippines’ Central Visayas region. Cebu is the Philippines’ oldest city and the center of trade, business, and tourism in the Visayas.

Cebu is rich in natural treasures such as pristine white sand beaches, swimming with whale sharks and sardines, breathtaking hills and mountains, historic places, and of course, mouthwatering food. It is a unique tourist destination since it is a location where city life and paradise collide. Here are some underrated tourist destinations in Cebu that you may haven’t experienced yet!

Underrated Cebu Tourist Destinations


Sumilon Island, Oslob
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Sumilon Island
, located near Oslob, Cebu, is one of the Philippines’ most unique islands. There are many beautiful islands in the nation. Crystal clear turquoise beaches are throughout, yet you will find crowds due to their tremendous popularity. So, if you’re seeking some of the Cebu’s best-kept secrets, Sumilon Island is the place to go.

Thousands of rare coral reefs and rich seagrass meadows are home to a diverse variety of marine life on this small yet beautiful island, the Sumilon Marine Reserve, which was formed in 1974, protects them all. This reserve comprises additional sea regions near Sumilon Island and is also responsible for Whale Shark conservation.

Enjoy easy and quick access to Bluewater Sumilon Beach Resort, one of Cebu Island’s best-kept secrets! The property is bordered by crystal blue seas and well-protected marine sanctuaries and is located on the southern point of the island. Swim among the colorful fish or tour the island’s hiking paths during your day trip. Visit the well-known sandbar, which moves around the island regularly. Experience the warmth of Filipino hospitality where staff will greet you accordingly upon docking on the pristine white beach.

Sumilon Island is just a short 10-15 minute boat road from Oslob. You can rent a small pump boat that will take you to the island from the port. If you are in Cebu City you can take a scenic drive along the coast before you arrive in the southern town of Oslob.


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Master's Dragon Peak

Master’s Dragon Peak is located in Borbon, Northern Cebu, and houses the world’s largest ship situated in the most breathtaking sight of green trees. You’ll climb to the top through a spiral staircase. The trip will be more interesting if there would be a stunning site where you may integrate an activity.

For P99.00, you may experience a 360° view of Borbon’s magnificent horizon and neighboring towns while enjoying your meal in their MDL Food and Refreshments Hub.



Casino Peak
It is
Casino Peak! Not Bohol’s Chocolate Hills nor Albay’s Quitinday Hills! Not taken from Osmeña Peak but the Cebu’s roof is still visible. Casino Peak, also known as Lugsangan Peak, is a beautiful beginner’s climb in South Cebu that leads to a spiny limestone cliff.

You’ve probably heard about Cebu’s highest peak, Osmea Peak. Next door is Casino Peak, which is actually our favorite of the two. It’s simple, natural, and provides a breathtaking view of the surrounding hills, villages, and distant sea. It’s the ideal walk to pair with Osmeña Peak or any other experience around South Cebu.



Balay sa Agta Cave

Balay Sa Agta is one of the provinces of Cebu’s largest cave systems. It is surrounded by the lush greenery of the Argao Lantoy National Park, making it one of the most interesting sights to view while in Argao.

Even the most experienced cavers were astonished by the cave’s massive vertical entrance. We may basically characterize the cave as having a large open entrance that leads to the opposite end, which contains a small lake and waterfalls.

Inside the cave, you’ll also learn about rock phosphate mining.

As you continue exploring the darkness, you will reach the ‘skylight’ area, which is right in the middle or midway of the cave. They call it a skylight since there is a huge aperture where light comes in and brighten this part of the cave.

It will take around 45 minutes to travel from its mouth to the opposite end. It will take about 2 hours to return. From one end to the other, the distance is about 400 meters.

You must contact the Argao Tourism Commission (phone: 032-485-8063) a day or few days before your arrival to arrange for a guide(s).



The JVR Island in the Sky Resort, also known as Sky Mountain Resort, simply gives you a chill and relaxing experience with its cool climate and lush perfectly manicured landscaping. Since it is in the highlands, the temperature decreases to a cool 20 to 25 degrees Celsius, simulating the experience of being in Baguio that’s why it’s called “ little Baguio”.

Once you arrive, you will see a 500-meter long multi-colored wooden hanging bridge that will bring you to the cottages where tourists may have daytime picnics. The restaurant and cable car are located on the right. The swimming pool for both children and adults is on the left.


Tumalog falls

Tumalog Falls on Cebu Island is one of the Philippines’ most stunning waterfalls. The falls’ blue waters aren’t quite as brilliant as those at Kawasan Falls, but the sheer grandeur of the drop makes it a fascinating destination to visit.

Tumalog Falls is said to have inspired scenes in the movie Avatar (not the Last Airbender), and while we don’t know whether this is true, we can’t deny its beauty. Tumalog Falls, surrounded by towering bamboo and tropical plants, stands out as a rainforest sanctuary.



Are you fascinated by the island’s history? Visit the
Cathedral Museum of Cebu, which was established in the 1800s, to get a feel of old-world Cebu and its rich history and tradition.

The Cebu Cathedral Museum is built in an imposing Bahay-na-Bato beside the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral and the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño in the city’s downtown region. It is the ecclesiastical museum of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cebu, and it exhibits religious architecture and artifacts from the Philippines.


Buwakan ni Alejandra
Buwakan ni Alejandra
is situated in Sitio Bunga, Brgy. Cebu, Gaas, Balamban. It is around 32 kilometers from the Queen City of the South. More than 200 kinds of indigenous flowers may be found at this scenic sight in Buwakan ni Alejandra.

Nature has an undeniable way of catching people’s attention more than man-made things.

This location gives off a cheerful vibe and is a beautiful place where everyone may come to unwind. The Buwakan ni Alejandra is a location that completely reminds us that life is lovely, vibrant, and enjoyable.


Lambug Beach
Cebu never fails to astound us with its Eye-catching scenery and budget-friendly beaches.
Lambug Beach is one of Cebu’s secret scenic beaches. You will be enthralled by the crystal clear water, the beautiful blue skies, and the pleasant environment.

It has a lovely length of white sand with coconut palm trees leaning against the crystal pure turquoise water, exuding the unique Philippine ambiance. You could be the only tourist here because it isn’t well-known outside the local community. This beach is also called “ Little Boracay of Cebu “ by the locals.



Pescador Island is an island off the coast of Moalboal in Southern Cebu. It is famous for its rich marine ecosystem, which makes it an ideal spot for diving and snorkeling.

Although the island is barely 50 meters in circumference, it’s indeed 300 meters deep. Pescador Island, unlike other Cebu islands, does not have a white sand beach, but it does have coral rocks that cover practically the whole island.

Pescador Island is also a marine park with a diverse array of aquatic species. There are multiple diving sites on the island, with water depths ranging from shallow to deep.

Scuba diving highlights two dives: the Northeast side and the Southwest side. The Northeast side of the island is where coral heads and large rocks break the surface. The Southwest of Pescador Island is most popularly known as ‘The Cathedral’ dive site.


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