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Reasons WHY CEBU Should be Your Next Destination to Visit

Let’s explore Cebu!

Things to Do When In Cebu
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Placed at the right in the middle of the Philippine archipelago,Cebu is a shining gem in its own right. Aside from its historical richness, it is blessed with many natural resources and even more blessed with constant sprouting of man-made attractions. The Queen City of the South is truly not a bore to be in, in fact, you’d maybe have to extend for more than a week to see and go to everything.

You know it’s Cebu when not only are your stomachs full, but your eyes as well because of the beautiful sceneries. This City is known to be a little Manila, without much of the traffic. It almost has all the shops found in the capital city, yet still remains to be one with nature with different packets of greens all around.

Here the Reasons WHY CEBU Should be Your Next Destination to Visit!

(1) Try Cebu’s Local Street Food

If there’s something very unique you could try out in Cebu, it’s their street food. Though it’s a break from your diet as these treats involve being drenched in oil, it would be worth your while as it’s every Cebuano’s guilty pleasure. You can feast on several Cebuano fried dishes along the streets of Cebu City amid its bustling city traffic. Some choices include the Quek-Quek, which is quail’s egg Siomai covered in orange flour, and the all-time favorite tempura!

You can also find Siomai paired with the Cebuano Puso, too! They’re usually going around different corners and streets as they cook and serve each street food in carts, so be keen on looking for your cheap holy grail when it comes to food at the City’s downtown.

Prepare to feast on many local delicacies and cuisines, and be sure to find the most authentic Cebuano food. Paired with the famous puso (hanging rice), of course.

(2) Taste The World Renowned Cebu Lechon

One of the best foods that you should try in Cebu is its
tender-juicy-crunchy-tasty Lechon. Lechon Baboy is a delicacy that can be found throughout the country, but the ones in Cebu are deemed exceptional in taste.

Lechon Cebu is a young pig stuffed with a secret mix of herbs and spices (usually including star anise, spring onions, lemongrass), skewered on a bamboo pole and roasted whole over hot coals.
Almost all celebrations with loved ones in Cebu, especially yearly fiesta celebrations, are not deemed complete without the lechon at the center of every dining table, its crispy skin and juicy meat just waiting to be devoured by all.

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(3) Visit Sacred and Religious Landmarks and Sites

Since the 16th century, several nations who dominated or just visited the land have left a variety of holy and religious places in the province of Cebu.

Magellan’s Cross is a perfect site to start if you want to see some of Cebu’s historic sites. Cebu province has a long history and has witnessed many significant events. Also from the Basilica del Santo Nino on Osmena Boulevard to the Taoist Temple in Beverly Hills, and from the Monastery of the Holy Eucharist in Simala to the Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod in Cebu South Road, you’ll find a wide range of religious edifices on Cebu.

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(4) Experience Adventurous and Beautiful Viewpoints

Cebu is also a mountainous island and also known for its astonishing viewpoints and observation decks. You can enjoy the panoramic views of Cebu, just for example in Tops Lookout and Mountain View Nature’s Park that both can be found in Busay Hill.

If you are familiar with Osmeña Peak, it’s the tallest mountain on the island. Other stunning viewpoints can mostly be found in the southern part of Cebu. These beauteous and relaxing viewpoints require adventurous and serious hiking, but it’s satisfying when you reach the top.

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(5) Explore Astonishing Waterfalls

Cebu Island, which spans over 4,000 square kilometers, is home to rugged mountain ranges and limestone plateaus to the north and south of Metro Cebu.

There are more than 90 waterfalls that can be found in the dense jungle around Cebu. Some of them became famous and well-known by tourists: Tumalog Falls near Oslob, Kawasan Falls near Moalboal, Aguinid Falls in Samboan, and another Kawasan Falls in Badian Island, near Malapascua Island. Organized tours and guides are available to help you access these stunning waterfalls.

(6) Island Hopping on Islands and Islets

Another spot you should visit in Cebu is its many islands and islets. Some of these include the Nalusuan Island and Olango Island, both located near the mainland Mactan. What’s truly a treasure about the island beaches in Cebu is that it provides you the feeling of isolation. From whatever stress you’ve been dealing with.

Boarding a boat for a day of island hopping in Cebu is one of the most popular things to do in a province with 168 islands. Whether you’re staying in main island, Mactan, Malapascua, Bantayan, or another nearby island, an island-hopping day tour is always possible.

Pescador Island is the most popular day trip destination from Moalboal, while Dakit-Dakit, Biliran, and Kalanggaman islands are three ideal island-hopping possibilities from Malapascua Island. Sugbo Province offers discovering fine sand beaches caressed by blue waters is your idea of a perfect vacation.

Being on an island is easily the best way to go on vacation. And Cebu offers that, plus a little bit more! The true beach experience means being under the sun for most of the time. So going around an island is no problem if you’re in for some water adventure.


(7) Explore Down Under via Snorkeling and Diving

Scuba diving and snorkeling are two popular hobbies in Cebu. The majority of the islands in this area are surrounded by crystal-clear warm seas that are home to a diverse array of marine life. Including enormous species like manta rays, whale sharks, and the uncommon thresher shark.

Many dive centers in Cebu and nearby islands provide daily diving trips to dive destinations. Such as Monad Shoal near Malapascua Island, Pescador Island near Moalboal, and Kansantik in the Olango Channel.

(8) Visit Historical Landmarks

Cebu was the first Philippine island colonized by the Spanish in the 16th century, headed by the Portuguese Magellan. This turbulent past has left numerous landmarks, many of which may be found in Cebu City.

There are several secular historical landmarks to visit in Cebu. Ranging from Fort San Pedro to Yap Sandiego Ancestral House and from Colon Street — the Philippines’ oldest street – to Lapu-Lapu Shrine. If you’re short on time, there are many museums that chronicle the region’s history.

(9) Swimming with Whale Sharks

Things to do in Cebu
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Cebu is known to be a habitat for whale sharks, and Oslob town in Cebu happens to house one of the most famous tourist spots in the province as it offers a chance for tourists to be one with the marine world and its inhabitants. Be in awe of it as it conserves a huge whale shark you can swim with underwater. However, always remember to be a responsible tourist and not harm the animals!

(10) Rise on Top of  Peaks & Temples

Things to do in Cebu
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From far towns in the north and south tips of Cebu, another must-see in Cebu are its newest destinations. You may have heard of these spots through social media as it has been making rounds as having the best view of Cebu from the top.

One of these spots include the Temple of Leah, a man-made attraction which is a dedication by a husband to his wife. With a Roman like interior and exterior, plus, being at the top of Cebu, you can bask on the city’s skyline and enjoy the cold breeze.

Another view from the top is the Osmena Peak in Dalaguete town. If you’re game for an adventurous weekend and vacation, this is a must-try as your hiking and trekking skills will be put to the test. But trust that the view from the top will be worth the sweat and cramps from all that climbing!

(11) Bustling Nightlife

Things to do in Cebu
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Cebu city is also known for its bustling nightlife. There’s a party every weekend, some bars even open every night, showing that Cebuanos know how to have fun. Almost every city in Cebu has a drinking place and a dance floor you can rave to. Gather all your friends and go to the top destinations of night outs in Sugbo.

Morals & Malice in Banilad, The Complex at Norkis, League Sports Bar in Panagdait, or Pipeline at I.T. Park– you can go to all these places as the night is always young in Cebu. League Sports Bar features a beer pong station, and Pipeline has billiard pools you can enjoy. This bustling nightlife in the city will leave you breathless, and hopefully not a hangover!

(12) 5 Star Resorts

Things to do in Cebu
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Aside from the many dive spots, falls, and islands surrounding the province of Cebu and its many mainland cities. Especially in Lapu-lapu City, is home to numerous internationally acclaimed 5-star resorts. If it’s a vacation you’re looking for, there’s nothing more luxurious than the experience in Cebu.

Try all kinds of watersports and water adventures in Crimson, or Bluewater Resort — from banana boating to snorkeling! Relax and unwind at the Chi Spa located at the Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa. And be treated like a queen in your own villa space.

(13) Sinulog Festival

Things to do in Cebu
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One of the most famous and sought after festivals in the Philippines is the Sinulog festival in honor of Santo Nino, or the baby Jesus. There are many activities to experience during the fiesta senior celebration of the Basilica del Sto. Nino, and many Cebuanos go to the Novena mass celebration the most.

Aside from the religious activities, street dancing during the festival weekend is also a must see! Many contingents from all over Cebu and its many provinces go to the metro to showcase their talents and offer their dancing to their beloved Sto Nino.

During the night, Sinulog is so fun and vibrant as there are numerous street parties and music festivals. Held yearly in Cebu City to commemorate the fiesta. As many people flock the city during the Sinulog weekend. More and more new activities are being held yearly, like the Sinulog Film Festival.


It’s time to book a flight and to pack a bag as Cebu will be an experience you’d want to cherish for the rest of your life. And capture for safekeeping.

This island is still riddled with a lot of things that you might not know about and you might just get to know it sooner than you think. When you do, maybe you can make your own list and share to others what you have experienced.

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