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Cebu island is well known for its fascinating tourist spots. Whether by land or sea, there are a lot of beautiful destinations that will make it a no brainer for you to visit this island in the Pacific. One of Cebu’s pride that you can enjoy on the island is its majestic Waterfalls. Cebu has over 1000 waterfalls  that have been discovered in different locations by the locals.

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Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Cebu ​​

Inambakan Falls (GINATILAN)

Inambakan Falls
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One of the most well-known waterfalls in South Cebu is Inambakan Falls, located in the little town of Ginatilan.

The main waterfall is a 100-foot flow of water that plunges into the turquoise pool below. The cliffs of limestone beyond the waterfall are gorgeous. The orange tint stands out so vividly in contrast to the deep blue of the water below.

The five levels of Inambakan Falls are all worth exploring if you have the time. You can frequently find pictures of the main waterfall, which has a 100-foot plunge and a beautiful limestone backdrop. You may even swim inside the little cave behind the rumbling waterfall to get a different view of the water tumbling down.

Kawasan Falls (BADIAN)

Kawasan Falls
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The multi-layered waterfall system known as Kawasan Falls is situated in Barangay Matutinao in the Cebuano town of Badian. Without a doubt the destination in Badian attracts the most tourists.

The multi-tiered, Gatorade-blue waterfalls of Kawasan Falls are renowned. You may spend hours exploring the site and yet not see everything or become accustomed to the water’s incredible hue, which is a result of limestone formations.

The waterfall system consists of two major cascades, each with a swimming-friendly deep natural pool. The height of the first cascade is about 40 meters, and it takes about 10 minutes of hiking to reach the second level, which is less congested and has a height of around 20 meters.

Tumalog Falls (OSLOB)

Tumalog Falls
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Tumalog Falls is the second most popular Waterfalls in Cebu, and one of the pride in the Municipality of Oslob, Cebu in terms of tourist destinations. It is located in Barangay Luka, which is close to Oslob’s well-known whale shark attraction. Stopping at Tumalog Falls after a whale shark adventure is starting to become more and more usual among whale shark tourists.

The waterfall reaches a height of around 100 meters at its highest point. Steep limestone cliffs and a rich tropical environment surround the waterfall. The area surrounding the main swimming hole also has a few scattered boulders.

Mantayupan Falls (BARILI)

Mantayupan falls
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Mantayupan Falls also known as Ambakan Falls is the tallest Waterfalls in Cebu, it is located in Barili, South Cebu.  It is between the metro area of Cebu and the more well-known locations like Moalboal, Badian, and Oslob. A side visit to this waterfall would undoubtedly enhance your South Cebu tour.

It is also called the “Crown Jewel of Barili, Cebu” due to its breathtaking beauty and its significance as a local resource.

Just like the other falls, it is divided into two levels; Since it is advantageously situated close to the entrance, the first level welcomes visitors with a 14-meter-high waterfall that falls into its elongated natural pool. It is connected to the second level by a newly built hanging bridge, where there is a towering 98-meter waterfall. Before pouring into the Mantayupan River, it enters a deep natural tub.

Dao Falls (SAMBOAN)

Dao Falls
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One of the most well-known Falls in South Cebu is Dao Falls in Samboan, which has a fantastic trek up to it. A hike beneath a deep canopy of the lush jungle is required to reach the falls. Visitors of various hiking levels may experience this lovely location because the climb is not difficult.

The main waterfall is around 30 minutes away and can only be reached by wading through water that is roughly knee-deep. The road meanders through a gradually narrowing, fern-covered canyon until coming to a stairway at the bottom of which are the falls, which tower roughly 160 feet high and slide flawlessly down a limestone cliff into a clear pool of water.

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Tinubdan Falls (CATMON)

Tinubdan Falls
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If you’re staying in the city and want to see one of Cebu’s most breathtaking Waterfalls, Tinubdan Falls is a great place to visit. The waterfalls themselves drop at various angles into one major pool at the bottom and are surrounded by beautiful farmland along the route leading to them. Located in Catmon province, north of Cebu.

In comparison to some of the more developed attractions, including Kawasan Falls, the entire waterfall region is still undeveloped, offering a really unique experience. Furthermore, there is no charge to visit this lovely waterfall.

Aguinid Falls  (SAMBOAN)

Aguinid Falls
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One of Cebu’s finest waterfalls found in Samboan, Aguinid Falls, has eight amazing levels of crystal-clear water and fascinating rock formations. It is next to Kawasan Falls in terms of tourist visits and popularity.

Aguinid Falls stands out from the other waterfalls in Cebu due to its alluring beauty and the thrilling adventure you may take there, which includes rock scrambling, strolling through bamboo bridges, and cliff leaping.

There used to be eight stages in the adventure. You can only go to level five without a guide since there have been a few accidents and casualties on the higher levels. There is more than enough adventure here, so don’t worry.

Budlaan Falls (CEBU CITY)

Budlaan Falls
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Consider visiting this “secret” waterfall paradise in Brgy Budlaan, Cebu City if you enjoy taking in and experiencing the untamed beauty of nature and are prepared for an exhilarating river journey .   

Despite the difficulty in accessing the location, Budlaan Falls is indeed a part of Cebu City geographically. It is known as the “hidden falls of the city” because of this. 

The waterfall itself is large, and entry to the caverns is possible by stepping in behind the waterfall’s current. On top of the waterfall, you may hike, and from there, you can follow the canyon. On this waterfall trip, there are a lot of exploration opportunities.

Cambais Falls (ALEGRIA)

Cambais Falls
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Cambais Falls is a multi-leveled, aqua-blue waterfall and swimming site situated in Alegria, Cebu. It is ideally situated near well-known tourist destinations like Oslob or Moalboal.

The waterfalls’ distinct and magnificent beauty makes it difficult to compare them to other waterfalls in the south. A stunning waterfall paradise is hidden from the outside world and the busy metropolis lies beyond the woods and hiking routes.

The waterfalls are distributed over three levels, each of which offers a unique experience to keep things interesting. Scaling the waterfalls, swimming in the mysterious caverns, or leaping down the cliffs into the cool pools are all options for visitors.

Montpellier Falls (ALEGRIA)

Montpellier Falls
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The majestic Montpellier Waterfalls is located in the Municipality of Alegria, Cebu. This waterfall is one of the island’s best hidden gems since it is still unpopular. The 15-minute descent to Montpellier Waterfall is a beautiful route with views of the palm-covered hills. You may get glimpses of the azure ocean in the distance as you walk the route by looking back down the hills.  

Flowing from a pointed funnel on the sheer limestone cliff, Montpellier Falls is a tall, narrow waterfall. A large boulder is immediately in contact with the water and is only partially submerged. There’s no denying that it resembles a scene from The Jungle Book.

The swimming hole is an excellent place to cool down on a hot Cebu day because it is absolutely deep enough to swim in. The surrounding area is covered with pristine, thick forest that is dotted with palm palms and a profusion of tropical plants.

Binalayan Hidden Falls (SAMBOAN)

Binalayan Falls
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Samboan has a lovely waterfall hidden away at the end of a peaceful jungle trek. One of the riskiest cliff leaps takes place there as well.

The waterfall, known locally as “Adidas Waterfall,” is accessible by a narrow stairway. This is since three different water flows fall like the well-known Adidas three-stripe pattern. This waterfall and the smaller one down a level are both swimmable.

You can climb into the waterfall’s caverns and then descend by jumping. The max depth of the water is 8 feet. On the left side of the waterfall, from a height equivalent to the caves, is a place where you can leap as well.


Kampael Falls (GINATILAN)

Kampael Falls
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Just above the Inambakan Falls in Ginatilan, Kampael falls from a height of approximately fifteen meters, creating a spectacle that is a feast for the eyes and the camera! A tiny catch basin at the foot of the structure allows guests to cool down in the cold, clean water.

If swimming is not your thing, you can still have a picnic by the basin while listening to the majestic wonder flow, or you may go to the top for a panoramic view of the nearby waterfalls.

Bugnawan Falls (GINATILAN)

Bugnawan Falls
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The waterfall is located still in Ginatilan. The waterfall’s name, Bugnawan, derives from its extremely cold waters (meaning cold in Cebuano). The waterfall encircled by a thick canopy of trees that prevents sunlight from entering, making the water chilly.

It is situated right in the center of a deep forest. The water of Bugnawan Falls, which flows from a height of around 20 meters and accumulates in a large catch basin at the bottom, can be enjoyed for a refreshing dip in the cool water.

Kabutongan Falls (MALABUYOC)

Kabutongan Falls
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Kabutongan Falls, a four-level cascade, appears to have designed with canyoneering enthusiasts in mind.

Those who venture out on its difficult but enthralling routes in for a spectacular trip. Regarded as one of the island’s most obscure waterfall systems, and finding it and traversing it are both challenging tasks.

Deep within Barangay Looc of Malabuyoc, hidden in a jungle. Within the dense undergrowth of the far-off barrio, Kabutongan Falls conceals an unmatched beauty. Within 45 to 60 minutes of upstream river hiking from the trailhead, one may reach Kabutongan Falls’ main fall.

Cancalanog Falls (ALEGRIA)

Cancalanog Falls
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Due to its bluish-green, ice-cold water, which creates a wonderful fresh swimming pool, this breath-taking natural beauty, also known as Cangkalanog Falls, is well-known for its likeness to Surigao’s Enchanted River.

These are just some of the thousand wonderful Waterfalls in Cebu. Thus, the island of Cebu offers several great things not just in tourism but also in terms of food, culture, and many more.

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