Best Essential Outdoor Activities to do in the Philippines

Heart pounding activities are waiting for you, according to TripAdvisor

The Philippines has many natural wonders, be it known and unknown, beautifully littered with picturesque mountains, undisturbed pristine bodies of water, the hustle and bustle of the city life, and the festivals. If you’re having trouble choosing where to go for your adventures, then we got your back. Here’s the list of the Best Outdoor Activities to do in the Philippines! 

Any explorer with an undying love for the outdoors and lively activities will find it hard to resist the temptations surrounding them left and right. Discover the best things to do this year with TripAdvisors list of…

Best Essential Outdoor Activities to do in the Philippines 2022

(20) Island Hopping at Honda Bay

Photo by Monique Lives Life – Travel Blogger

One of the most visited tourist destinations in Puerto Princesa is Honda Bay, which is recognized for its white sand beaches, breathtaking scenery, and coral reef, which is a sanctuary for a wide range of marine life. There are many little islands in the bay, including Arrecife Island, which has a luxurious resort. Additionally, these islands offer a variety of diving and snorkeling locations where you can admire Puerto Princesa’s stunning marine life.

(19) Whale Shark Watching in Oslob, Cebu

Oslob Whaleshark Watching, Cebu
Photo by Klook

It’s one thing to explore the waters of Oslob and take in all the beauty it holds, but it’s another thing when you’re observing the biggest fish in the world, the Whale Shark. You never truly understand the scale of how big Whale Sharks actually are until you get close enough.

However, it’s best to take note that the Whale Shark is considered an endangered species. And the personnel involved in whale shark watching give out strict rules on what to do and what not to do. All in all, it’s an incredible experience in. And of itself for any tourist out there with a love for aquatic animals and the sea.

(18) Underground River Trip in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Photo by Guide to the Philippines

This River is situated on the wonderful island of Palawan, known for its incredible scenery and picture-perfect appearance, transporting you to a beautiful tropical paradise.

Puerto Princesa is regarded as one of the new 7 wonders of nature, known famously for its 8.2-kilometer-long underground river with one of the most dumbfounding cave formations ever seen, boasting an astonishing limestone cliff accompanied by beautiful pristine waters.

(17) Boat riding and Trekking in Taal Volcano, Cavite

Taal Volcano is famously known as one of the most active volcanoes in the Philippines. The form the Volcano takes now is the result of prehistoric eruptions. While it is generally known to the public that it only has a single crater, looking deeper into it, the volcano consists of 47 craters. The overall view of the volcano is a sight to behold, and thinking of how destruction eventually forged this masterpiece, it’s safe to say that we’re pretty much glad that it’s current currently.

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(16) Canyoonering in Kawasan Falls, Cebu

Photo by Klook

It wouldn’t be an outdoor experience without mentioning Kawasan Falls, one of the best waterfalls in the entire country. The falls have always been popular among foreign and local tourists, you can’t blame them when the place has pretty much everything a photographer wants. 

Beautiful, lush terrain and sheer limestone canyon walls surround Kawasan Falls. The multi-tier layout of Kawasan Fall in Cebu is another amazing feature. There are three levels to the waterfall, and on each level are natural pools where guests can cool off and swim.

(15) Snorkeling and Diving in Kalanggaman Island, Leyte

Photo by LakadPilipinas

Kalanggaman is one island where you can really say that it’s a fantasy come to life. The island is covered by incredibly beautiful sand and its alluringly clear waters, so it’d be a crime not to dive in immediately. The location is so far from the loud bustling crowd of the city that when you arrive here the sound of the wind and trees brings you into a state of serenity 

(14) Chill out in Burnham Park Baguio City

Photo by BusinessMirror

Burnham Park offers a lot of attractions for every visitor, possessing a playground for the children to make themselves busy, A picnic grove for families, couples, and friend groups, and a traditional Igorot Garden. The most popular attraction of all is a man-made lake in the center of the park. The lake brings a gentle experience when moving along the calm waters, it’s recommended to rent out one of the swan boats for a better experience.

(13) Stroll the Open Fields of Nuvali, Laguna

Nuvali is not merely a transit point. Many travelers have also made this their only goal, even though many who were heading further south frequently passed by and enjoyed the place.

Those wanting to appreciate a greater amount of what Nuvali has to offer can have their fill of the tree-lined roads, bicycle trails, the 4-hectare multifunctional lake, the Wildlife, and Bird Sanctuary, tree farm and demo ranch, The Fields at Nuvali, and the Republic Wakepark. Nuvali additionally offers shelter for drained voyagers with the kickoff of the new Seda Hotel which can be the ideal base for investigating the encompassing areas of Nuvali.

(12) Enjoy the Chocolate Hills Tour in Bohol

Photo by Local Guides Connect

Where to begin when it comes to Chocolate Hills, a good start would be to mention that it is regarded as one of the Eight Wonders of the World and declared the Philippines’ 3rd National Geological Monument. 

Upon arriving at the location, the sight that first registers in your eyes can hardly be described in words, thousands of cone-shaped hills that even baffled geologists, as far as the eye can see. This sight alone placed Bohol as one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines.

(11) Explore Natural Wonder’s of  CoroN, Palawan

Photo by Viator

Taking a look at Coron you’ll see that it’s surrounded by high mountain peaks and pristine clear waters, it gives you an awe-inspiring sight indeed. The Kayangan lake included in the tour is already a treat itself, it boasts clear waters with greenery all over. 

(10) Watch a Sardine Run in Pescador Island, Cebu

Photo by Cebu Tours

It’s not an exaggeration when people say there’s a lot to explore when it comes to Cebu. It’s not strange to say that even the Cebuanos haven’t managed to explore the entire province yet. 

If you got a day worth of traveling and want to make the most out of it, then there’s one place in Cebu that should meet the mark, and that’s the Moalboal Getaway in Southern Cebu, the tour includes visiting Pescador Island, witnessing the mesmerizing Sardine Run, Turtle Point, and Basdaku White Beach.

(9) Trek Mt. Pulag National Park

Photo by Tripadvisor

Mt. Pulag National Park is considered the highest peak in Luzon coming in as the second highest mountain in the Philippines with a whopping elevation of 2,922m (9586 ft). On the top, the surface of the mountain is covered with beautiful grass and dwarf bamboo plants. Just below the peak, the surrounding forest is cloaked with fog, giving out a mysterious feel of just what could be under the mysterious veil.

The park has a wide variety of species of plants that are native to the mountain. If we’re talking about the animals, it’s a bit more special, the wildlife in the mountain includes threatened animals such as the Philippine Brown Deer, the Northern Luzon Giant Cloud Rat, and the Luzon Pygmy Fruit Bat.

(8) Bohol ATV Tour

Photo by Viator

Aside from the beautiful and enticing chocolate hills, you may also explore the tough terrain of Bohol on your day trip on an all-terrain vehicle (ATV). You will be trailing through the Carmen Barangay Road, past valleys and tiny towns in the picturesque hills with your tourist guide. Don’t forget to bring water, food, and of course your cameras because surely a stopover is a must. 

(7) Green Lava AV Adventure Trail in Mt. Mayon, Albay

Photo by Tripadvisor

Feel the wind in your hair and the chilling views of the perfect cone-shaped Mayon Volcano with other all-terrain vehicle (ATV) adventures that will drive you mad and exciting on our list of Best Outdoor Activities to do in the Philippines is only here in Green Lava Trail.  The experience in which you navigate lush forests and rugged terrain around the volcano. 

If you are planning to be here, book your deals at Tripadvisor and join a private guide and get your adrenaline pumping on this exciting tour. 

(6) Museum, Waterfalls, and Buffalo Riding at Villa Escudero Tour 

Photo by KKDAY

When it comes to the finest activities to do in 2022 after a lengthy hibernation. Outdoor activity is without a doubt your best choice, especially if you want to visit the natural surroundings. Fortunately, Villa Escudero Resort is the ultimate vacation package. 

You may ride a buffalo cart to their man-made Labasin Falls. Where you can dine exquisite cuisine at bamboo tables at the base of the waterfall. In addition, there is an on-site family museum with relics and antique collections. 

(5) Firefly Kayaking in Batuan

Photo by Tripadvisor

Experience a magical night on this firefly kayaking excursion in Batuan, Bohol. When you arrive, you won’t have to worry about anything because your package includes all essential equipment. Round-trip transport from hotels in Tagbilaran and Panglao, and a home-cooked Filipino meal at the kayak station.

A simple reminder that you must be an attentive and conscientious tourist because the region is bordered by mangroves, which are home to fireflies, and it is also a conserved habitat.


(4) Island Hopping, Helmet Diving, Hot Kawa, and Mermaid Tail Pictorial in Boracay, Aklan

Photo by Nomadic Boys

Boracay has to be on our list of the Best Outdoor Activities to Do in the Philippines, given its international popularity and accommodations. So far, this is the ideal spot to spend your outdoor activities; enjoy snorkeling and discovering the beauty underneath. Explore the underwater world by helmet diving, take Instagram photos in a kawa bath, and lastly, wear a mermaid’s tail.

(3) Happy Horse Farms Equestrian Center in Negros Occidental

Photo by Bacolod Blogger Sigrid

Happy Horse Farms Equestrian Center transports you back in time to when our ancestors used horses for transportation. On horseback, explore the Negrense Haciendas riding through peaceful cane fields and towns. Plus, the staff and locals are very good when it comes to serving their tourists. 

The best part is that this is a family-friendly establishment since your children may enjoy pony rides in our outdoor ring or ride on the back of our indigenous Carabao.

(2) Exploring Lake Balanan

It must be a hidden paradise here in Lake Balanan, because there are constant questions about its whereabouts. Well, it’s located at Sitio Balanan, Siaton in the Negros Oriental highlands. About an hour and a half drive from Dumaguete. This lake has an interesting history; according to the story. The Sandulot Mountains fell as a result of a 6.8 magnitude earthquake in 1925, obstructing the lake.

For people who enjoy nature, there is a four-kilometer circular route around the Lake that is shaded by diverse indigenous forest trees. This might be what you needed!

(1) Private Helicopter Adventure to Masungi Georeserve

Photo by Viator

The Masungi Georeserve in the Philippines is a conservation area located in the southern Sierra Madre range in Baras, Rizal, and Manila. There’s a lot to look forward to at this place, notably the adrenaline-pumping route and adventure. But rest assured that the experience is designed to allow you to enjoy the surroundings at your leisure.

However, if you book your packages via Tripadvisor, you can ride a helicopter in style. Traveling via helicopter saves you hours of travel time on land while also providing a better perspective from the air.

Your ticket for your outdoor activities!

Photo by Viator

The natural wonders of the Philippines are truly a luxury for the Filipinos. Imagine living in a paradise with breathtaking scenery all around you. Well, whether you are a local or a visitor, the beauty that the nation has to offer, including beaches, mountains, lakes, and activities, will astound you. You don’t have to worry about where to go because this list contains everything you need for your perfect holiday.

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