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11 Spots in Cebu with Amazing Views

Definitely, You Can’t Take Your Eyes Out of These sights!

spots in Cebu with amazing views - CHARLIE'S CUP
Photo Courtesy of Proud Bisaya Bai

The dynamic environment of Cebu draws both domestic and international tourists, who come to help satisfy their hunger for heights and vistas. The island is home to many must-visit locations with breathtaking sceneries.You would want to see every one of the top tourist spots in Cebu with amazing views available on this charming, historical island. Learn what and where these locations are. If you continue reading, you might learn how to get there…

Top 11 Spots in Cebu with Amazing Views

(11) Sirao Flower Garden (CEBU CITY)

Photo Courtesy of Shearl Irlandez

The Sirao Flower Garden is a popular tourist destination in Cebu. On the farm, you might come across a variety of flowers, including Celosia, the most popular of them all and locally referred to as “burlas.” There is a tiny windmill within the garden that locals refer to as “Little Amsterdam.” It’s one of the farm’s lively attractions.
The large hand structure on the cliff with the mountains in the background is one of the garden’s most striking features. There, you can enjoy a revitalizing and tranquil vista. In addition, this is the ideal location for taking images and films.

(10) Inambakan Falls (GINATILAN)

Photo Courtesy of Jonny Melon

There are a couple good reasons how Inambakan Falls in Ginatilan are debatably among the best waterfalls in Cebu: first, the surrounding jungle and cerulean-blue springs, and second, the fact that there are different layers to discover at Inambakan Waterfalls, which makes this site so epic and special.
This is not your average waterfall where you hike in briefly, take a swim, and take pictures; instead, it’s an epic, physically demanding trip that requires climbing and maneuvering your way back up to the various tiers.

(9) Osmeña Peak (DALAGUETE)

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Conquering Osmeña Peak, which is renowned for being the highest point on Cebu Island, is one of the best adventures that can be experienced in the South Cebu region of the Philippines. Early in the morning for sunrise is the best time to visit this attraction since you will avoid the crowds. It is one of the most popular tourist spots in Cebu.
It takes about 20 to 25 minutes to trek to Osmeña Peak. The track is clearly marked and simple to navigate. People of any fitness level can easily complete the hike since it isn’t too difficult. Breathtaking vistas await you once you reach the summit. The hike is well worthwhile.

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(8) Hermit’s Cove (ALOGUINSAN)

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Hermit’s Cove is unquestionably one of the best tourist destinations Cebu has to offer. It is situated in the lovely southern region of Cebu, Aloguinsan. Along with the Bojo River, it has been included on various websites as one of the finest locations to visit in the Philippines, making it well-known both nationally and globally.
You will be taking the steps designed especially for everyone as a shortcut to the cove right next to the attractively constructed sign and entry. The white sand beach is accessible for you to enjoy once you arrive at Hermit’s Cove. The expansive coastline is breathtaking, and if that weren’t enough, local fishermen provide tours to the Bojo River.

(7) Bojo River (ALOGUINSAN)

Photo Courtesy of SUNSTAR

An excellent location to take a boat trip by the river that connects to the ocean for those who value the environment and the outdoors. Just south of the town of Aloguinsan, in the southwest region of Cebu, sits the picturesque Bojo River. Along the river, you may find several mangrove species being conserved and spread by the local government officials and residents, along with other types of flora and fauna.
The Municipality’s most well-liked attraction is the Bojo River Cruise & Eco-Cultural Tour. You can have fun and ride in an outrigger boat on this eco-cultural tour at the Bojo River, but you’ll also learn a lot about the environment. The Bojo River Cruise package service and environmental teachings will take about three hours to complete.

(6) Charlie’s Cup (CEBU CITY)

Photo Courtesy of Proud Bisaya Bai

A roadside environmental cafe called Charlie’s Cup is located beside the Balamban cliffs. This relaxing location that resembles a treehouse has a fantastic, undisturbed view of the lush mountains and a very calming breeze to go with the scenery.
Charlie’s Cup produces a new type of view that is equally charming and soothing when the sun sets. The cafe hangs lanterns from its tree branches at night, illuminating the shadowy mountainside. It produces a different kind of appeal while maintaining the cafe’s calming and cozy atmosphere.

(5) The Grove by Serenity Nature Park Resort (CEBU CITY)

Photo Courtesy of Cebu Sakura

The Grove by Serenity is a picturesque location tucked away in Busay, Cebu City. The Grove was created by Serenity Farm and Resort; take note that you don’t have to check in to come there; it’s a place where you may eat amidst beautiful bamboo and tranquil surroundings. Even better, after sunset, the area is transformed into a stunning wonderland with lights and even an outdoor movie theater.
That’s the “day” side of this tranquil place, all right. It’s the kind of area where you can find some peace and quiet, complete with hanging bridges, tables that are far off from one another, and lots of bamboo. But as nightfall arrives… The Grove changes completely into another setting! Every Monday night, movies are screened on the enormous screen outside as an outdoor cinema. Although the screening is a surprise, you might wish to contact ahead. Additionally, they have acoustic nights every Friday through Sunday.

(4) Liel’s Kitchen (CEBU CITY)

Photo Courtesy of Cebu Sakura

In the Serenity Farm and Resort complex, just 20–25 minutes from the city, lies Liel’s Kitchen, a restaurant serving contemporary Japanese cuisine. The best part is that there is a particular area dangling over the edge, complete with a hanging net you may relax in, to get you as close to the horizon as possible. It sits from a great height from where you are treated to a wonderful panoramic view of the mountains.
The restaurant’s entire interior is Instagram-worthy, so it’s not only the view that draws attention. Over this area, the sun is truly working its finest magic. No matter how much Japanese food you consume, you’ll never miss out on the bounty of nature or the free-flowing pure air. Also, have a look at the view and the nets we mentioned.

(3) EVO Nature Camp (BALAMBAN)

spots in Cebu with amazing views - EVO NATURE CAMP
It’s simple to escape the frantic pace of the city because Evo Nature Camp is tucked away in the mountains. It offers you the best view of Cebu’s mountain ranges because it is positioned above the ridge. It’s practically touching the clouds because it’s so close to the horizon. You can stroll around its beautiful garden or enter the nearby woods. Don’t forget to stop and enjoy the soft wind as you take in the gorgeous greeneries.
However, some people dislike the inconveniences that come with camping. You risk getting bitten by mosquitoes, your tent could become hot and stuffy, etc., if you are not prepared or the location is not that great. Fortunately, EVO Nature Camp offers “glamping,” an improved version of the activity. Glamping, which stands for glamorous camping, is a term that accurately describes the amenities provided. They provide a tent with air conditioning, a comfortable bed, cozy slippers, couches, and other amenities.

(2) Top Of Cebu (CEBU CITY)

spots in Cebu with amazing views - TOP OF CEBU
Photo Courtesy of

This Filipino restaurant gives customers a breathtaking perspective of Cebu City and an exceptional outdoor eating experience while taking in the city’s cityscape. Top of Cebu, a restaurant in Cebu City with a setting suitable for romantic dinners and special events, is situated on a mountaintop in Barangay Busay. The eatery is well-liked by local diners and serves local fusion food with a local flair. The Sinigang sa Miso (beef in a sour broth), sizzling gambas (saucy shrimp), and breaded salmon filet with mango sauce are a few dishes that are popular with the crowd.

Positioned atop the Busay mountains, Top of Cebu claims its location at around 2,000 feet above sea level. As you might guess, it provides an incredible view, allowing you to take in all of Cebu’s splendor as well as Mandaue and Lapu-Lapu. You may enjoy a beautiful view of the mountains during the day, while at night, city lights and the stars glow against the night sky. Bring out your phone cameras and take pictures for Instagram, or just take in the scenery.

(1) Chateau De Busay (CEBU CITY)

Photo Courtesy of Arian Joy

The hilly areas of Cebu City’s Chateau de Busay Inn and Restaurant are the ideal setting for creating romantic moments of love in all its stages. The location is one of the top event locations in Cebu and takes pride in its opulent decor and wonderful natural setting, which make it the perfect location for many occasions, especially weddings. It includes a variety of places that each offer a unique vibe and ambiance, with City View Garden being the most popular since it welcomes visitors with a panoramic view of the city and the mountains in the area.

However, the location is not just for weddings. Additionally, it provides catering for various occasions like bridal showers, debuts, birthday parties, and even exclusive business events. The Chateau de Busay guarantees a one-of-a-kind event. Their on-site restaurant is a feast of many different culinary treats. It offers delectable continental fare like steaks, fish, vegetables, and herbs. It also offers guests access to a well-stocked wine cellar. Either their air-conditioned dining area or their balcony are options for outside dining.


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