BRP Antonio Luna ranks third out of 17 in Rim of the Pacific (RimPac)

Finally, Our Navy is Among the Best!

BRP Antonio Luna
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The greatest naval war games in the world, Rim of the Pacific (Rimpac), recently came to an end. The BRP Antonio Luna (FF-151) stood out, placing third among 17 participating vessels in a gunnery exercise.

Rim of the Pacific (RimPac)

The US-led Rimpac in Hawaii came to an end on August 4 after more than a month of operations training. During this time, the 2,600-ton BRP Antonio Luna competed in the Naval Surface Fire Support (NSFS) Rodeo. A naval gunfire accuracy competition. Finished third behind the US Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser USS Mobile Bay and the Mexican Reformador-class frigate ARM Benito Juarez.

According to the Philippine Navy, the winners were revealed on the final day of the Rimpac on August 4 by Vice Admiral Michael Boyle, head of the joint task force for the Rimpac. Warships taking part in the exercise were instructed to aim at a two-dimensional simulated land target during the NSFS Rodeo. Which took place during the at-sea phase in mid-July.

The Pacific Missile Range Facility used its automated evaluation system to issue performance reports. According to the Navy, the BRP Antonio Luna participated in the drill with its OTO Melara 76-millimeter Super Rapid gun.

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Since being put into service in 2021, the South Korean-built frigate had never participated in an international naval exercise abroad. Capt. Charles Villanueva, commander of Naval Task Group 80.5, was in charge of the 140-man Rimpac force.

This accomplishment “demonstrated that the Philippine Navy is capable of being at par with the best navies in the world,” the Navy said. Rimpac 2022 “helped validate this capability by providing resources and environment that permit multinational participants to achieve their individual and collective training objectives.”

Rim of the Pacific (RimPac) 2022

A total of 25,000 personnel, 38 ships, 4 submarines, 9 national land troops, and more than 170 aircraft from 26 nations were part of the Rimpac. Which took place from June 29 to August 4. Exercises in air defense, gunnery, missile, and amphibious operations were all part of the training.

In a teleconference with reporters, Boyle said, “By coming together as this group of nations, we’re not just talking about being like-minded. We’re demonstrating, we’re the manifestation of likeminded nations by sending [and] committing forces and the money that it takes to have us come together here in Hawaii.

Following US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei, which incensed Beijing. The Rimpac came to an end as China launched military exercises surrounding Taiwan, which it views as its territory.

The Philippine Navy is also preparing to hold a significant multilateral exercise with its Australian and American counterparts that emphasizes “maritime domain security and interoperability” in response to China’s increasingly aggressive actions in nearby seas. Observers from France, the United Kingdom, and Japan will also participate.

According to Naval Forces Central, the maritime training activity (MTA) Sama Sama-Lumbas recently held a planning conference in Cebu City. The yearly MTA Sama Sama and Lumbas, which the Philippines holds separately from the US and Australia. Will be merged for the first time this year.


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