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Burger ng Bayan : The success story of Angel’s Burger

“Buy 1, Take 1”

Joseph and Vicky Mojica, Angel’s Burger Owners | Photo from Angel’s Burger

Former bank and fast food employees Vicky and Joseph took a gamble in faith and became successful entrepreneurs by providing the best affordable burger in every town through Angel’s Burger. 

With more than a thousand locations in the Philipines, Angel’s Burger  is aptly called “Burger ng Bayan” and made popular by the famous “Buy 1, Take 1 burger promo” all year round.

The Humble Beginnings of Angel’s Burger

Before the triumph of Angel’s Burger, it all started from humble beginnings. The success story was not like a fairytale; there was drought, difficulties, and a quest for stability. However, it was really inspiring, especially for those aspiring entrepreneurs who are just starting to step outside of their comfort zone. 

Let’s go back to when the story started, in the 90’s, the husband-and-wife tandem, Vicky and Joseph, decided to resign from their respective jobs. They sought for new opportunities particularly in businesses, because they don’t want to rely on their incomes from endless employment. 

Since they are both food lovers, Vicky and Joseph started with various food business such as Cholo’s gotohan and Joma’s bulalo which were named after their sons. However, like any other businesses, it was not easy for them at first. It was like darting, to hit or to miss. But the couple were willing to take risks. 

“Lahat ng pwede kong gawing negosyo, ginawa ko,” Vicky recalled.

Franchising a burger shop is their third business venture, and they hope to carve a path to success and lifelong change. The couple started with an initial capital of P20,000, with the freezer taking half of the budget. They make their own buns and patties at home. 

Everything the couple did was basically starting from scratch with a lot of luck. 

In 1997, they finally established their first branch of the burger shop at Sikatuna, in Quezon City. When Vicky’s child, Angel, was born, she got an idea and then asked their franchiser to start a similar burger business of their own. That’s the history of why it’s called Angel’s Burger. 

However, life did not favor them, and just like any other business, things do not always go as planned. 

The first try of Angel’s Burger wasn’t successful.

The world is truly round!

Following the downfall of the business, the couple decided to venture abroad, it was a difficult and tough decision for them, especially leaving their children behind in the Philippines. But, it is their only way to tie things up and aid their business challenges. 

Fortunately, luck was on their side, Vicky won the jackpot on a slot machine during the Vegas trip. She won $10,000, which was under ₱500,000 pesos at the time.  

After winning, the couple immediately return to the Philippines and give Angel’s Burger another shot. But that’s not all; the couple conducted a series of experiments utilizing various recipes to improve the flavor of their burgers, as well as rebranding to introduce the new face of their store, and the manner in which they treat their employees.  

“Paguwi namin  ginamit po namin ang lahat ng pera para pagandahin po ang Angel’s. Binago namin ang pamamaraan ng pasweldo, ang pagkain lalo namin pinasarap, at iyong itsura po binago namin,” shared Vicky.

Now, the family-owned business shows no signs of stopping.

Their story is one of the most inspirational stories ever told in the history of businesses here in the Philippines. Successful entrepreneurs all have one thing in common: they are persistent. Despite their life’s trials and problems, the couple stayed composed and persistent, believing that if you continue to strive even the tiniest possibility of attaining it, you will be rewarded.

Angel’s Burger Business Success Lessons 

The “Burger ng Bayan” founders story is a heap of lessons to be learned. Here are some of the priceless we can learn from them.

(1) Never Give Up. Try Again.

The first run of the business was challenging that they opted to work abroad to save and restart the business again. In business, pausing an action is sometimes relevant. What is more important is you don’t give up. It is in action that you see clarity of purpose.

(2) Start with an Idea. Funding will just come in.

A great idea is nothing if it can’t be executed. If you can provide an Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and proof-of-concept, you will be able to attract the right investors for your business.  Currently, Angel’s Burger continues to grow.

(3) Always aim to add value.

“Ang gusto kasi ng mga tao yung “Buy One, Take One. Sulit. Masarap. Mura pa.”

Providing people value for their money will go a long way in growing your business.




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