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Top and Best Waterparks in the Philippines That You Should Try

Wet, Wild and Fun Adventure for the Whole Family is here!

Top and Best Waterparks in the Philippines
Photo from Astoria Palawan

Waterparks in the Philippines are sprouting like mushrooms specially during summer. But the Top and Best Philippine Waterparks are here to stay, whole year round.

Before we dive into the wet and wild discussion, lets dig into…

What are Waterparks ?

Now waterparks are pretty simple, just think of it like an amusement park but everything is soaked with water.

There are slides, splash pads, water playgrounds for the kids — or the adults that can’t swim, everyone should be included — Lazy rivers for those that just want to relax and float into their own world, and many more.

Tourists regularly head over to the country’s many waterparks to make a splash, explore thrilling slides and rides, and escape the heat of the sun. But, let us first define….

What is a Waterpark?

Waterparks, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is “an amusement park with facilities (such as pools and wetted slides) for aquatic recreation. 

Water-park or Waterpark often include slides, fountains, and other recreational setups with water.

In other countries, waterparks are located inside fun parks and amusement centers.

Why Waterparks? Here are the benefits…

Families around the world opt for staycations that all family members can enjoy. When they decide to go to a waterpark, the primary reason is for kids. Beyond that, visiting this top and best waterparks in the Philippines can bring benefits.

Here are some of the advantages of staying and enjoying in a waterpark:

Waterparks can stimulate creative and imagination.

Waterparks is often an avenue for kids to socialize with other kids. Beyond talking, kids often take these areas of socialization as an opportunity to share role-playing creative areas. It won’t happen if they don’t take turns in listening and communicating. The prime point? More than communication, this is an area of fun and creative thinking

Waterpark Promotes Cognitive Development

Waterpark is communal and engaging with others encourages kids to discover a lot of things. This experiences also provides a lot of “Aha” moments for them.

Unintentionally, the wondering and inquisitive mind at  play will start to understand the overall view of the waterpark, the measurements of the slides and the likes.

Waterparks Can Develop Motor and Social Skills

Waterparks are often enjoyed by kids and those who are kids-at-heart. Most of a water-parks amenities are adventure in nature and fun shared with other kids. 

Waterpark is Emotionally Therapeutic

If you are at play and socially engaged with other participants in a communal area, its enjoyable and refreshing.

When you are at play, kid or not, you are often so focused on what is now that you tend to enjoy the repetitive water play, unwind your thoughts and encourages you to relax.

Waterpark activity engagement releases energy

Children can find water play both calming and invigorating depending on the water amenities one is engaged in. Splashing, kicking, running around the water is an excellent outlet to allow stored and unused energy.

Top and Best Waterparks in the Philippines

With that out of the way, here’s our pick of the best waterparks in the country based on a proprietary research on this category:

(1) JPark Island Waterpark Resort and Spa

JPark Island Resort and Waterpark Cebu is primarily a world-class resort in the island of Mactan, Cebu. In  a quick view, this property is a sprawling community of world-class amenities where one can enjoy the vibrant sun, sea and sky. In our list, this is the number one in both top and best waterparks in the Philippines,

Off the coast of its white sand beach is a sprawling Waterpark perfect for the family. Its inventory has five swimming pools, three water slides, and a private beach where you can spend the entire day in the sun. A swim-up pool bar, mini-waterfalls, and enticingly blue waters can be found in their island pool.

The Wave Rider artificial tide pool and the Amazon River (for those who want to take a leisurely ride in the pool) are connected to their Beach Pool. Additionally, because their public spaces have wireless Internet connectivity, you may share all of your images and updates at any time of the day.

ADDRESS: M.L. Quezon Highway, Brgy.Maribago 6015 Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines

SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook Twitter Instagram

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(2) Splash Island at Laguna

The greatest way to escape the tropical heat is to spend the day at Laguna’s largest waterpark. Splash Island is the ideal family vacation destination with more than 20 rides and attractions. Discover the park at your own pace so that you can visit when it is most convenient for you.

You’ll be in awe of their cutting-edge machinery and meticulous standards of cleanliness, which attest to the park’s superior level of service. There is always first aid available around-the-clock, so you never have to be concerned about your group’s safety.

Metro Manila is only an hour away from this interesting location. So why are you still waiting? Join in on the fun and book a trip to remember!

Top and Best Waterparks in the Philippines - Splash Island Laguna

(3) Ace Water Spa

Now compared to the waterparks that were mentioned before Ace Water Spa is an indoor water park which is also a relaxing spa service for the customers to experience something unique.

They have a huge lap pool, hot herbal pools, and steam & sauna. Their lovely hydrotherapy massage which uses jet systems, massages different and specific areas of the body. They are installed throughout the pool area, and you can try all of them as you explore the place.

The herbal pools can help people relax and just drift into comfort, and if you’re looking for a more “hot” approach then the sauna should be right for you

(4) Fontana Hot Spring Leisure Parks

A water park with enormous slides and entertaining water facilities is one of the resort’s key draws for travelers. They feature a top-notch wave pool that uses technology to create six distinct types of waves that can reach heights of three feet.

The Three Giant Agua Thrill Slides, Big Horn Slide, and Water Cottage Slide are among their slides that you simply must experience. In addition to that the Lazy River offers a leisurely, long voyage in their 500-meter-long pool if you like to take things slowly and chill out.

(5) Amana Water Park

Covering approximately 3500 square meters, the Amana water park is regarded as one of the largest water parks in the Philippines. Additionally, there are numerous mementos accessible inside the park, and horseback riding provides even more excitement for the kids to enjoy.

This location is one of the top water theme parks in Manila because it also offers a variety of adventurous activities including zip lines.

(6) 8 Waves Waterpark & Hotel

This waterpark is among the most frequently recommended locations for family vacations before the country created more waterparks. One of the largest wave pools of its kind in Asia and the Philippines, the tranquil resort’s and hotel’s massive 2,788 square meter wave pool is located at its center.

The reason for this is that the resort’s owner is an eight-child family, and the wave pool, the resort’s major draw, creates waves in eight distinct ways. You may also discover a mini golf course, hydro-jet bubble pools, and a lot of slides inside the waterpark.

(7) Waterworld Cebu

Quite known as the Biggest Waterpark in Mandaue City. The park boasts incredible and extreme slides to its arsenal, one of which is a 40-meter slide loop and an adrenaline pumping Dare Drop Vertical Slide.

There is no little or small about this place. An example of that is their 1,500-square-meter wave pool with 1.5-meter-high waves that can accommodate 1,000 people in one time.


(8) Aqua Planet

The newest waterpark in the Philippines, Aqua Planet, has attracted social media attention for its thrilling attractions and mind boggling 10,000-hectare size. With 38 water slides and two nine-foot-deep wave pools, Aqua Planet is one of the biggest waterparks in Asia and will give you an unforgettable surge of excitement.

Additionally, there are over 25 attractions for groups of all ages, including the Tornado, Aqua-loop, and Octopus Races. While you’re having fun, you don’t need to worry about anything because there are 80 experienced lifeguards around to make sure you’re safe.

(9) Klir Waterpark Resort

This water park is currently one of the most cutting-edge in the nation, if not the most cutting-edge. Hosting the biggest wave pool in the country that will certainly pump the adrenaline in your bodies.

When visiting Bulacan, this is a top choices due to being reasonable pricing, given the variety of amenities you will receive.

The hotel and restaurant at Klir Waterpark Resort are one of its best features; you can hang out there for the entire day without worrying about anything. You will always be energized for your entire day of fun and excitement thanks to the hotel’s lovely accommodations and complimentary breakfast.

(10) Whiterock Beach Hotel + Waterpark in Subic

This seven-hectare park-like complex, which is only twelve minutes from Subic Bay Freeport, features a large beach area, as well as kid- and adult-friendly waterparks, among other recreational amenities.

Don’t forget to check out their incredible water slides and inflatable water park. You can take advantage of the property’s ideal location to take in the expansive sunset vista and the beautiful mountain ranges nearby. Additionally, you can hire one of their rooms for a night or two if spending a day splashing around in the seas is not enough for you.

(11) Adventure Beach Waterpark, Subic Bay

This recently opened waterpark has a 7, 442 square meter area and can hold an astonishing 700 visitors! Every attraction is easily accessible, despite the fact that it is smaller than the typical enormous parks situated around the nation.

Families with young children may relax knowing that all of their waterslides are kid-friendly and free of any untoward accidents. Visitors can explore their twin-twister slides (with breathtaking views of Subic from the top), splash all day, and attempt an exhilarating trip that simulates whitewater rafting for a set entrance charge.

(12) Aquaria Water Park

Torn between going for a swim at the pool or at the beach? I’m a pool guy, and don’t get me wrong I love the ocean and terrified of it too. Enough rambling and back into the topic at hand.

Aquaria Water Park offers both beach and pool services. This waterpark takes pride in their 525 meters of fine white sandy beach. Featuring a sunken pool bar, a giant three-story-high pool slide, and five different cove pools.

Top and Best Waterparks in the Philippines - Aquaria Waterpark Resort

(13) Oceania Swim and Splash Park

The Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park in Cavite is where you can find this water  park. The primary attractions include a 3,000 square meter lagoon-shaped pool.

It’s ideal for young children and children at heart who enjoy playing around and relaxing in their cool pools! As the biggest family-friendly waterpark, visitors can expect the highest level of safety and a ton of enjoyable outdoor time.

(14) Caribbean Waterpark and Resort

This waterpark is a good place for your children to get moving and express themselves even more.

Two pools and an outdoor Jacuzzi are located at the waterpark. A sunken pirate ship is in the center of the main pool’s 40-meter pool. Additionally, you can find treasures and chests underwater, but watch out for Blackbeard’s remains! The pool is barely 4 feet deep.

For the kids to play in, the area around the pirate ship is only 2 12 feet deep. Another covered kiddie pool with a slide is only 2 feet deep with the intent to entertain children!

Top and Best Waterparks in the Philippines - Caribean Waterpark Resort

(15) Solea Hotels & Resorts

This resort is one of the top and best waterparks in the Philippines. In this resort, the on-site pool beckons you in for a nice plunge or a few revitalizing laps. You can experience the most laid-back drinking hours with a calm drink at the resort’s poolside bar.

Additionally, you can complete your daily exercise routine at the resort’s fitness center. Stay wet and wild with exciting non-motorized water sports and family aquatic activities.

With the ease of available watersports equipment rentals, canoes, and water park, you won’t have to travel too far to engage in some water activities.

Top and Best Waterparks in the Philippines - Solea Mactan Cebu

Just a quick caution: Enjoy the top and best waterparks in the Philippines in moderation. These are the top and best waterparks in the Philippines that we have curated based on our research for 2022. Each of the property will definitely be worth your money and time if you are planning to enjoy holidays in the Philippines with your family, friends and loved ones.

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