The Encantadia Fever takes Social Media by Storm

After more than a decade, Encantadia came back with new actors and actresses, new sets and new costumes. And the effects have really improved!

The long wait is over to an Encantadia fan like me. The effects of La Niña are here, but this time, in our television sets and gadgets and yes, in social media.

Netizens were shocked during GMA’s announcement on Nov. 5, 2015 after three attempts to bring it back and that a remake of the series was already in the works and slated to be shown this year.

If you are unfortunate to follow the 2005 popular fantaserye of the GMA Network, now is the time to appreciate the Filipino serye that wowed millions of audiences during the pilot episode.

Everyone felt the nostalgia  after watching the pilot episode yesterday, July 18. Way back 2005, we became avid fanatics of the supernatural effects and characters of Encantadia.  This time, more things await beyond the pilot episode and I know this requel would be more fabulous, marvelous and majestically magical.

While watching the pilot episode, we can still see the iconic scenes that have made the marks in Philippine television. But the differences this time are the improved settings, enhanced animated effects and the aesthetics of the magical kingdoms: Sapiro, Adamya, Hathoria and Lireo.

The beautiful maidens endowed with magical abilities, strengths and agility– the Sangg’res– are the major leads of the fantaserye. The guardians of the four gems, whose characters befitting the divas and the Devas, are portrayed by young female stars, who are in their way to become household names.

Glaiza de Castro, who has already marked a footprint in the Philippine entertainment industry, takes the role of the fierce Pirena, whose pivotal character brings Encantadia’s storyline more interesting, more engaging and definitely a must-watch teleserye during prime time. Gabbi Garcia, Sanya Lopes and Kylie Padilla took the roles of Alena, Danaya and Amihan, respectively.

Awestruck and spellbound

There is no doubt that until now, viewers and fans are still crazy about Encantadia.

I was awestruck by the effects and the fighting scenes during the pilot episode of Encantadia, that I bet those who watched it didn’t regret spending their 30 minutes or so, being glued to the screen to watch the show from start to the end credits.

Based on social media receptions, viewers were amazed on the improvements and how they brought more life and “beyond real” effects to the pilot episode. And they even added some scenes, which I noticed.

I am keeping an eye on Encantadia and am now very apt to vacate my schedule  just to watch the show.

Others will go home early just to see succeeding episodes of the fantaserye. Thankfully, there is a way for me to watch the episodes, in case I’d miss one or two. I’ll never know.

Those who are asking for the time; put into your reminder the slot of Encantadia on GMA primetime which is at 7:45 pm.

The pilot episode of Encantadia is the top trending topic Nationwide and Worldwide starting yesterday. 

The show’s management definitely brought the noise in social media.

The beautiful Sangg-res of Encantadia according to the elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth.

Pirena, the keeper of the fire gem, the fierce and the eldest among the four sisters. She is portrayed by Glaiza de Castro.


Pirena, whose desire to become the next queen of the diwatas, makes the character interesting and villainy, which is a 180- degree turn after she feels neglected from her mother’s decision to choose her sister, Amihan, over her to take the queeny role.

Sunshine Dizon portrayed the character during the original series. Dizon now takes the villainess role of Adhana in the requel.

The keeper of the gem of water, Alena, portrayed by Abbi Garcia.


Alena (Gabbi Garcia) breathes life into the character, the third among the four, who keeps the water gem. She finds that love in Ybarro (Ruru Madrid), a charismatic Barbaro whose past is as much a mystery to him, as it is to her.

Karylle Padilla was the original Alena in the 2005 series.

Amihan (Kylie Padilla) is the keeper of the gem of air.


Known for being mature and nurturing as she protects her loved ones, Amihan learned to be an independent thinker. This character makes her sisters envious of her, specially Pirena. 

Iza Calzado took the role of Amihan during the original series.

The earth gemkeeper Sangg’re fearlessly represented by Sanya Lopes.


Danaya is the fearless and headstrong of the sisters. She is also the youngest among the four. Danaya keeps the earth jewel and has an unwavering sense of justice.

Diana Zubiri got the original role of Danaya.

The reaction of the netizens while watching the Pilot Episode

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My reactions after watching the pilot episode:

This is me when I saw the Effects!








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