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This Food Treasure in the Town of Argao is Well-Loved. What is it?

Let’s discover it!

Town of Argao

If you have been to Argao, Cebu you definitely have tasted this delicacy.

Argao, Cebu

Argao is a first-class municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines, The town is located in the southeastern part of this province and is 68 kilometers from Cebu City. The town of Argao is being subdivided into forty-five barangays, and according to the 2015 census, it has a population of 77,366 residents.

The people of Argao always welcome the local and foreign visitors with warm smiles to have an adventure in its mountains, caves, rivers, and other challenging terrains for active travelers and explorers.

Town of Argao
La Torta de Argao Festival replaced the Pitlagong Festival in 2011. La Torta Festival happens every September 28–29. The festival’s name showcases Argao’s well-known delicacy, “torta.” A torta is like a cupcake made with egg yolks, sugar, flour, and cheese. Do you know what makes Argao’s torta unique? Because it includes pork lard and tuba in its ingredients.

The people love to go back and forth in Argao because of their mouth-watering delicacy, which is the Torta. Here are some stores that you need to consider visiting!

Torta De Argao’s Bakers of All Time

Chitang’s Torta

Facebook: Chitang’s Torta    |     Phone: (+63 32) 485 8095     |     Email:

La Torta De Argao
La Torta De Argao signage at the town pueblo

Chitang’s Torta, founded by the late Anecita “Chitang” Camello, a native lass and one of the first to commercialize the sector in the 1980s, is one of the most recognizable producers of this famous delicacy; it is sold in several Cebu City stores, including the Gaisano Metro Ayala supermarket Chitang’s Torta has other treats to offer than torta alone.

Oj’s Torta

Facebook: OJ’s Torta   |  Phone: (+63 32) 367 7572  |  Instagram: OJ’s Torta IG


Town of Argao

Baking the best beyond the customer’s satisfaction. Gemma Almirante challenged herself to manage her own enterprise and received several awards. If you want to have a taste of what’s the best in Argao? They can offer different kinds of torta fillings, like torta latte, torta de ube, and torta pandan. Loving Torta knows no distance. They also ship via J&T or LBC (local) and DHL (international).

Watch our encounter with OJ’s Torta Founder Gemma Almirante here…



Jessie’s Torta

Facebook: Jessie’s Torta

Town of Argao

One of the famous torta makers is Jessie Magallones of Jessi’s Torta. She runs her torta business out of her modest home in Brgy. Canbanua, Argao. Jessie’s tortas contain white sugar, melted butter, coconut wine, genuine flour, egg yolks, and others, And one of the secrets she reveals is that the coconut wine must be fresh and fermented just right so that it is neither too sweet nor too sour.

For more information or to place an order, you may contact the following:

Argao’s Flourishing Agriculturism

Town of Argao

Agriculture is Argao’s major development priority. No wonder farm tourism is seen as another area for growth in Argao. It gives more opportunities to the farmer’s community and can help spread the value of agriculture in our country.

The town of Argao earned many recognitions because of its culinary offerings like tortas, tablea, and tuba. Aside from these cultural and culinary treasure troves, Argao is also growing as a destination for farm tourism.

Appreciate the food your mother cooks for you as some don’t have food and some don’t have mothers. Do everything you can like experience in everything, just do it before it’s too late.

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