What is online media etiquette?

Online media etiquette. Nowadays, when someone sees something interesting on the road, the first thing that person will probably do is whip out his/her mobile phone, take a shot of it and post it on his/her facebook, twitter, etc. for everyone to see.

Of course there are exceptions but you get my point – the technology of today has made social sharing something that is already done on a casual basis. There’s nothing wrong with that, but that doesn’t mean there are no limitations.

We have been taught in our younger years by our elders how to properly behave in the presence of others. That’s why we know what are the things that we shouldn’t do so that we can avoid embarrassing situations and such. Social media is where we share things like work, preferences and more to everyone. That’s why it is important that we have to uphold this kind of mindset.

If we are taught with proper etiquette in our younger days, it’s only natural that we should also apply something of similar value when we’re socializing with everyone on our social pages. This is what we call online etiquette or netiquette.

Who needs to learn Online media etiquette?

Age shouldn’t be a basis as to who should be taught with online etiquette. It should be taught to anyone who has the capability to access the Internet and has enough knowledge to create their own accounts and so on. That means, kids should also be able to discern what to do and what not to do when they’re surfing the internet. Here’s a simple guideline for them when they’re trying to socialize with friends and other people online.

Why are there still some people who disregard online etiquette?

Despite the guidelines and rules however, there are just some people, mostly young ones, that may have simply regarded it as unimportant. Their lack of understanding has led to events like cyberbullying and even to the point where they are able to commit crimes or become an accomplice of sorts. They would also be isolated from everyone else and would be shunned by everyone around him/her. People victimized by bullying on social media often results to social withdrawal and on extreme cases, suicide.

What are the benefits of online media?

Online media has been the cause as to why news and events travel so far and reach everyone in an instant these days. And of course, that’s in no way a bad thing. People have been able to socialize with their friends and keep in touch with them no matter where they are on the globe; families will always stay connected despite the distance; news and happenings from the other side of world will reach you in seconds – there’s practically too many to mention as to why online media is beneficial for us. Simply put, the world as it is today, revolves around it.

The Drawbacks

Theoretically speaking, there shouldn’t be any disadvantages with online media – it’s a definite boon to our society and our way of living. However, when proper online etiquette isn’t observed, that’s when online media becomes a tool that could even kill a person. The stress and frustration that one feels when they’re being bullied socially can reach to great heights that would cause them to become mentally unstable and ultimately end their lives. Here are some cases.

While online media is a great benefit, using it for purposes such as hurting one’s social standing is just as easy as pressing the post or share button. The only difference that matters is that if the person is sane enough to be able to understand the grave situation of what he/she is doing.


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