Healthy Choices To Enjoy and Get Optimal Gastronomic Satisfaction at Ulli’s

The Far East is rich in culture, a fact that attracts many Westerners to visit the countries in the East and experience the culture, the places and the colorful history.

Talking about culture, the Orient is also blessed with varying cuisines  that have earned them recognition and favours from Westerners and Orientals alike.

The food varieties in Asia have attracted foodies and chefs. Food bloggers showcase their prowess in taking photos of the delightful offers in varying angles to amplify their palpable taste on their blogs. Meanwhile, chefs are inspired to bring certain food to their home country to be able to introduce an Asian cuisine or a fusion of two or more of favored culinary treats to their patrons.

Another fact about the Asian cuisines is that most popular dishes are noted to be healthy and beneficial. However, it is also important to filter food which is healthy especially the greasy food stuff.

Oriental cuisines continue to amaze many people. This fact is shared by Laguna group’s Chef Raki Urbina, who has managed to deliver favorite street Asian foods of the Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Singaporean and Malaysian in one resto– Ulli’s Street Food of Asia.

Ulli’s has gained popularity among its target markets– the millennials. It has also attracted other nationals who have found time to visit Ayala Center Cebu.

Savoring the delectable variety of dishes is not just a one-time treat. In fact, many who have contributed in the increasing footmarks of the Cebu mall, have become returning customers. This information was obtained during the recent food blogging event with Chef Raki at Ulli’s.

As a blogger who is conscious of eating healthy, it is my quest to learn about certain dishes from certain restaurants that can offer healthy varieties. I have not spared Ulli’s in the info gathering, noting that I can get first-hand information from the famous Cebuano chef himself.

As noted during the Cebu food blogcon, Chef Raki recommended healthy dishes within the menu of Ulli’s.

Buddha’s Feast

In a hot stone pot, healthy servings of tofu, mushrooms, young corn, sweet peas, broccoli and carrots are mixed and boiled to attain the aroma that can entice an empty stomach.

Why it’s called a Buddha’s feast is something ironic, although one can assume that it is likened to the diet of  a practicing Buddhist who adheres strictly to vegetarianism.

I repeat, this dish is served hot. So be very careful.


If you’re craving for a healthy dish of Korean cuisine, another recommended choice is the Bibimbap.

You can never go wrong in this dish as it has the signature Korean spiciness that most Asians love. With beef and the pepper paste called Gochujang, this dish is served together with Japanese rich topped with seasoned vegetables.

And if you ever see a sunny-side on it, that’s because it’s included.

As you wish to devour it, it is advisable first to mix the ingredients to achieve that eclectic mix of spice and love for something sumptuous yet beneficial.

Chilled Taho

The all-time favorite of those wishing to pass by Ulli’s or even get an after meal dessert is the chilled taho.

The best thing about this at Ulli’s is that it is served all day. You don’t have to wait for a taho vendor to deliver your daily serving of protein-rich fermented soya.

So after a nice bowl of Buddha’s Feast together with Bibimbap, take a serving of chilled taho to complete that full-stomach diet without the guilt.

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These choices are not limited.

Again, they’re not limited to those who wish to stay healthy but still want to satisfy their stomach after an all-day’s work or a simple hang-out with friends and family.

Most Asian cuisines apply the principle of the yin and yang in cooking. And when we say balance, we mean there is an equal weight of goodness that can be beneficial yet satisfying. If you want to achieve that, why not go somewhere that serves the right fusion of Asian cuisines.

If you ever dine at Ulli’s you can compare notes with us.

Share to us your favorite healthy dish.


Written by Proudly Filipino

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  1. I remember eating Taho in our town whenever I tried this Chilled Taho. The difference is this Chilled Taho is far more delicious than what a regular Taho is.

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