Enjoy Pastries With Unique French Taste At Bocas Modern Patisserie

From Paris to Your Plate

Enjoy Pastries With Unique French Taste At Bocas Modern Patisserie

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How do you like your French macarons?

Luckily for me, I have had a few of the pieces served by a French chef, whose expertise in pastries amazed me in a delightful way.

I was very fortunate to try out French pastries at a patisserie shop, owned by a French chef last week on a blogger’s event . The shop, located in Banilad Town Center, had an interior decor reminiscent of French shops I have seen in the movies and on the Internet.

Together with Cebu-based bloggers, I had an opportunity to try delightful pieces at this uber fantastic shop last week.

As we arrived, Jean Louis Leon, the French Chef and owner of Bocas Modern Patisserie, was already showing his expertise as he prepared some desserts. He used a lot of ingredients and he explained how each ingredient could affect the overall taste of a pastry.

The interior design of the shop was great. The ambiance gave me a feeling like I was in a different country. The designs were very nice too but I just found the mirrors weird (I just had to say it. Ha-ha).

Bocas Modern Patisserie’s Uniquely French Tasting Pastries

Some pastries were already laid on the table when I arrived, so I tasted them one by one. I didn’t ask for the names of pastries but they really tasted great. They’re delightfully awesome!

After tasting them, my view of desserts changed! They don’t taste like the cakes and pastries we can readily buy in most shops. They’re almost beyond what I tasted before, just my opinion.

After asking questions, I learned that after getting the French macarons out of the chiller, you shouldn’t eat them immediately. Wait for at least 10 minutes because you will enjoy the texture of the macarons as you savour this French special dessert’s taste more.

Chef Jean Louis also served us a Strawberry Coconut Cake. I noticed that before he sliced it, he heated the knife. That technique, as he shared, would ensure a perfect cake slice instead of destroying it. I was amazed because I didn’t know about that before. I took my first bite and it tasted like heaven (even though I haven’t tasted heaven literally haha). It just melted into my mouth as bits of coconut remained in my mouth. It was not very sweet, which for me was good.

Visit Bocas Modern Patisserie at the Banilad Town Center.

Every time you visit their shop, it feels like France came to Cebu. The place is a good dating spot for couples who want to feel more sweetness in their romantic lives. Or if you want to have a “me time” while eating desserts with reasonable prices, pick this place. You surely have that delight.

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My favorite pastry in Bocas is the French macarons.

How about you? What is your favorite pastry so far?

Have you been to Bocas lately because I know you’ll crave their scrumptious desserts served in French style?

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