How Lemon Grass Turned My Expectation Into Reality

If you are the kind who’s into adventure or trying out something new, special, or something that you have not tried yet, Lemon Grass is the perfect place to do just that. It is an Asian restaurant that showcases the flavors of two famous cuisines in Asia; Vietnamese and Thai. As far as I know, it serves the best of both worlds.

Must-Try Dishes in Lemon Grass

The tables are set with plates, chopsticks (for those who prefer them), bread knives, spoons and forks. First on our list was Green Curry Rice, a rice dish wrapped with wrapped with a thin layer of egg. Break open the layer of egg and a feast for the eyes will surprise you. It’s a little bit spicy and you’ll love it if you like spicy food.

The Gai Hor Bai Toey or Chicken Pandan is one of my favorites. The chicken is wrapped in pandan leaves and the flavor lingers in your taste buds. The mix of ingredients, in my opinion, took the best out of the chicken, and the perfectly cooked chicken meat is very satisfactory for my palate.

The Goong Hom Sabai or Shrimp in pastry is another must-try Thai dish. It is similar to our Filipino lumpia because it is made of shrimps wrapped in layers of thin pastry. It is also layered at the bottom with crispy noodles. It is perfect if partnered with a sweet and hot sauce on the side. The crispiness of the wrapper compliments the flavor of the shrimp.

One of their bestselling drink is the Citrus herb lemonade. The taste of lemonade with the touch of cucumber is very refreshing.

The Coco Crepe is one of their deserts that will satisfy your cravings. It is juicy coconut slices wrapped in green crepe, and topped with vanilla ice cream, pounded rice flakes, and chocolate syrup. The crepe alone was very good but the coconut and scoop of ice cream really made it a perfect desert!

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The Khao Niew Mamuang or Mango Sticky Rice is sticky rice mixed with mango slices and coconut milk. It is similar to our suman or budbud. The tastes of mango and coconut milk blend so well with each other.

The combination of the menu choices were properly chosen and the the actual look of the food is quite the same on the menu. The service of their waiters are very good. They are very open to conversations and are always smiling. You can see in their faces that they are all happy to serve each customer and entertain their concerns.

The modern ambiance is mixed with Thai and Vietnamese elements. I have observed that the restaurant is frequented by families, friends, or Thai and Vietnamese cuisine lovers.

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If at first you are confused to which dishes are Thai or Vietnamese, you can always ask the waiters. You will never go wrong with Lemon Grass because my expectation became a reality. If you are looking for great food with the touch of Asia and good service, Lemon Grass is perfect for you!


Written by Proudly Filipino

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  1. One of the best restaurants I’ve tried. Not really familiar of Vietnam or Thailand cuisine but still, taste great.

  2. I tried this restaurant last month, the crews are very accommodating and the food is served immediately. I like most of their food.

  3. I’m not really familiar with this restaurant but the moment my friends invited me here and have dinner, everything is perfect.

  4. Looking for something to eat at Ayala but my friend suggests here so we hurried and try this restaurant. The place is very nice and the food is well prepared, well cooked and the waiters are positively smiling.

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