Starlink is now accessible in the Philippines!

The most awaited has come!

Starlink in Philippines
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Starlink is already available in the Philippines. Starlink operates at speeds ranging from 50 to 500 Mbps. It also said to provide a smooth internet connection in situations where one would not normally have access to the internet, such as while traveling by air or on the open sea.

The hardware for the satellite service will set you back P29,320, while the monthly subscription fee will be P2,700. In addition, a deposit of P2,700 required at the time of ordering. It typically takes between two and three weeks for the hardware to be shipped.

Starlink in Philippines
Photo Credits to SpaceX

 On its website, Starlink informs users that they can test out the satellite service for a period of thirty days. If they are dissatisfied with the service, they can get a complete refund on the hardware they purchased.

Additionally, the Starlink app is accessible on iOS and Android devices. It allows users to personalize their settings, obtain updates, contact Support, and view real-time performance data.

Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez made the initial announcement that SpaceX intended to bring Starlink to the Philippines during the month of March 2022.

Anthony Almeda, the chairman of Data Lake, announced in October that the company had formed a partnership with Starlink to provide high-speed internet service to customers in the Philippines.   

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