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20 Top and Best Souvenirs from the Philippines for 2024

You shouldn’t miss taking these home!

20 Best Souvenirs from the Philippines

If you’re planning a trip to the Philippines, one thing you shouldn’t forget to bring back with you is souvenirs! To help you remember your time in the Philippines and its diverse culture and tradition, the country has a wide variety of souvenirs to choose from.

We have asked our netizens online, “What are the Best Souvenirs We can bring from the Philippines”.  Based on the information we have gathered, here are the …

20 Top and Best Souvenirs from the Philippines


20. Tribal Masks

In the Philippines, tribal masks are one of the popular souvenirs. The beautiful patterns on them are the product of decades of practice by native communities. Decorating your home with tribal masks is a great way to bring in some diversity.


19. Barong Tagalog

20 Best Souvenirs from the Philippines

Male Filipinos traditionally wear a shirt called the Barong Tagalog. Made from a breathable fabric and decorated with delicate embroidery. The Barong Tagalog can be worn to special events or simply as a fashion statement.


18. T’nalak Fabric

The T’boli people of Mindanao are the ones who create a unique textile known as T’nalak. Created from abaca fibers, it displays detailed designs. Bags, table runners, and other home decor items made from T’nalak fabric are a great use for this class of materials.


17. Capiz Shell Products

20 Best Souvenirs from the Philippines

Products crafted from capiz shells are native to the Philippines and created from the shells of a certain snail. You may find them in everything from lamps to picture frames. Products made from capiz shells are great for giving your house a casual, seaside feel.

16. Wooden Carvings

One of the most common types of Philippine trinkets is a wooden carving. From tiny figurines to humongous sofas, you can find them in every conceivable shape and size. Filipino wood carvings are an excellent way to decorate your home with handmade quality.

15. Hand-Woven Bags

One more common Philippine souvenir is a hand-woven bag. Different shapes and sizes, from portable clutches to roomy tote bags, are available. Toting your belongings around in a hand-woven bag is a great way to accessorize with a bit of Filipino flair.

14. Pearls

20 Best Souvenirs from the Philippines

The pearls seen in the Philippines are often regarded as among the finest in the world. They can be found in both saltwater and freshwater environments and a wide range of sizes and colors. Pearls are a classic accessory that can elevate any look to the next level.

13. Abaca Products

Abaca, a sort of fiber found in the Philippines. It is one of the material in the production of everything, like sacks, baskets, bags and rugs. Products made from abaca are a great way to bring the warmth and beauty of nature into your home.

12. San Miguel Beer

20 Best Souvenirs from the Philippines

The Philippine beer market is dominated by San Miguel. It has started around since 1890 and found in many different countries now. It’s recommended that beer lovers pack a couple of bottles of San Miguel to sip back at home as a memento of your trip.

11. Tanduay Rum

In addition to beer and rum, Tanduay rum is another popular Philippine beverage. It has a refined flavor and is produced from sugarcane. If you like rum, you should pick up a bottle of Tanduay on your way out of town so you can toast your travels with a taste of the Philippines every time you pour a glass.

10. Filipino Coffee

20 Best Souvenirs from the Philippines

Coffee from the Philippines has a worldwide reputation for its quality. It has a robust, nutty flavor and is grown in the highlands. As a memento of your time in the Philippines, indulge in some of the country’s world-renowned coffee when you get home.

9. Philippine Chocolate

Cacao beans, the primary and main ingredient in making this delicious and world-class Philippine Chocolate. Unique in taste, it manages to be both sweet and bitter. If you’re a chocolate enthusiast, bring home some Philippine chocolate to enjoy as a souvenir of your vacation.

8. Cebu Guitar

20 Best Souvenirs from the Philippines

The Cebu guitar is a handcrafted instrument created in the Cebu province. It is well-known for its high-quality sound and elegant design. Remember your time in Cebu with a guitar you can play and enjoy as a souvenir.

7. Jeepney Replica

In the Philippines, the jeepney is a common means of transportation. This stands out because of its vibrant design. Bringing home a miniature jeepney is a great way to remember your time in the Philippines.

6. Buri Hats

20 Best Souvenirs from the Philippines

Handwoven from the leaves of the Buri’s palm, Buri hats are a unique and beautiful fashion accessory. Shade your face from the sun in style with one of these fashionable options. Wearing a Buri hat is a great way to incorporate Filipino fashion into your look.

5. Banana Ketchup

Banana ketchup is one of the most popular in the Philippines. This dish is made with bananas, vinegar, and spices. If you like to try new flavors, you should definitely pick up a bottle of banana ketchup on your next trip.


4. Alabaster Statuettes

Little figurines carved by hand from alabaster stone, called statuettes. They are accessible in a wide-ranging variety of sizes and designs, making them ideal for beautifying any space.

3. Lanzones Wine

20 Best Souvenirs from the Philippines

The Philippines, a tropical country which Lanzones can grow and dominate, produced a unique wince from Lanzones fruit. You can drink it with supper or save it for dessert because of its sugary taste. If you’re a wine connoisseur, you should try some Lanzone’s wine while you’re there and bring a bottle back to enjoy later.

2. Antique Furniture

Antique furniture is a popular souvenir in the Philippines. It can be found in antique shops and markets throughout the country. Antique furniture is perfect for adding a touch of Filipino history to your home.


1. Philippine Mango

Philippine mangoes are famous for their sweet, juicy flavor. It grows in the Philippines and was regarded as some of the best mangoes in the world. If you like fruit, try some Filipino mangoes during your stay.



A visit to the Philippines would not be complete without picking up a few items as a souvenir. Everything from commonplace clothing to rare artworks can be found here. In addition to finding transportation back home, you can stock up on regional delicacies and your preferred alcoholic beverage. Any of these options will do a fine job of keeping your trip fresh in your mind long after you’ve returned.


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