INDULGE in the Authentic Flavors of Cebu with Tatang’s Boneless Cebu Lechon

A deliciously crisp and tender boneless lechon!

Tatang's Boneless Cebu Lechon

Do you long for the delectable flavor of Cebu lechon? Look no further, Tatang’s is here to satisfy your palate! We take pride in providing you the original flavors of Cebu, from the familiar and beloved Classic to the hot and delectable Spicy Lechon. 

Tatang’s is dedicated to preserving the time-honored practices that distinguish Cebu. Each lechon is prepared with care by our professional chef, who infuses it with a delectable blend of aromatic herbs and spices that will transport your taste buds to the radiant shores of Cebu. The end result? A deliciously crisp and tender that will leave you wanting more.

We’ve deliberately placed our branches in strategic areas to ensure that everyone may enjoy our lechon pleasures. From the busy Gilmore neighborhood, the bustling streets of BGC, the quaint Orion neighborhood, or the boisterous Reposo street, Tatang’s is just a stone’s throw away.

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But it’s not only about the food; it’s also about the experience. Here at Tatang’s we believe in creating memorable experiences with every meal. Our pleasant team will make you feel at home when you visit or order delivery. We provide the highest taste and quality so you may enjoy your favorite lechon recipes with a smile.

Whether you’re planning a birthday party, a family boodle fight, or simply treating yourself to a flavorsome delight, Tatang’s Boneless Cebu Lechon is the perfect choice. Let us take you on a gourmet experience where the flavors of Cebu come to life. Experience the warmth of our hospitality and the richness at Tatang’s.

Follow us now on Facebook, Tatang’s Cebu Boneless Lechon – Reposo, and Instagram, @tatangsreposo! And contact us on 09167068223 and 09634732477 to book your deliveries now!


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