Things you need to know about JPark Island Waterpark Resort, Cebu

We are already at the peak of the summer season with the temperature rising as high as 33 degrees centigrade here in Cebu. With that hot of a weather, one would gladly go to a fully air-conditioned room or play with water for the whole day. Well, here’s a great place where you have the option to do both – JPark Island Waterpark Resort. This is just one of the high-end hotel resorts that you can find lining the great beaches of Mactan Island.

If you plan to bring the family here, it’s important that you get to know more about this great destination. Here are some useful facts about the hotel resort.

It’s located on a very historic island

As a coral island, Mactan is blessed with wonderful dive sites along with its beaches. However, another thing that made this island so wonderful is because of the the history tied along with it. Mactan was one of the few places in the Philippines that was already thriving before the Spaniards set foot in it. And every Filipino would know what happened to Ferdinand Magellan when he tried to take this island by force.

The Battle of Mactan is one of the many attractions that this island features, which depicts what had happened between the clash of Magellan and Lapu-Lapu. Its popularity drew people in and made attractions like the Lapu-Lapu Statue more popular to the tourists. When staying on JPark, visiting the historic places in Mactan should be on one of your itineraries.

It had a different name a year ago

Before it became the hotel resort we knew today, it bore the name Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort and Spa. However, because of the management wanted the resort to be fitting of country’s tourism motto, they changed it to JPark Island Waterpark Resort. For those who are curious as to what the motto was, it goes like this – It’s more fun in the Philippines.

It’s near the airport

When traveling from outside the country, the longer distance you have to travel from the airport to the hotel, the more tiring it becomes. However, with Mactan International Airport located on that very same island, traveling to JPark would not be a problem. At most, it will only take 20 minutes.

It’s the country’s only luxury waterpark resort

There are a couple of waterpark themed parks located around the Philippines. However, JPark prides itself as a notch above the rest as it is complemented by its high class services and amenities. Just as any hotel would do, they prioritize their guests over anything else and make sure all of them are served well. Their facilities are meant to provide enjoyment to people of all ages too – there are even water rides that are guaranteed safe for the kids.

The Abalone serves the widest breakfast buffet in the province

According to a blogger who was invited into this hotel, this particular restaurant within JPI offers the widest breakfast buffet in the whole Cebu. The place sure lives up to its reputation, able to serve Japanese, Western and Oriental dishes, alongside dessert. The Abalone can cater to about 390 guests at a time.

The Olive restaurant first served Filipino-only cuisine

Don’t misunderstand – they still serve Filipino cuisines today. However, the Olive Restaurant now focuses on putting their Asian and Mediterranean dishes above anything else, giving you more delectable options to choose from.

You can get Chinese and Korean dishes at Ching Hai and Maru respectively

Both these restaurants offer dishes that are native to the nearby nations China and Korea. So if you’re a Chinese or of Korean descent or you simply are an adventurous eater, then you might want to try these places as well. And do invite your friends over too.

The resort features five themed pools and three unique slides

As a waterpark resort, JPI offers a lot of water rides for its guests. There’s the large Island Pool, the ever-flowing Amazon river, the Wave Rider pool that simulates actual sea waves, the beach pool with the makeshift beachfront, the Captain Hook’s Pool and Toddler’s Pool for kids and the three different slides (the open body slide, the tube slide and the space bowl) for thrill seeking water lovers. On a side note, the Amazon River and Wave Rider are connected to the Beach Pool too.

JPI features a lot of other facilities as well

Aside from the waterpark facilities, JPark also has a business center, a casino, a marine shop that features scuba diving and other water activities, a fitness center, a go kart facility, game rooms for kids and a mini-golf course. These added facilities will give you more options as to how to spend your time within the resort.

It has seven different room accommodations

Depending on your budget, you can choose up to seven different room accommodations. This includes:

  • Deluxe – the most basic room accommodation.
  • Mactan Suite – a bigger room that can fit two adults and two kids.
  • Cebu Suite – a bigger room compared to Mactan Suite. It can fit four adults and two kids.
  • Executive Suite – A single Asian-themed suite catered to meet your highest expectations.
  • Ambassador Suite – For those who love Western culture, this is a unique European-themed room for you.
  • Royal Suite – the biggest room in the resort. Clad in Victorian-era design, this place exudes an aura of luxury.
  • Villa – a separate room accommodation that offers its own jacuzzi or pool. Perfect for solitary family gatherings.

This Cebu hotel resort has the capability to deliver the best hotel service while at the same time provide the most enjoyable time that your family can experience. So if you want to quench your thirst for this summer, visiting JPark Island Waterpark Resort will do that for you.


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