Discover the Richness of Korean Cultural Center (KCC) Philippines’ New Experience Center in Taguig

KCC Philippines
KCC Philippines

In an effort to cultivate a more profound understanding and appreciation of Korean culture, the Korean Cultural Center (KCC) in the Philippines has unveiled a vibrant Experience Center situated within their office premises in Taguig City. This attempt strives to offer individuals a haven where they can fully dunk themselves in the vibrant blend of Korean traditions and modern life.

Starting on Monday, July 25th, the Experience Hall Tour Program offers a diverse itinerary of activities, classes, and exhibitions aimed at offering a holistic view of Korean culture and everyday life. This capability promotes learning and exploration through a multifaceted approach. Providing visitors with a dynamic perspective to delve into Korea’s vibrant cultural panorama.

The tour program has no age limit, it welcomes all enthusiasts from different walks of life to partake in this rich cultural offering. Adding to the accessibility of the initiative is the waiver of the reservation requirement, coupled with free entry. Ensuring that the rich Korean cultural panorama is accessible to all.

Despite the limited parking facilities operating on a first-come, first-serve basis, the KCC ensures that the Experience Hall remains a hassle-free zone for visitors. Promising an educational journey that is not confined by time, running indefinitely for the foreseeable future.

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Situated on the ground floor of the newly refurbished KCC office at 59 Bayani Road, Fort Bonifacio. The Experience Hall holds treasures waiting to be discovered:

Korean Cultural Center (KCC) Philippines Highlights

Ground Floor: The Cultural Experience Area

At this venue, visitors can immerse themselves in the typical aspects of Korean culture. Together with a special focus on traditional Korean attire known as the Hanbok, renowned for its vibrant colors and timeless elegance. This area also houses a fascinating collection of antique tableware bearing intricate designs, narrating tales from Korea’s rich history.

Mezzanine: Library

A treasure trove for enthusiasts, the library situated on the mezzanine is the go-to place for K-pop lover. Promoting a collection of books and a dedicated space to enjoy K-pop music albums, it promises to be a place of knowledge and entertainment.

Second Floor: Language and Culture Classroom

Hangul (Korean alphabet) will open its doors to a richer understanding of the Korean language and literature for those wait to hunt deeper into the Korean culture.

Third Floor: Cooking Class Area and K-Studio

Aspiring chefs and culinary lover have a dedicated area to explore Korean cuisine. Post culinary adventures, visitors can head to the K-studio. A versatile space where one can engage in dance sessions or learn the art of Taekwondo. Offering a physical expression of the dynamism of Korean culture.

With the grand reveal of the six-floor edifice on March 24 through their YouTube channel, the KCC Philippines beckons all to embark on an enriching journey through the multifaceted Korean cultural landscape. Promising an authentic and vibrant immersion that brings Korea closer to the heart of the Philippines.

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