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2023’s Richest Filipinos in the Philippines

2023's Richest Filipinos in the Philippines
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The rich continue to flourish in the Philippines, with Forbes noting a considerable 11% boost in the combined wealth of the nation’s 50 wealthiest individuals, catapulting the collective figure to a staggering $80 billion, up from last year’s $72 billion.

The rise comes on the back of the Philippine economy demonstrating robust resilience, marking two years of sustained growth following a downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The nation rallied with a promising 6.4% economic expansion in the initial quarter of 2023, as highlighted in the recent Forbes report.

Market Triumphs Despite Challenges

Even while grappling with the headwinds of heightened inflation and climbing interest rates, the Philippine market soared with the benchmark stock index escalating 6% compared to figures registered the previous year. This upward trajectory is undeniably a testament to the resilient market dynamics and a promising outlook for the archipelago’s economy.

A deeper delve into the data indicates that the majority of the individuals featured in the celebrated “50 Richest” list have witnessed their wealth proliferate this year. The economic landscape, painted with signs of rejuvenated consumer spending, clearly signals a nation in the throes of a vigorous recovery phase.

The Sy Dynasty Holds the Fort

Dominating the pinnacle of the rich list, yet again, are the offspring of the late magnate Henry Sy. The prosperous lineage, represented by Teresita Sy Coson, Henry Sy Jr., and Hans, Herbert, and Harley, have seen their net worth balloon to an impressive $14.4 billion, a substantial increment of $1.8 billion compared to last year’s figures.

The formidable ascent in their fortune can largely be attributed to the buoyant performance of shares pertaining to their expansive SM empire, which observed a remarkable 19% surge over the last year. The uptick is closely linked to a resurgent consumer spending pattern, with the populace evidently more open to splurging, thus benefiting business titans like the Sy family.

The Underlying Consumer Confidence

Forbes underlines the rebound in consumer spending as a pivotal driver for the jump in SM empire shares, painting a canvas of a nation embracing economic revival with open arms. The gradual increment in spending habits highlights a renewed consumer confidence, which stands as a cornerstone for the heightened valuations witnessed in the business spheres governed by the affluent few.

A Symbol of Economic Resurgence

As the list of the Philippines’ 50 richest individuals is unveiled, it bears testimony not just to individual financial triumphs but also sketches a larger picture of a nation on a steadfast path to economic recovery. The figures, staggering in their scope, are reflective of a market with a pulsating heart, ready to forge ahead despite the challenges thrown its way in the turbulent times of a pandemic.

The promising economic landscape depicted in the recent Forbes revelations not only delineates a panorama of wealth but serves as a harbinger of hope, signaling prosperous days ahead for the Philippine economy, guided by a robust marketplace and a rejuvenated consumer base.

Here is the complete list of the top 50 Philippines richest Filipinos.

Top 10 Richest in the Philippines
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Top 10 Richest in the Philippines

1. Sy Siblings – US$ 14.4 billion

Inheriting a robust legacy from their father, the late Henry Sy, the Sy siblings have capitalized on their inheritance, steering the SM Group to greater heights. The group, with a formidable presence in the retail, real estate, and banking sectors, continues to be a dominant player in the Philippines’ economic sphere. Their collaborative leadership emphasizes synergy and innovation, sustaining a legacy while fostering growth.

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2. Manuel Villar – $9.7 billion

Manny Villar’s journey from the bylanes of Tondo to being a billionaire is nothing short of inspirational. The founder of Vista & Landscapes, Villar has showcased an indomitable spirit, carving out a niche in the real estate industry. His ventures also span retail and utilities, showcasing a diversity in business acumen.

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3. Enrique Razon Jr. – $8.1 billion

Enrique Razon Jr. controls the International Container Terminal Services Inc., a testament to his adeptness at handling logistic and port management services. His foresight has propelled ICTSI to being a global player, with a presence in 30 ports worldwide. Razon’s influence extends to the casino industry as well, illustrating a business acumen refined over years.

4. Ramon Ang – $3.4 billion

Ramon Ang spearheads San Miguel Corporation, a conglomerate with a diverse portfolio including beverages, food, and infrastructure. Ang has been instrumental in the exponential growth of the corporation, showcasing a visionary leadership style grounded in pragmatism and an eye for lucrative opportunities.

5. Tony Tan Caktiong – $3.2 billion

Founder of the iconic fast-food chain Jollibee, Tony Tan Caktiong has brought Filipino flavors to the global stage. Starting with a small ice cream parlor, Tan Caktiong demonstrated unparalleled entrepreneurial spirit, evolving Jollibee into a global entity with a presence in multiple countries, satisfying palates and creating a globally recognized Filipino brand.

6. Aboitiz Family – $3.15 billion

The Aboitiz family commands a vast empire with diversified interests spanning from power and banking to food businesses. Through well-strategized investments and innovative approaches, they have built a robust business portfolio under the Aboitiz Equity Ventures umbrella, contributing significantly to the Philippine economic fabric.

7. Lance Gokongwei & Siblings – $3 billion

Leading one of the Philippines’ multifaceted conglomerates, the Gokongwei siblings, with Lance at the helm, have fostered growth and expansion in various sectors including air transportation, telecommunications, and real estate through JG Summit Holdings. Their approach, rooted in strategic diversification, speaks to a vibrant legacy of entrepreneurial spirit.

8. Isidro Consunji & Siblings – $2.9 billion

At the forefront of the construction industry stood Isidro Consunji and his siblings, guiding the DMCI Holdings to become a synonym for quality and reliability in the real estate and construction sectors. Their commitment to delivering value has built a reputation that stands tall in the Philippine market.

9. Jaime Zobel de Ayala – $2.8 billion

A figure synonymous with business acumen and philanthropy, Jaime Zobel de Ayala has nurtured Ayala Corporation, an entity with diverse interests spanning real estate, banking, telecommunications, and water infrastructure. The company stands as a pillar in the Philippine business landscape, marking over a century of integrity and innovation.

10. Lucio Tan – $2.6 billion

Lucio Tan, a name revered in the business circles, holds significant stakes in a wide array of industries including banking, airlines, liquor, and education through his LT Group. His vision has fostered a conglomerate that is intrinsically linked to the everyday lives of many Filipinos, touching lives through various consumer goods and services.

Top 20 Richest in the Philippines
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Top 20 Richest in the Philippines

11. Andrew Tan – $2.4 billion

Andrew Tan built his fortune through a well-diversified empire that spans real estate, liquor, and gaming industries. As the founder of Megaworld Corporation, Tan demonstrated an unyielding commitment to innovation, propelling his company to be a frontrunner in the real estate sector. His story is one of hard work and tenacity, creating modern-day landmarks that redefine urban living.

12. Lucio & Susan Co – $2.3 billion

Lucio and Susan Co are the masterminds behind the Puregold Price Club Inc., a retail giant that has brought affordability and accessibility to Filipino households. Their journey, grounded in understanding the consumer market deeply, stands as an inspiring tale of creating a retail network that resonates with the everyday Filipino family.

13. Ty Siblings – $2.2 billion

The Ty siblings inherited a legacy forged by their late father, George Ty, the founder of GT Capital Holdings. The company’s diversified portfolio, which encompasses banking, property development, and automotive dealership, is a testament to the business acumen passed down through generations. Their stewardship of the conglomerate continues to adhere to a philosophy of excellence and integrity.

14. Po Family – $1.4 billion

The Po Family, behind Century Pacific Food, has been nourishing millions of Filipinos with a wide array of products including canned tuna, dairy products, and coconut water. Their rise to prominence is characterized by a deep understanding of Filipino tastes and a commitment to quality, establishing a household name that is synonymous with nutrition and wellness.

15. William Belo – $1.3 billion

William Belo, the founder of Wilcon Depot, Inc., revolutionized the Philippine retail industry with a focus on home improvement and construction supplies. His visionary approach has been to offer a one-stop-shop experience for home builders and renovators, which catered to the emerging market demands effectively, thereby creating a trusted brand in the sector.

16. Vivian Que Azcona & Siblings – $1.2 billion

Vivian Que Azcona spearheads Mercury Drug Corporation, the first and foremost pharmacy chain in the Philippines. The organization, born from humble beginnings, revolutionized the pharmacy retail industry by prioritizing the accessibility of affordable medications for every Filipino. Under Azcona’s leadership, it has grown into a household name synonymous with trust and reliability.

17. Soledad Oppen-Cojuangco & Family – $1 billion

The Cojuangco family, with Soledad Oppen-Cojuangco at the nexus, maintains a prominent place in the Philippine economic landscape. Their vast business interests include a firm footprint in the agriculture sector, leveraging the rich land resources of the Philippines to foster growth and development in the industry.

18. Inigo Zobel – $990 million

Inigo Zobel finds himself in the realms of banking, agriculture, and real estate, cultivating growth through diversified business interests. His stake in Ayala Corporation, a centuries-old business powerhouse, speaks to a heritage of business acumen and visionary leadership that leverages both tradition and innovation to foster sustained growth.

19. Campos Siblings – $960 million

The Campos siblings, courtesy of their pharmaceutical giant, Unilab, have touched countless lives by providing quality healthcare products. Unilab stands as a testament to their commitment to fostering a healthier Philippines, a journey characterized by rigorous research and an unwavering commitment to quality.

20. Hartono Kweefanus & Family – $950 million

The Kweefanus family oversees a range of businesses with significant investments in the tobacco industry. Though not as conspicuous as other names on this list, they have effectively leveraged strategic industries to build a substantial fortune, underlining the diverse opportunities available in the Philippine market for those with a keen business eye.

Top 30 Richest in the Philippines
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Top 30 Richest in the Philippines

21. Dennis Anthony & Maria Grace Uy – $930 million

Dennis Anthony and Maria Grace Uy head Converge ICT Solutions, a company at the forefront of providing high-speed broadband services in the Philippines. Their business acumen and foresight in leveraging the digital wave have made them central players in the tech-driven landscape, revolutionizing the Filipino digital experience.

22. Gotianun Family – $850 million

Under the banner of Filinvest Development Corporation, the Gotianun family has established a rich legacy in the Philippine real estate and financial sectors. Their endeavor, grounded in fostering quality and affordable housing solutions, speaks volumes about their commitment to fostering inclusive growth in the Philippine economy.

23. Dean Lao & Family – $760 million

The Lao family, helming D&L Industries, have carved out a significant niche in the customized food ingredients, plastics, and chemicals industries. Their story is one of innovation, consistently delivering high-quality products and solutions to a diverse set of industries, thereby fostering a heritage of excellence and reliability.

24. Betty Ang – $695 million

Betty Ang, the president of Monde Nissin Corporation, revolutionized the Filipino food industry by introducing quality and innovative products. The brand, home to well-loved products such as Lucky Me! and SkyFlakes, stands as a testament to her business acumen and understanding of the Filipino palate.

25. Eusebio Tanco – $605 million

Eusebio Tanco heads STI Education Services Group, a corporation devoted to redefining education in the Philippines. With a keen eye on the evolving needs of the industry, Tanco’s vision has been to create educational avenues that are in sync with the demands of the modern world, thus bridging gaps and fostering a skilled workforce for the future.

26. Mariano Tan Jr. – $550 million

Mariano Tan Jr. is a notable figure in the Philippine business arena, steering Unilab into becoming a leading pharmaceutical and healthcare company in the country. The firm’s dedication to improving healthcare in the Philippines through quality products has been a critical factor in its success.

27. Manuel Zamora Jr. – $500 million

Manuel Zamora Jr. spearheads Nickel Asia Corporation, the largest producer of lateritic nickel ore and one of the largest mining companies in the Philippines. His leadership emphasizes sustainable mining practices, showcasing a responsible approach to resource extraction.

28. Luis Yu Jr. – $495 million

Luis Yu Jr.‘s fortune is grounded in the food industry, showcasing the potential of harnessing the Filipino’s love for gastronomy into a prosperous venture. Details about his specific endeavors are somewhat less limelighted compared to others, narrating a journey of quiet yet sustained success.

29. Henry Soesanto – $455 million

As the CEO of Monde Nissin, Henry Soesanto has been pivotal in steering the company to new heights, especially with its landmark initial public offering in 2021. His leadership signifies a blend of innovation and agility, continually adapting to the changing market dynamics.

30. Yap Family – $445 million

The Yap family has a renowned presence in the Philippine business sphere, with substantial investments in the banking sector. Their journey narrates a story of strategic foresight, leveraging opportunities in the vibrant financial market of the Philippines to build a legacy of wealth and influence.

Top 40 in the Philippines
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Top 40 Richest in the Philippines

31. Dennis Uy – $440 million

Dennis Uy, not to be confused with other individuals of the same name, has constructed a business empire through Phoenix Petroleum, a leading independent oil company in the Philippines. Uy’s story embodies the entrepreneurial spirit, starting from a small petroleum trading company to now being a behemoth in the energy sector.

32. Jacinto Ng – $425 million

The founder of Asia United Bank, Jacinto Ng, has a rich history in the baking and finance industry. His ventures, including the Rebisco Group, resonate with quality and trust, encapsulating a journey from humble beginnings to being a prominent name in the finance and food sectors.

33. Yuchengco Family – $420 million

The Yuchengco family, through the Yuchengco Group of Companies, has diversified interests including banking, education, and insurance. Their story is one of legacy and multifaceted growth, embodying a family’s vision turned into a massive conglomerate revered nationwide.

34. Menardo Jimenez – $390 million

Menardo Jimenez, a significant shareholder of GMA Network Inc., has played an instrumental role in shaping the media landscape in the Philippines. His venture narrates the power of media in weaving the societal fabric through information and entertainment.

35. Carlos Chan – $380 million

Carlos Chan found tremendous success through Liwayway Holdings Company, the maker of Oishi products. His entrepreneurial journey, dotted with innovative strategies in the food sector, paints a vibrant canvas of Filipino ingenuity and resilience.

36. Felipe Gozon – $355 million

Felipe Gozon is one of the pivotal forces behind GMA Network Inc., serving as the chairman and CEO. His leadership has seen the network rise to become one of the prominent broadcasters in the Philippines, delivering quality media content that has become a staple in Filipino households.

37. Gilberto Duavit Jr. – $350 million

As a prominent executive at the GMA Network Inc., Gilberto Duavit Jr. has been a guardian of Filipino storytelling, nurturing a space where narratives from various walks of life find a voice and resonate with millions. His journey epitomizes dedication to the media industry.

38. Robert Coyiuto Jr. – $345 million

Robert Coyiuto Jr. stands at the helm of Prudential Guarantee and Assurance, one of the leading non-life insurance companies in the Philippines. Besides, his venture into the power sector shows a business acumen marked by diversification and risk management.

39. Edgar Sia II – $330 million

Edgar Sia II, at a young age, ventured into the fast-food industry with the inception of Mang Inasal, a brand that rapidly grew to resonate deeply with the Filipino populace. His story is a testimony to the potent blend of youth, innovation, and understanding of local tastes.

40. Sylvia C. Wenceslao – $325 million

As the woman steering D.M. Wenceslao & Associates, Sylvia plays a critical role in the real estate sector in the Philippines. Her journey reflects the empowered Filipino woman in the corporate sector, steering with grace and adeptness in a competitive landscape.

Top 50 in the Philippines
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Top 50 Richest in the Philippines

41. Jose Antonio – $305 million

Jose Antonio, the force behind Century Properties, has a significant role in reshaping the real estate skyline of the Philippines. Through his visionary leadership, the company has conceived and developed numerous landmark infrastructures, showcasing Filipino craftsmanship on the world stage.

42. Federico Lopez & Family – $300 million

Under the stewardship of Federico Lopez, the Lopez Group of Companies has flourished, extending its reach to various sectors including media, energy, and telecommunications. The family legacy is a tapestry of commitment to sustainable development and corporate responsibility.

43. Alfredo Yao – $295 million

Alfredo Yao’s journey from a juice stalls proprietor to the founder of Zest-O Corporation is a vivid illustration of entrepreneurial spirit meeting opportunity. His foresight to introduce doy-pack technology in the Philippines revolutionized the beverage industry, carving out a lasting legacy.

44. Tomas Alcantara – $275 million

Tomas Alcantara leads Alsons Consolidated Resources, a company with a diversified portfolio including energy, property development, and agriculture. His leadership mirrors a sustained commitment to economic growth coupled with environmental stewardship.

45. Wilfred Steven Uytengsu Jr. – $230 million

Wilfred Steven Uytengsu Jr. is synonymous with Alaska Milk Corporation, a beacon in the Philippine dairy industry. Uytengsu’s leadership has seen the corporation venture into innovative products catering to various age groups, showcasing a perfect amalgamation of business acumen and nutritional responsibility.

46. Philip Ang – $225 million

Philip Ang, a notable figure in the Philippine business sphere, stands at the helm of notable initiatives and ventures. His journey showcases a saga of risks and strategies that have significantly influenced the industry standards, fostering growth and innovation.

47. Frederick Dy – $220 million

Frederick Dy is the Chairman of Security Bank Corporation, a stalwart in the Philippine banking sector. Under his guidance, the institution has embraced modernization, offering an array of services that cater to the diverse financial needs of the populace, striking a balance between tradition and innovation.

48. Mariano Martinez Jr. – $205 million

Mariano Martinez Jr. remains a key player in the business sector with contributions spanning various domains. His strategic foresight underscores a career dotted with successful endeavors, leaving a lasting impact on the Philippine economic terrain.

49. Keng Sun and Peter Mar & Family – $200 million

The story of Keng Sun and Peter Mar along with their family is one of unity, diligence, and entrepreneurial spirit. Their collective vision and collaborative efforts have fostered a business empire that stands testimony to the harmony of tradition and modernity, echoing the familial bonds in the corporate dynamics.

50. Benedicto & Teresita Yujuico – $180 million

Benedicto and Teresita Yujuico have carved out a space in the business landscape through astute leadership and strategic alliances. Their journey is a confluence of experiences and wisdom garnered over years, contributing substantially to the economy of the Philippines.


The journey through the list of the “Top 50 Richest Filipinos” isn’t just about numbers and billions; it’s a testament to resilience, innovation, and the tenacity to dream big. These leading figures, spanning diverse industries from real estate to media, serve as beacons of inspiration, demonstrating what’s achievable with hard work, vision, and a commitment to excellence.

Their stories remind us that success isn’t just about personal wealth; it’s about creating lasting impact, providing jobs, and shaping the nation’s economic landscape. As we celebrate their accomplishments today, we are also reminded of the limitless possibilities that await budding entrepreneurs in the Philippines, poised to write their own success stories in the chapters to come.


Written by Ruben Licera

Social Good Advocate. Traveller. Foodie | Publisher | Cebu, Philippines
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