Philippines Unemployment Rate Observes a Marginal Ascend in July 2023 Amid Sectoral Shifts

Philippines Unemployment Rate
Philippines Unemployment Rate

In a recent revelation from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), it has been presented that the country experienced an unassuming growth in unemployment rates last July.

The PSA has figured the present dynamics within the employment landscape and provides necessary data for assessing the state of the Philippine economy among ongoing adaptations across various industry sectors.


Philippines Unemployment Rate Statistics

Unemployment Rate
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Delving deeper into the numbers, it appears the unemployment rate stood at 4.8% in July 2023, translating to 2.27 million individuals devoid of work opportunities. While this figure sees a rise from 4.5% in the previous month, it showcases a reduction compared to July 2022’s alarming rate of 5.2%. The decrease of the rate signifies that around 329,000 people have gained employment in comparison to the preceding year’s same period. Providing an exact insight into the present labor market conditions.

Remarkably, the PSA shed light on a notable reduction in the labor force participation rate, which was recorded at 46.9 million individuals. A substantial decrease from 49.99 million in July 2022. This reduction attributes to fewer citizens either actively working or seeking job opportunities, representing a significant segment of the populace opting out of the labor market.


Sector-wise Breakdown

As we hunt into the sector-specific examination of employment trends, a variety of industries has significantly influenced the recent employment landscape. The wholesale and retail trade sectors emerged as substantial contributors to reducing the unemployment rate. Gripping an additional 377,000 employees into their folds. Following closely, administrative and support service activities welcomed 243,000 new hires, coupled with considerable uptakes in the professional, scientific, and technical domains, with 162,000 individuals finding employment therein.

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Looking Forward to  the Future

Amidst shifting unemployment trends, the pressing need arises to foster an environment conducive to sustained job growth while ensuring stability across various economic sectors. Industry leaders and pioneers must direct their efforts towards developing strategies that not only reduce job losses but also nurture employment opportunities. Additionally, the most previous data provides a significant measurement of the changing employment scenario in the Philippines.


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