Philippine Science High School Students Triumph with Bronze Medals at 2023 International Geography Olympiad

Pinoy SHS Students Triumph Bronze Medals
Pinoy SHS Students Triumph Bronze Medals

Once again, the young scholars from Philippine Science High School (PSHS) have hoisted the flag of Filipino pride and excellence on the international stage. In the 2023 edition of the International Geography Olympiad (iGEO) hosted in Bandung, Indonesia, the student delegates exhibited remarkable knowledge and skill, earning well-deserved bronze medals and placing the Philippines in the limelight amidst 46 participating nations.

Introducing the Champions

Shouldering the nation’s pride were Ambrose James Torreon from PSHS – Caraga Region Campus and Andrei Nicolei Uy from PSHS – Central Visayas Campus. These prodigies have carved a respectable niche for the Philippines in this challenging assembly where 177 of the brightest young minds globally converged to showcase their geographical prowess during the 19th installment of the esteemed iGEO competition.

An Intensive Challenge of Skill and Expertise

Between August 8 and 14, the participants engaged in a grueling week-long competition. Enduring a series of stringent tests that covered various facets of geographical knowledge. The prestigious event found its welcoming hosts in the iconic Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) and Taman Hutan Raya Juanda in Bandung. These esteemed locations create the ideal backdrop for the assembly of young and dynamic talents.

The Road to iGEO

The road to iGEO 2023 was paved with hard work, perseverance, and a sheer passion for geography. Torreon and Uy displayed exceptional merit at the International Geographical Union (IGU)-sanctioned 12th Philippine Geography Olympiad (PGO) earlier in February. Their monumental efforts during the national competition secured them the honorable positions of 3rd and 1st runner-up, respectively. Carving their path to represent the Philippines on a global platform.

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A Community Celebrating Excellence

The victories at the international stage were embraced warmly back home, with communities swelling with pride and joy. The University of the Philippines Geographic Society (UP GeogSoc) spearheaded the celebrations. Extending accolades to the young geographers and acknowledging the guidance and leadership. Provided by team leaders Russel Odi of St. Jude Catholic School and Keith Salang from Philippine Science High School.

Building on the triumphant run in the 2022 iGEO where the Philippine representatives brought home silver and bronze medals. The 2023 bronze accolades echo the tradition of excellence. Further solidifying the nation’s position in the global geographical landscape.

A Testament to Filipino Resilience and Excellence

This achievement goes well beyond the medals. It’s a source of massive Filipino pride, shining a spotlight on the nation’s unwavering dedication to nurturing young minds for global excellence and resilience. It reflects the Philippines’ enduring spirit of determination and love for learning, painting a bright path. Which they can dedicate for the upcoming talents shaped by the nation’s nurturing education system.

As the Philippine Science High School students stand tall with bronze medals from the 2023 International Geography Olympiad, they are not just victors. They are symbols of Filipino excellence, manifesting the rich potential of young talents in the Philippines.

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