Margielyn Didal and EJ Obiena Entrusted with the Honor of Bearing the Philippine Flag at 2022 Asian Games

Margielyn Didal and EJ Obiena 2022 Asian Games
Margielyn Didal and EJ Obiena 2022 Asian Games

The Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) has bestowed the honor of bearing the Philippine flag at the 2022 Asian Games’ opening ceremony upon renowned athletes Margielyn Didal and EJ Obiena. 

Proud Representation

Margielyn Didal, a renowned figure in the skateboarding world, elevated the nation’s pride by securing a gold medal in the 2018 Asian Games.

On the other hand, EJ Obiena, a pole vault stalwart, has consistently showcased top-tier athletic prowess by earning numerous medals in various competitions.

The grand event was scheduled on September 23 in Hangzhou, China, featuring athletes from across the continent who will display sportsmanship and excellence.

Striving for Unparalleled Success

Underlining the Filipino contingent’s ambition, Tolentino expressed the committee’s aspiration to surpass the medal tally achieved in the 2018 games. Even though some elite athletes were absent due to their participation in other concurrent competitions, the president expressed unwavering confidence in the team’s capability to perform exceptionally.

“We are aiming to outdo our previous achievements, and I firmly believe in our athletes’ capability to face this significant challenge and succeed,” emphasized Tolentino. Injecting a wave of optimism and determination into the collective spirit of the Philippine team.

The Journey So Far

Looking back at the 2018 Asian Games held in Indonesia, the Philippines exhibited a commendable performance, bagging four gold medals, two silver, and fifteen bronze, finishing in the 19th position overall, one step behind Singapore.

As the nation fosters hopes for an improved medal tally this time, the sports community stands united, nurturing dreams forged in dedication and tireless endeavor.


An Embodiment of National Hopes and Dreams

As the clock ticks down to the grand spectacle, the Philippine Sports Commission Chairman, Richard Bachmann, voiced heartfelt sentiments during the athletes’ send-off ceremony held on Monday.

Emphasizing the significant responsibility carried by the athletes, as they embody the hopes and dreams of millions, Bachmann stated, “Our athletes are living examples that dreams can indeed materialize through unwavering hard work, dedication, and perseverance.”

He encouraged Team Philippines to carry the nation’s spirit with them. Embodying the vibrant hopes and fervent dreams nurtured in every Filipino heart as they set out on this monumental journey.

In this arena of competition, each athlete serves as a symbol of hope, channeling their nation’s dreams into kinetic energy, they aim to achieve not only personal success but also to bring pride and unity to their country.

As Margielyn Didal and EJ Obiena carry the Philippine flag high and proud in Hangzhou, they will be carrying with them the heartbeat of a nation ready to showcase its valor and vibrancy on the grandest stage in Asian games.

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