8 Reasons Why Filipinos Are Hot And Sexy

Smiles That Light Up the Room!

8 Reasons Why Filipinos Are Hot And Sexy
Beautiful Filipino Actresses From the Web

It’s rainy season here in the Philippines but it’s still too hot and do you know why?

The cause is obviously these Filipinos and I am referring to all gender and orientation.

We are Asians right? But most of us don’t look really look like Chinese or Japanese. Well, attribute the qualities to the Malay with golden brown skin. Some Filipinos have dusky skin but not dull.

How much more if Filipino blood is mixed with a foreign blood?

I think that would blow up your senses (and the sensibilities) if you imagine the half-blood– not the Harry Potter one but the mestizos with the features deemed by most Filipinos as the standard of beauty. You can definitely, “Wow!” with matching sneer.

If people say that you’re so hot for a Filipino, well inform them with this: “I really appreciate your compliment about my physique and charm and most especially my race. Thank you!” And then end with a smile to show how you really appreciate it.

Now, talking about Filipinos– yes the men of the Filipino stock race that is now mostly hybrid– they are the class of men on Earth who appreciate to be called vain than to be called ugly. No wonder, the Filipino men are regarded to be the most narcissistic in Asia based on a study.

Here are the eight reasons why we Filipinos are HOT and SEXY.

Now, just to inform you before you scroll down, the Filipinos are not only referred to the male population. For the benefit of our readers, Filipinos for us also refer to women, not just men.

So, here we go…

#1 We give KILIG to people!

Alden Richards never fails to give us kilig on the longest running noon time show Eat Bulaga. With his Dimples you will never think that we Filipinos are Asian and we’re sexy and cute and hot.


#2 From cute to hot and sexy

Who doesn’t love James Ried?

His cuteness when he was still a kid and now he turned hot and sexy in this photo transformation. Of course, we all go through metamorphosis, but this James is umphh…

Filipinos are like that. We’re cute when we were kids and we turn into hot sexy when we find time to make ourselves appealing if we work our body like James’.2

#3 Awesome Dancers

The King Of The Gil that’s Enrique Gil. His dance moves make you drool. Like us Filipinos, we also have the sexy dance move like Enrique Gil.

Grind it, man!

#4 An Athlete

The body of an athlete attains a great deal of near body perfection. Just look at Matteo Guidicelli.

Aside from being an actor model and a singer, he is a go-kart racer and a triathlon athlete. Just WOW!


#5 Beauty Queens

The crowned Miss Universe is from the Philippines. It means the most beautiful woman is found here in the Philippines!

#6 FHM Hottest and sexiest

The hottest and the Sexiest woman according to FHM is Jessy Mendiola. From what Jessy Mendiola said during the FHM event “Talo ko pa si Pia Wurtzbach!” 7


Maine Mendoza captured the heart of the netizens and most especially Alden Richard’s heart. So give your self a chance to try dubsmash. You might find your MR. RIGHT!8

#8 Hot and Sexy Mom

Do you think the mothers here are not sexy? Well take a look at Jennylyn Mercado. She is a mother and she is a Filipina!9

Why Filipinos and Filipinas are sexy?

I think we have shown you the goods. Do we have to explain further?

Scroll up again to go through the process…

Just kidding.

But seriously, if you want to know why Filipinos are hot and sexy– no matter how egotistic it may sound– then you may find a way in your heart to agree that they are really that, HOT and SEXY… if they work their bodies to achieve that aesthetic quality.

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  1. Most narcissistic in Asia? And the proofs and sources? Maybe it’s the select Filipinos are the most narcissistic ones in Asia.

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