Best 20 Resorts in the Philippines To Get that Relaxation You Need

Best 20 Resorts in the Philippines To Get that Relaxation You Need

Summer isn’t the only time for water activities and relaxation. There are times that we also need a break from the stressful and blaring urban life that we conscientiously tail.

Now, you might be in search for that perfect place and still confused on where you should do your stay-cation. Luckily, we have them listed down for you! Yes! You just read it right. Here are 20 best resorts in the Philippines to achieve that relaxation.

Pockets ready? Go!

  1. Aman Resort

Considered as one of the most popular Filipino resorts constantly topping the list, Aman has been named after the Sanskrit word for “peace” and the Tagalog word for “island”. It’s located on the private island of Pamalican, which is in the Cuyo Group of islands.

This romantic getaway destination is usually the top pick of the rich and famous. Basically, it has everything a celebrity would look for in a resort: privacy, exclusivity, attentive service, and unbeatable amenities. You can travel to this resort by via private plane. It’s no surprise that a single stay at this resort comes with an immense price tag at around $2,000 to $4,000.

  1. Boracay Grand Vista Resort and Spa

Boracay Grand Vista Resort and Spa

It is labeled as a 5-star luxurious resort. If you love spending time by the pool, then Boracay Grand Vista Resort and Spa is your dead-on spot. It has private swimming pools in each of the suites and also it has the largest pool on the island of Boracay. The five-star resort is located in the northern tip of Hagdan, Yapak and offers beautiful views of Boracay waters. Price ranges from P5,700+ to P8,500+ a night.

  1. Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa

Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa

This resort is located on the southern tip of Bohol. The Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa has only 15 villas, but each is inspired by Filipino culture and local customs on Panglao Island. They have the most luxurious room which they cal the Presidential Villa. It has two bedrooms and an infinity pool with a whirlpool. Most of the villas here have private swimming pools as well. Its location is truly beautiful since the island has cliffs, ravines, caves, mountains, vegetation, and views of the sea.

  1. Shangri-La’s Resort and Spa in Boracay

Shangri-La’s Resort and Spa in Boracay
Shangri-La’s Resort and Spa is great at providing seclusion and top-notch service. They are usually situated within an eco-reserve, and it has a variety of dining options and a spa village onsite that both can be found in Boracay and Cebu. Both places are known for best beaches blessed with distinct dining options and most luxurious spa villages in the Philippines.  Rooms and villas price ranges from P19, 100 for deluxe room to P70, 500 for villa Balani per night.

  1. Bellaroca Island Resort and Spa

Bellaroca Island Resort and Spa

Head to the province of Marinduque to stay at the Bellaroca Island Resort and Spa, which is a haven for relaxation and getting away from it all.

The buildings here resemble ones you might find in Greece, giving a Mediterranean flair to this lavish Asian destination. After first opening its doors in 2009, the Bellaroca Island Resort has become one of the most unique resorts in the Philippines.

  1. Buri Resort and Spa

Buri Resort and Spa

There are just about 12 deluxe villas at the Buri Resort and Spa, making it a tranquil and intimate setting for your getaways. It’s located in Puerto Galera, which is just about three hours away from Manila. This fairly new resort that just opened in 2001 quickly made a name for itself on the local luxury scene.

Breathtaking view of the sunset and the fine Puerto Galera beaches and luxurious accommodation makes this one of the most sought after luxury resorts in the country. Rates range from P6,710 to P12,991 depending on the type of villa and the season.

  1. Dedon Island

Dedon Island

Surfers will absolutely love Dedon Island since it’s a resort that is located in the surfing capital of the Philippines: Siargao. The top surfing spot in this area is known as Cloud 9, and this resort provides easy access to riding the waves. Even if surfing isn’t your thing, this is a great resort for nature lovers.

It’s surrounded by rich biodiversity of flora and fauna, helping guests reconnect with nature and the outdoors.

  1. Misibis Bay Resort

Misibis Bay Resort

Located on Cagraray Island of Bacacay, Albay, Misbis Bay Resort boasts a large tropical landscape with the jungle, volcanoes, and the beach nearby. This is a great resort for adventure lovers because of the outdoor adventures that await you just outside the resort doors. Take your pick of exciting adventure sports: mountain biking, ATV driving, dune buggies, kayaks, jet skis, and sailboats and many more.

  1. El Nido Resorts

El Nido Resorts

These are called eco-resorts which are located in the El Nido-Taytay, municipalities in northern Palawan. It’s a collection of four resorts on Miniloc Island, Lagen Island, Alpulit Island, and Pangulasian Island, so it’s easier to go island hopping.

Get involved with island the activities, such as snorkeling and scuba diving at around 30 dive sites nearby to suit a wide range of skill levels, so this is a great place for both beginners and advanced divers. There are dozens of beaches to discover and explore when you stay here, and environmental sustainability is a priority. No worries, this place will satisfy your whole trip from day one.

  1. Plantation Bay Resort

Plantation Bay Resort


For simple yet memorable vacation, then let Plantation Bay Resort treat you. Situated on spacious and secluded grounds in Mactan, Cebu City here is a man-made paradise. Price ranges from $150 to $800 per night. If you wish to stay active while you travel then take advantage of this resort’s tennis, archery, beach volleyball, and rock wall climbing facilities and a whole lot of more to keep you going.

  1. Dos Palmas Island Resort and Spa

Dos Palmas Island Resort and Spa

If a private island sounds like the perfect vacation getaway for you, consider the Dos Palmas Island Resort and Spa for your trip to the Philippines. This resort offers beach villages that face the beach and bay cottages that overlook the bright blue waters. Families traveling with children may enjoy reduced stay rates for the kids.

  1. Discovery Shores Resort and Spa

Discovery Shores Resort and Spa

Another luxury resort in Boracay with modernly designed 88 luxury guest rooms. This is your next stop when you’re in Boracay. At a large swimming pool lies their man-made waterfall bragging to make your dip even better. Rates range from $366 to over $800 a night.

  1. Huma Island

Huma Island

Boasting of its Maldivian-inspired resort, Huma Island is dubbed as the island of romance, enchantment and mystery. People consider Huma Island Resort & Spa as one of the hottest and most stunning escape destinations in the Philippines. Located in Busuanga, Palawan this island is the best honeymoon on your reach. Huma Island provides 81 cabins, with 64 of them nestled over the clear, aquamarine waters of Palawan, all equipped with modern room facilities for you to truly enjoy.

14. The Island Buenavista

The Island Buenavista

An exclusive luxury resort situated in Samal Island, Davao del Norte here is an island ready to be rented. This allows you to have your ultimate privacy as renting here means you get the whole island to yourself. Yes! It gives you a sense of what it’s like to own an island and it’s all yours to enjoy. Rates range from P64,000 for day tour to P137,000 for 10 persons max and addition of P6,000+ per excess pax.

  1. Two Seasons Coron

Two Seasons Coron Two Seasons Coron

This luxurious resort occupies a lavish tropical neck of land in Malaroyroy, Coron, Palawan. Many consider Two Seasons as one of the promising luxury resorts in Coron due to its scenic palm-fringed trees, eco-friendly ambiance, and diverse marine life. The island resort will definitely lure you with its captivating views, exciting leisure activities and serene spots for relaxation that are ideal for your honeymoon and family bonding.

  1. Balesin Island

Balesin Island

Before you can coddle in this island, you will need at least a million to do so. A mere 25-minute plane ride from Manila. Balesin Island is located east of Mauban, Quezon beside the Polillo Islands and settles at the gate of Lamon Bay, one of the richest, undisturbed fishing grounds in the Pacific.

This is a true island paradise not open for the public, they call it “a private paradise for members” Hold back there because their membership fee is around Php 3M. Now you would dare if you wish to always get any chance to spend in this island.

  1. Antulang Beach Resort

Antulang Beach Resort

This luxurious resort is at Dumaguete, Negros Oriental. Each villa has its own pool with heated Jacuzzi just perfectly sweet for your planned luxury vacation. Each room gives you a breathtaking view of the sea. The white sand beach of Antulang and the 17 dive sites here are just two of the many reasons why tourists love to stay here. Price ranges from $55 to $345+

  1. Bellevue Resort Bohol

Bellevue Resort Bohol

The Luxury of Sanctuary in Bohol is a talked-about resort in the Philippines. It is pricey, yes! But it’s worth it for those who wish to experience elegant rejuvenation and privacy that promotes relaxation and peace of mind.

This Bohol treasure brings posh travelers, desiring to bask the tropical sun at a room rate that starts at 8,000 pesos. Making a booking at Agoda or would somehow help you earn discounts. But, this is a fine resort that respects privacy, so I think a hefty price tag would be definitely worth it.

19. The Peacock Garden

The Peacock Garden

Just a few minutes away from the city of Tagbilaran lays this bravura resort. This has been a quiet discovery of foreign travelers and a yield destination for some of the country’s most high-profile personalities. Intimate yet world-class setting what promises to bring you the best qualities of Old World style and Filipino hospitality all together is what Peacock Garden is all about. Rates range from P9000+ to P16000+ per room.

  1. Pearl Farm Resort

Pearl Farm Resort

Just as lovely as its name, here is another pride of Island Garden City Samal – Davao. They can offer you a wide variety of water adventure experience and rejuvenating package. This beach resort isn’t just for a vacation getaway, it is also ideal and perfect place for your honeymoon, wedding, corporate meetings or any special event you want to celebrate.

This humble paradise surely will keep your eyes wide open with hearts softly touched.


Although these resorts will costs you much, their hefty price tags and room rates would give you the comfort after earning all the riches you desire.  But if you really wish to explore more and have more of what you want to pay, for privacy, for the ambiance and for the sheer beauty of the place and the resort, then have your way to be extravagant.

Don’t worry because these resorts have been awarded and are really known to provide you with what you desire as if you are in a Fantasy Island — but in a more realistic setting minus the magical sequences.

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