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10 Big Features in PLDT SME Nation’s Big Talks in Cebu

PLDT SME Nation's Big Talks


Recognize opportunities. Take calculated risks. Take the road less travelled. Create new highways. These business principles are inculcated among budding entrepreneurs and integrated into college curriculum of business courses.

But sometimes, it helps to be reminded by no less than a successful entrpreneur, who has, for years, taken to heart the principles that helped propel a small business into a big enterprise that brings internationally-recognized fashion brands such as Penshoppe, Oxygen, Regatta and Memo.

Through the Cebu Leg of PLDT SME Nation’s Big Talks, I have gained an opportunity to hear, learn and appreciate the wisdom that for many years, business philosophers have been sharing to those who wish to gain business success.

Although I want to share the stories and principles that inspired the audience to advance their businesses, I think sharing the factual tidbits learned during the Big Talks will be more appropriate and less boring.

1. “Make It BIG” is the slogan of PLDT SME Nation to encourage small and medium enterprises to become fellow industry giants by accepting digital innovation.

2. PLDT SME Nation accepts the challenge of being an advocate of digital platform for business efficiency.

Good thing is they have a great BIG team to deliver the conference series to more areas in the Philippines. So bring it on!

3. Imagine 250 events in a month? That’s the goal SME Nation wants to accomplish in their evangelization trips throughout the Philippines.

And they’re very serious about it.

4. A dream that each business in the Philippines will have its own website is not anymore the dream of Martin Luther King.

It is now part of the mission of PLDT SME Nation. It is a dream, no less. A lofty one.

5. A business website that costs around 10,000 in a year?

Are you buying that? The team of PLDT SME Nation seems to think it is possible.

But if you aim for a beautiful, functioning website that Google and Facebook can easily search and optimize, then you must consult the digital marketing experts.

6. Golden ABC owns the fashion brands Regatta, Memo, Tyler and ForMe aside from Penshoppe and Oxygen.

And to think that a Cebuano entrepreneur established Golden ABC should fill every Cebuano with pride to cherish.

7. Penshoppe is ambitious in featuring supermodels such as Sean O’Pry, Cara Delevigne and Gigi Hadid as its brand ambassadors.

Why not? They had Boyzone in the early 2000’s and One Direction as their boyband ambassadors.

8. An iced candy with a brand? That’s Bianca’s Ice Candy by fellow entrepreneur couple, Rudy and Roseill de Leon.

9. A mobile app that gives mobile users shopping incentives and discounts to merchandise purchases is existing.

It’s in Google PlayStore. And it’s an innovation of a Filipino, Carlo Calimon of MobKard.

10. Happy Skin is a friendship project turned Big.

The beautiful founders transcend not just beauty but also positivity in their cosmetic products.

Big Talks is really BIG. Here’s hoping more Cebuanos will have this kind of event soon.

I would really buy a ticket if these ‘Talks’ always have inspirational speakers with inspirational stories.

Who will be the next set of inspirational #Bossing speakers of Big Talks?

Any suggestions, as long as they’re bosses of successful enterprises, are appreciated on the comment section.

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  1. Their new slogan “Make it Big” really encourage entrepreneurs like us since with this new technology we have, we can easily communicate and do things for the comfort and satisfaction for every people.

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