One Oasis Cebu’s Building 8 Tops Off of Ahead of Schedule

One Oasis Cebu - Kasambagan Top off

Multi-awarded property developer Filinvest Land, Inc. is slated to top off Building 8 of One Oasis Cebu on Saturday, March 16, two months ahead of construction schedule.

The topping-off ceremony marks the completion of the building’s structural phase and signals the start of architectural works of one of Cebu’s most promising vertical real estate projects.

One Oasis Cebu’s Building 8

At only 10 storeys high, One Oasis Cebu’s Building 8 is the newest mid-rise building located at the heart of bustling Cebu City. It boasts an expansive view of the golfing greens of the neighboring Cebu Country Club.

It will house 249 units of studio and 2-bedroom configurations, all with balconies, perfect for single professionals and start-up families who wish to live and work at the city center.

Construction of Building 8 is now 70 percent completed.

“We are on track with our schedule to finish the building construction this year and commence the turnover of units to our clients by the first quarter of 2025,” says Louie Carandang, Filinvest Land’s regional general manager for Visayas.

“We are nearing ready-for-occupancy status so Building 8 is definitely a welcome addition to One Oasis Cebu’s thriving community,” he adds.

One Oasis Cebu - Kasambagan
One Oasis Cebu – Kasambagan


One Oasis Cebu Real Estate Development

Within the bustling heart of Cebu City, in the tranquil enclave of Kasambagan, lies One Oasis Cebu, a sanctuary that captures the essence of an Asian Balinese-themed urban oasis. This mid-rise condominium community, thoughtfully nestled within a generous expanse of 3.7 hectares, is a testament to the harmony of modern living and nature’s bounty, where lush greens and resort-style amenities meld seamlessly to create a haven of tranquility.

One Oasis Cebu stands as a beacon of green living. Its masterful design encompasses nine elegant buildings. With the land’s tapestry woven with over 60 percent dedicated to verdant landscapes, open spaces, and an array of amenities that echo the whispers of a Balinese retreat. This deliberate design ethos ensures that residents not only dwell in aesthetic abodes but also thrive in an environment that fosters a healthy, active lifestyle amidst the greenery.

Within this serene backdrop, the harmonious blend of life is reawakened. The architecture, a meld of modern finesse and the gentle touch of nature, serves as a sanctuary from the city’s relentless pace. Here, One Oasis Cebu is not merely a place of residence but a realm where life’s simple pleasures are rediscovered, where the urban spirit finds solace in the lap of nature.

This development, both expansive and intimate, extends beyond the concept of living spaces. With amenities that speak to the soul’s yearning for peace and rejuvenation, from the inviting blues of the swimming pools to the tranquil paths under a canopy of green, One Oasis is a commitment to a life well-lived.

Filinvest has crafted more than a residential complex with One Oasis Cebu; it has cultivated a community where life’s tapestry is rich with the hues of nature and human connection. It is a crossroads of diverse paths, a place where the thrill of urban exploration meets the comfort of nature’s embrace. This enclave, an oasis in the truest sense, offers a call to those seeking balance, to live in harmony with the city’s vibrant rhythm while cradled in the tranquility of a Balinese-inspired retreat.

Incorporating the essence of Asian Balinese architecture and the ethos of green living, One Oasis Cebu stands as a symbol of a life well-cherished, where the beauty of everyday existence is not just witnessed but lived to its fullest amidst the serenity of nature’s embrace.


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