Bretman Rock Honored by Hawaii Legislators for Inspiring Impact

Bretman Rock

Renowned Filipino-American content creator and model, Bretman Rock, received recognition from the Hawaii House of Representatives, particularly the Filipino Caucus, for their significant influence on Hawaii residents and Filipino-Americans.

Legislative Acknowledgment

Bretman Rock
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According to The Philippine Star, state representative Darius Kila praised Bretman Rock for their profound impact, highlighting how they have touched the lives of countless individuals in Hawaii and beyond. Their ability to inspire others to embrace their uniqueness and celebrate individuality was acknowledged with admiration and respect.

Bretman Rock expressed gratitude for the honor, reflecting on their humble beginnings as an Ewa Beach resident and the unexpected journey that led to this recognition. Sharing heartfelt sentiments on Instagram, Bretman expressed disbelief at the honor and reminisced about their upbringing and early experiences.

Acknowledgment of Support

In response to the recognition, Bretman Rock thanked Darius Kila for the opportunity to participate in the event, describing the experience as “fun and so brown.” The camaraderie shared during the gathering, including the indulgence in a whole lechon for lunch, left a lasting impression on Bretman, who expressed gratitude for the supportive community.

Darius Kila reassured Bretman Rock of the unwavering support from their global community of admirers, emphasizing the impact of their presence and influence on countless individuals worldwide. The acknowledgment from Hawaii legislators serves as a testament to Bretman Rock’s positive influence and the meaningful connections they foster with their audience.


Bretman Rock’s recognition by the Hawaii House of Representatives and the Filipino Caucus underscores their significant influence as a content creator and role model. Through their authentic voice and empowering message, Bretman continues to inspire others to embrace their uniqueness and celebrate diversity, leaving a lasting legacy of positivity and acceptance.


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Written by Marjo Piedad

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