Filipina Art Educator, Illustrator, and Conservator Present Solo Exhibitions Under One Roof

Galerie Stephanie Exhibitions

Galerie Stephanie, nestled in the heart of Mandaluyong City, presents a unique artistic experience with three solo exhibitions showcasing the diverse talents of Filipina visual artist Jem Magbanua, acclaimed illustrator Jomike Tejido, and Indonesian conservator Imam Santoso. These exhibitions, running until April 2, 2024, offer a multifaceted exploration of society, architecture, and human introspection. Here are some details according to Manila Bulletin

Jem Magbanua

Galerie Stephanie Exhibitions
Photo Credits to the Rightful Owner

“Notes on Navigation and Other Oscillations” Filipina visual artist Jem Magbanua invites viewers to embark on a journey of exploration and introspection with her exhibition, “Notes on Navigation and Other Oscillations.” Through intricate graphite works, Magbanua challenges traditional perspectives of movement and time. This urge viewers to navigate through shifting landscapes of identity and roots.

Jomike Tejido

Galerie Stephanie Exhibitions
Photo Credits to the Rightful Owner

“The Manifesto of Play” Renowned illustrator Jomike Tejido transports viewers into a whimsical realm of imagination with “The Manifesto of Play.” Through vibrant colors and dynamic forms, Tejido invites audiences to rediscover the joy of playfulness and creativity. From intricate illustrations to interactive installations, each piece celebrates the power of imagination and the art of playful expression.

Imam Santoso

Galerie Stephanie Exhibitions
Photo Credits to the Rightful Owner

“Solitude” Indonesian conservator and contemporary artist Imam Santoso delves into the depths of human emotion with his exhibition, “Solitude.” Through evocative compositions, Santoso captures moments of introspection and solitude. Viewers are invited to contemplate the beauty and melancholy inherent in solitary experiences.


“Triptych: Exploring Artistic Diversity” offers a captivating glimpse into the interconnectedness of society and human expression. Jem Magbanua, Jomike Tejido, and Imam Santoso each bring their distinct perspectives and artistic approaches to themes of movement, playfulness, and introspection. Through their work, they invite audiences to engage in a rich exploration of creativity and emotion, inspiring reflection and interaction. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience these thought-provoking exhibitions at Galerie Stephanie until April 2, 2024.


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Written by Marjo Piedad

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