Celebrating Filipino Medical Excellence: The Tabuena Doctors

Medical Excellence

At the prestigious Asia’s Influential Leaders Awards 2024, held at Okada Manila’s Grand Ballroom on February 16, 2024, exceptional leaders across various fields were recognized for their remarkable contributions to society. Among the esteemed awardees were two notable medical professionals from Iloilo, Dr. Rollin P. Tabuena and Dr. Ma. Daisy P. Tabuena, who exemplify dedication, innovation, and compassion in their medical practice. Here are some details according to Manila Bulletin

Awards Selection Process

The Awards Council, including Chaye Cabal Revilla and Congresswoman Marissa Del Mar Magsino, meticulously selected awardees from deserving nominees. Their careful deliberation guaranteed recognition for the most deserving candidates. Dr. Rollin and Dr. Ma. Daisy Tabuena were chosen for their outstanding achievements and profound impact on community health.

Medical Excellence
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Medical Excellence

Rollin Tabuena, a Pulmonary Medicine specialist, and Dr. Ma. Daisy Tabuena, a Neurology Medicine specialist, were honored in the Medical Category for their exemplary contributions. Dr. Rollin received the Asia’s Influential and Renowned Doctor in Pulmonary Medicine Award, while Dr. Ma. Daisy was bestowed with the Asia’s Influential and Renowned Doctor in Neurology Medicine Award.

Not only renowned professionals, but the Tabuena Doctors also actively advocate for promoting a healthy lifestyle. Due to their unique blend of medical expertise and passion for dance, people affectionately dub them “the Dancing Doctors of Iloilo.” Through innovative research and initiatives like Zumba sessions, they have inspired healthier living and provided accessible healthcare solutions in their community.

Innovative Contributions

Among their notable contributions is the introduction of the Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification Test Kit (TB Lamp) for diagnosing pulmonary tuberculosis, making diagnosis more accessible and affordable in Iloilo. Additionally, their laboratory, Asclepius Drugstore Medical Laboratories and Allied Services Corp., delivers top-notch medical services, furthering their impact on community health.

During their acceptance speeches, both Dr. Rollin and Dr. Ma. Daisy expressed gratitude for the recognition and emphasized their commitment to advancing healthcare and empowering individuals. Dr. Ma. Daisy dedicated her award to women who dare to pursue their dreams, while Dr. Rollin highlighted the collective effort behind their achievements.


Dr. Rollin P. Tabuena and Dr. Ma. Daisy P. Tabuena epitomize excellence in the medical field and serve as inspiring figures in their community. Through their innovative initiatives and unwavering dedication, they continue to make significant strides in healthcare, leaving a lasting impact on Filipino society. Their recognition at the Asia’s Influential Leaders Awards underscores their invaluable contributions to the nation’s well-being.


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Written by Marjo Piedad

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