Pinoy Aquaman Achieves Record-Breaking 10k Open Water Swim Success in Capiz

Pinoy Aquaman

Ingemar Macarine, known as the “Pinoy Aquaman,” continues to astound with his latest achievement in open water swimming. Setting a new personal record in a 10-kilometer swim in the Capiz Sea, Macarine’s feat showcases his determination and skill in conquering challenging aquatic distances.

Setting a New Record

Pinoy Aquaman

According to Cebu Daily News, Macarine surpassed his previous 10-kilometer open water swim time, achieving an impressive three hours and 15 minutes, shaving off time from his Masbate swim. Notably, he swam an additional 800 meters in the Capiz swim, demonstrating his endurance and prowess in long-distance swimming.

His Capiz swim marks a historic milestone for Roxas City, as Macarine becomes the first person to swim across Olotayan Island to mainland Roxas City. This accomplishment showcases Macarine’s abilities. It also highlights the natural beauty and potential for aquatic sports in the region.

Macarine attributes his success to favorable conditions. These include currents, tides, and wind, which propelled him to swim at an accelerated pace. Additionally, meticulous training and preparation played a significant role. Macarine dedicated time to daily workouts while balancing his responsibilities as a Department of Justice Prosecutor.

Future Endeavors

Looking ahead, Macarine sets his sights on new challenges, with plans for a 10-kilometer swim from Canada to the US in July 2024. His determination to push boundaries and explore new aquatic frontiers reflects his unwavering commitment to his passion for swimming.

Supported by Roxas City Mayor Ronnie Dadivas, Macarine’s swim not only celebrates individual achievement but also promotes tourism in the city and advocates for a healthier lifestyle. His endeavors inspire others to embrace outdoor activities and explore the beauty of nature while staying active and fit.


Ingemar Macarine’s remarkable achievement in the 10-kilometer open water swim underscores his status as a formidable athlete and ambassador for aquatic sports. Through his dedication, perseverance, and passion, Macarine continues to inspire others. He encourages them to pursue their dreams and push beyond their limits in the pursuit of excellence.


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Written by Marjo Piedad

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