Embracing Natural Beauty: 5 Inspiring Filipinas Championing Skin Neutrality

Skin Neutrality

In an era dominated by filters and cosmetic enhancements, embracing our natural skin can feel like a radical act of self-love. Fortunately, a growing movement for body and skin neutrality is encouraging individuals to celebrate their unique skin types and conditions without reservation. Here are five Filipinas on Instagram who are leading the charge in empowering others to embrace their unfiltered beauty, according to

(1) Noreen Bagaygay

Skin Neutrality
Noreen Bagaygay

Noreen, a New Zealand-based blogger, fearlessly shares her journey as a psoriasis warrior since 2018. Through candid photos of her flare-ups and recovery progress, she inspires others with skin conditions like acne and eczema to feel proud of their skin. Noreen emphasizes that self-love begins with accepting and embracing one’s own skin, flaws and all.

(2) Ayn Bernos and Morena the Label

Skin Neutrality
Ayn Bernos and Morena the Label

Ayn Bernos, a beauty queen and founder of Morena the Label, advocates against colorism and celebrates diverse skin tones. Through her platform and the Kayumanggi Club Facebook community, she provides a space for people to share experiences with colorism. She also promotes products that celebrate morena skin.

(3) Elora Picson of Fat Girl Glow

Skin Neutrality
Elora Picson of Fat Girl Glow

Photographer Elora Picson uses her platform, Fat Girl Glow, to challenge beauty standards and inspire confidence in women. With unapologetic self-portraits showcasing her birthmark and natural skin texture, Elora encourages others to embrace their unique beauty. She challenges societal norms, promoting self-acceptance and diversity.

(4) Tin Advincula-Allí

Skin Neutrality
Tin Advincula-Allí

Makeup enthusiast Tin Advincula-Allí rejects filters and proudly embraces her oily, acne-prone skin. Through her makeup looks, she demonstrates that beauty is not defined by flawless skin. She encourages others to feel confident in their natural beauty, promoting self-love and acceptance.

(5) Her Skin Posi

Skin Neutrality
Her Skin Posi

MM, the creator behind Her Skin Posi, contributes to Instagram’s #AcneCommunity by sharing unfiltered photos of her acne, hyperpigmentation, and skin texture. Her goal is to dismantle stereotypes surrounding acne. She promotes self-acceptance, encouraging individuals to develop a positive relationship with their skin.

These inspiring Filipinas remind us that true beauty lies in embracing our authentic selves, unfiltered and unapologetic. By challenging societal beauty standards and promoting skin positivity, they inspire others to love and celebrate their skin, just as it is.


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Written by Marjo Piedad

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