5 Reasons Why People are into Zumba and the Zumba Charity

There’s a Zumba party for charity happening on August 7, 2016. That’s a Sunday at Plaza Independencia in Cebu City.

The great thing about this Zumba event is that it is for a cause. There are beneficiaries of this event. The kids at S.O.S Children’s Village Talamban will definitely be happy. Add the SimplyShare Foundation to funnel some of the proceeds, then you have tonnes of people that would smile and be merry together with the Zumba dancers and enthusiasts.

But why are people are into Zumba? You may ask that, definitely.

Isn’t it enough to have an event that would benefit charities?

But then, the organizers want more people to join in this Zumba party, not just to help but also experience the benefits of Zumba.

Thankfully, you have these awesome, de-stressing effects of Zumba that would keep your body moving and your blood pumping in a healthy way.

1.Fat-burning and also calorie burning

As you do the moves and make sure you follow the instructors correctly, even if you think you are not a good dancer, you definitely bring the sweat out from your body. And you don’t have to wonder about sweating because it’s your body’s way of excreting the toxins. And not only that, it also tells you that some of your stored fat is burning.
And I bet you already know that by moving, not just jerking your body, you already burn calories. Even simple walking can burn the calories. So imagine, if you do the Zumba actively, that would be 5 times more effective, perhaps.

2. It brings the benefits of aerobic exercises.

Zumba is a kind of aerobics exercise. Well, it is different from other aerobic exercises, but it still does the work of encouraging the body to take in air accordingly. The benefits of aerobic exercises not only include stamina and respiratory benefits, but also heart strengthening.

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3. Full Body Workout

When you move all your body muscles and joints from head to toe, that means, you are doing a full body workout. Zumba does just that. It brings your muscles to certain euphoria, they glow (and ache after). Be thankful if you experience after a Zumba class because it shows that you have done a good body workout.

4. It helps improve coordination

Okay, I must say, not all are good dancers. You may see your Zumba classmate to be moving and dancing like a grasshopper and you just, okay, go with your own flow. Mind your own business, as they say. But the thing here is that when you practice and practice, there is a sense of coordination attained every time you repeat a certain move or you move certain muscles accordingly.
Be thankful you are in a Zumba class for a start because you might be a great dancer someday, even if it’s not a career choice.

5. It helps you to be more social

Zumba is a social dance thing. It is the truth. Many people are now hooked in Zumba because they find friends there or perhaps, future partners or soulmates.
Perhaps, you may thank your Zumba instructor someday for being an instrument of change in your lovelife.

So you know now the awesome benefits of Zumba. Perhaps, a trip in Plaza Independencia this Sunday to join the Zumba group can give you a better edge from others in dancing.

Zumba Charity
Escooped Media is one of the media partners of Zumba Mardigras, Party for Charity.
The event is brought to you by Rotary Club of Cebu Fort San Pedro.

Move that body baby!


Show the moves!


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