Nicole Coson’s “In Passing” Exhibition Explores Diaspora and Identity in New York

London-based Filipino artist Nicole Coson delves into themes of globalization and personal history in her latest showcase at Silverlens New York

Nicole Coson

In the vibrant art hub of Silverlens New York, visitors are greeted by the eclectic works of Nicole Coson, a London-based Filipino artist. Against the backdrop of a chilly evening, the gallery buzzes with the energy of Filipino diaspora and local art enthusiasts, creating a dynamic atmosphere reflective of New York’s cultural diversity. Here are some details according to the report of

“In Passing,” Coson’s inaugural solo exhibition at Silverlens New York, unveils a collection that intertwines personal narratives with global perspectives. From towering panels to delicate hanging installations, her works span various mediums. They offer viewers a multi-dimensional exploration of identity and displacement.

Drawing from her own experiences as a diasporic artist, Coson delves into the complexities of globalization. Through meticulous frottage and calligraphy, she captures the essence of plastic shipping crates—a nod to her upbringing and the transient nature of cultural exchange.

Nicole Coson

Culinary and Cultural Fusion

Embedded within Coson’s creations are echoes of Filipino cuisine and diasporic journeys. From sourcing London’s multicultural markets to infusing nostalgia and displacement into her artwork, she invites reflection. It’s an exploration of the interconnectedness of culture and identity, encouraging deeper reflection on these themes.

Printmaking serves as the cornerstone of Coson’s artistic expression, offering a powerful platform for social and political discourse. Her intricate patterns, reminiscent of camouflage, challenge conventional narratives and resist categorization. They embody a form of subtle defiance against dominant Western perspectives.

In her quest for belonging, Coson transcends geographical boundaries, blurring the lines between personal and political realms. Through her art, she invites viewers to contemplate the universal truths embedded within individual experiences, ultimately proposing a new paradigm: “The personal is global.”

Looking Ahead

As Nicole Coson continues to navigate the intersection of art and identity, she remains rooted in her Filipino heritage while embracing the complexities of a globalized world. With upcoming projects on the horizon and a deep commitment to her craft, she exemplifies the transformative power of art. It fosters cross-cultural dialogue and understanding, showcasing the universal language that transcends borders.


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Written by Marjo Piedad

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