Ten HealthTech Solutions Advance to Takeda Digital Healthcare Innovation Challenge Pitching Competition

Ten HealthTech startups have been selected to advance to the final Pitching Competition for Takeda’s Digital Healthcare Innovation Challenge (DHIC) on August 6, 2016 in Manila, Philippines.
The finalists include six from the Philippines, two from USA, one from Malaysia and one from Thailand.  DHIC is a HealthTech pitching competition sponsored by Takeda Healthcare Philippines, Inc. with technical assistance from

HealthTech is a term generally used to define software or tech-enabled solutions geared for the healthcare industry.

Following the open call for submission of applicants from around the world last May 10 to June 27, 2016, Takeda DHIC chose the top 10 entries with the most suitable and most relevant tech solutions for Oncology.

The finalists include a variety of mobile and web solutions from electronic medical records, to early cancer detection and diagnosis, telemedicine, wellness platform, e-prescription and blood donation platform.
The top 10 solutions include the following:

Blood Hero (PH) 

A web and mobile application that will make blood donation social through gamification and easy accessibility.  It will foster collaboration amongst hospitals, organizations and blood donors in order to meet the needs for blood supply.

CarinMED (Malaysia) 

A mobile application that enables doctors to take history quicker, more intuitively and with better flexibility by using machine learning to help with their diagnosis, especially in the area of oncology.

doctHERs (USA) 

A patient-centered, nurse-assisted digital health platform that enables physicians to navigate, diagnose & treat patients from remote locations. This is especially useful for chronic disease management (cancer, diabetes, CVD/stroke and neurological disease, etc).

EMR Doc Assistant (PH)

A cloud based Electronic Medical Record Solution which can catch red flags in a basic patient examination and forward them to the doctor specialists for further examination.

Handy Pharmacy Onco (Thailand)

An online-based individual health consulting application for patients to connect directly to Pharmacists.

HealthInsight for Oncology (PH)

A digital platform for the oncology ecosystem to empower patients and care providers along the cancer patient journey, from dealing with actual patients already receiving care to providing primary care.

Hybrid Fusion FISH™ (USA) 

A web application using simple and cost-efficient “colored dots” to detect cancer genes for early cancer detection and diagnosis, disease stratification, and companion diagnostics for targeted therapies and precision medicine.

KnowCo (PH) 

A mobile application for information collation, dissemination, and clarification on what to expect in a life with Cancer

MyLabs (PH)

An Electronic Medical Records and Laboratory Result Management System that leverages on predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Renal Tracker (PH)

A web-based program with remote patient monitoring, daily nutrition tracking, constant cancer care program, and dietitian-created cancer recipes

Among these 10 entries, one will be chosen to take home the US$10,000 prize and the chance to work with Takeda Pharmaceuticals International and Takeda Healthcare Philippines to further develop their solutions.

During the final pitching competition, each entry will be given five minutes to present their solution, two minutes to demo their product and three minutes for the Question and Answer portion with the panel of judges. Entries from outside the Philippines were given an option to provide a video pitch and demo video to be presented during their turn. The Q&A portion will be done through online channel.

The Takeda DHIC is an initiative of Takeda Healthcare Philippines, Inc. (THPI)- a wholly-owned subsidiary of Takeda Pharmaceuticals International GMBH, a Swiss Company. THPI imports pharmaceutical products in finished and semi-finished form. They are present in several therapeutic areas like gastroenterology, respiratory and inflammatory diseases, cardiology, oncology, women’s health, tissue management, and pain management.

Takeda’s vision is to improve patients’ lives through leading innovations in medicine. The patient is at the core of everything that Takeda does. Their focus is to reach more Filipino patients. Takeda is committed to innovation and they are doing this in the Philippines by introducing the latest cutting edge in medicine and utilizing digital technologies. Also part of their commitment to innovation is to support the local tech startups.

The Takeda DHIC was implemented with the technical assistance of – a non-profit organization and Innovation Consultant that promotes the technology and startup industries in the Philippines.

The Pitching Competition will happen at AIM Conference Center, Makati City, Philippines on August 6, 2016 at 2:00 P.M. The event is open to the public with limited seats available. To witness the event, RSVP via or email


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