‘Selos’ by Shaira Returns to Streaming Platforms After Copyright Resolution with Lenka

Selos by Shaira

The viral Filipino song “Selos” by Mindanao-based singer Shaira is set to make a triumphant return to streaming platforms after a resolution was reached regarding its alleged similarities with Lenka‘s “Trouble Is A Friend“. This development comes after a period of uncertainty when digital platforms removed “Selos” due to copyright concerns.


Selos by Shaira

The controversy surrounding “Selos” emerged as listeners drew parallels between the melody of Shaira’s song and Lenka’s 2008 hit “Trouble Is A Friend.” The striking resemblance raised questions about potential copyright infringement, prompting discussions between Shaira’s agency, AHS Productions, and Lenka’s team. The situation garnered attention both locally and internationally, casting a spotlight on issues of artistic inspiration and intellectual property rights.

Acknowledging the similarities between the two songs, Shaira and AHS Productions initiated talks with Lenka’s camp to secure a cover license for “Selos”. This proactive approach aimed to address any legal concerns and ensure that listeners could continue to enjoy Shaira’s song without facing legal repercussions. Throughout the negotiations, both parties remained committed to finding an amicable solution that respected the rights of all involved.

Update from Shaira

Selos by Shaira

In a recent video posted on her Facebook account, Shaira provided an update on the copyright issue surrounding “Selos”. She expressed relief and gratitude, confirming that neither she nor her agency had taken any legal action.

Shaira also conveyed her appreciation to fans, family, friends, and AHS Productions for their unwavering support throughout the ordeal. Furthermore, she extended a heartfelt thank you to Lenka for the smooth communication and cooperation between their respective teams.

As “Selos” prepares to return to streaming platforms, Shaira’s journey serves as a reminder of the complexities inherent in the music industry. While the initial controversy may have caused concern, the resolution underscores the importance of dialogue, cooperation, and mutual respect among artists.

With the return of “Selos”, listeners can once again enjoy the infectious melody and heartfelt lyrics that have captivated audiences across the Philippines and beyond. As Shaira looks ahead to the future, her resilience and determination serve as inspiration for aspiring musicians navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry.


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