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Fil-Canadian Play ‘Homecoming’ to Premiere in Vancouver in May


“Homecoming,” a play by Filipino-Canadian playwright Kamila Sediego, is set to premiere in Vancouver in May. The story delves into the lives of three generations of Filipino women, weaving a narrative that spans the Philippines and Canada. It explores themes of love, duty, and the sense of disconnect experienced by Filipinos raised abroad.

A Story of Migration and Identity


The play captures the complex dynamics of a family affected by migration, depicting how a sibling’s move to another country can alter the lives and relationships of those left behind. The underlying theme of identity and the search for belonging resonates with many Filipinos who have emigrated or grown up in a foreign culture.

Kamila Sediego‘s own life experiences inspired the creation of “Homecoming.” “I remember growing up not really knowing who I was and that confusion,” she said. “That wanting for belonging and understanding has been a huge theme in my life.”

The production faced several challenges, including delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, support from Corey Payette, the Artistic Director of Urban Ink, ensured that the play would come to fruition after years of planning and development.

Director Hazel Venzon praised Sediego’s work, acknowledging the unique storytelling approach that draws from real-life experiences. “That alone is a unique story,” Venzon said.

A Personal Journey

Sediego’s first visit to the Philippines was a turning point that influenced the play’s narrative. It evoked mixed feelings as she met her extended family for the first time. “I got to meet my family for the first time,” she said. “As an adult, that was an interesting experience because these are strangers to me. I don’t know who they are, but you know you love them right away.”

Venzon expressed how meaningful it is to be part of the production, stating that it empowers her as a storyteller, director, and creator of stories.

Award-winning actress Lissa Neptuno, a Vancouver native, plays one of the lead roles in the play. Neptuno has had guest roles in the CBS TV series “So Help Me Todd” and Max’s “Peacemaker.” As an immigrant herself, Neptuno can relate to the themes explored in “Homecoming.”

“There is the classic immigrant experience that I think we all know, leaving and then coming here,” she said. “There is a lot of parallels and relatability that can be applied to this play from my own experience.”

“Homecoming” is set to premiere in Vancouver in May, offering audiences a unique perspective on the Filipino-Canadian experience, with themes that resonate across cultures and generations.


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Written by Marjo Piedad

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