Pokemon Go Fever in the Philippines

August 6, 2016, Pokemon Go is finally available in The Philippines. After its announcement on July 30, 2016 for release in the country, Filipinos are longing for this game ever since the game was made available in other countries over a month ago. Upon its release, it has made a huge impact among gamers around the world, it’s insane.

Pokemon Go is very much the same with the traditional Nintendo Pokemon game– catching pokemons, battling gym leaders– but the Pokemon Go is a game that uses your smart phone’s GPS and clock to detect where and when you are in the game to make Pokemon appear around you so you can go and catch them. In short, your potential pokemon trainers need to go outside and walk to search for a pokemon to make a chase. This game encourages moving around and may even require you to travel around the world to catch all pokemons.


It was a struggle to download this game before it was released. People tend to download APK file in the internet, but WORRY NO MORE.

Download it here at the Google App Store and at the Apple app store.

Pres. Duterte is even playing pokemon go already.


Safety First Pokemon Trainers!

I know that you are so excited to catch them all, but please don’t waste your life by playing this game.

1. Do not play when you are crossing the street.

 pokemon go release date in philippines


2. Do not play while you are driving. This is worst than texting while driving.

how is pokemon go going to work


3. Do not TRESPASS other’s property.

pokemon go info


4. Avoid places that will cause harm to you.

pokemon go philippines ios


5. Do not let your kids play Pokemon Go. Let them go play the traditional Nintendo Pokemon game it’s much more safer.

 pokemon go release date in philippines


Reminders to the Filipinos:

Make sure that that the first rule is your safety. We all want to be like Ash Ketchum like in his pokemon journey, but don’t let the Philippine Officials start it’s move to ban the game here in the Philippines.

Stay Safe guys!


Written by Proudly Filipino

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