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Ayala Land Wins Big at Asian Excellence Awards

Ayala Land at Asian Excellence Awards
Ayala Land Inc. (ALI) recently celebrated a series of prestigious accolades at the 14th Asian Excellence Awards. The spotlight shone on ALI’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Anna Ma. Margarita Dy, who was honored as Asia’s Best CEO by Corporate Governance Asia held last 30 May 2024 at JW Marriott Hong Kong.

This recognition underscores her pivotal role in driving the company’s strategic growth plans. The awards also highlighted Augusto Bengzon’s exceptional contributions. He, serving as ALI’s Chief Finance Officer and Chief Compliance Officer, was named Asia’s Best CFO.

Strategic Vision and Financial Expertise

Under Dy’s leadership, ALI has made significant strides in the property sector, with her strategic vision and direction propelling the company towards new growth horizons. “We are honored to receive these awards. They reflect the dedication and hard work of our entire team, who continually strive for excellence in all aspects of our business,” Dy remarked. These achievements affirm the effective stewardship and innovative leadership that Dy brings to ALI.

Bengzon’s financial acumen has been instrumental in steering ALI’s strategies, ensuring robust financial health, and maintaining stringent compliance standards. His insight and expertise have been crucial in navigating the complex financial landscape, further solidifying ALI’s position as a market leader.

ALI’s success at the Asian Excellence Awards extends beyond individual accolades. The company was also recognized for its overarching commitment to sustainable development and responsible corporate governance. This commitment was celebrated with the Sustainable Asia and Asia’s Best CSR awards. These honors reflect ALI’s ongoing efforts to embed sustainable practices into its operations and to make a positive impact on the communities it serves.

Building Trust and Transparency

The Asian Excellence Awards also acknowledged ALI’s dedication to maintaining transparent and effective communication with investors. The company earned the title of the Best Investor Relations Company in the Philippines. Additionally, Michael Anthony Garcia, ALI’s Head of Investor Relations, was recognized as the Best Investor Relations Professional. These awards highlight the company’s success in fostering strong relationships with its investors, marked by clarity, trust, and proactive engagement.

Ayala Land Inc.’s triumph at the Asian Excellence Awards is a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence, sustainability, and responsible corporate governance. As Anna Ma. Margarita Dy stated, “These recognitions inspire us to further our commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices.” The accolades not only celebrate ALI’s leadership in the property sector but also underscore its broader mission to drive positive change and sustainable growth in all its endeavors.

Before this article ends, let’s get to know what are the…

Ayala Land Inc.’s Award-Winning Traits

Ayala Land Inc. (ALI) possesses several key characteristics that have contributed to its success and recognition at the Asian Excellence Awards:

1. Strong Leadership

ALI is led by a dynamic and visionary leadership team, including President and CEO Anna Ma. Margarita Dy and Chief Finance Officer and Chief Compliance Officer Augusto Bengzon. Their strategic direction and guidance have been instrumental in steering the company towards success.

2. Commitment to Excellence

ALI actively commits to excellence in all aspects of its business operations. Ayala Land Inc. reflects this commitment through actively pursuing innovation, quality, and continuous improvement across its diverse portfolio of properties and services.

3. Financial Prudence

The company maintains a strong financial position and adheres to stringent financial management practices. This ensures stability, resilience, and sustainable growth even in challenging economic conditions.

4. Corporate Governance

ALI upholds high standards of corporate governance, transparency, and ethical conduct. Its adherence to best practices in corporate governance enhances investor confidence and trust in the company.

5. Sustainability Initiatives

ALI integrates sustainability into its business strategy and operations. The company prioritizes environmental conservation, social responsibility, and community engagement, aligning its efforts with global sustainability goals.

6. Investor Relations Excellence

ALI excels in investor relations, fostering strong relationships with investors through transparent communication, timely disclosures, and proactive engagement. This enhances trust and credibility in the company among the investment community.

7. Social Impact

ALI’s initiatives have a positive impact on society, contributing to community development, education, healthcare, and environmental conservation. Its corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs reflect a genuine commitment to making a difference in the communities it serves.

8. Innovation and Adaptability

ALI demonstrates a culture of innovation and adaptability, continuously seeking new opportunities and solutions to meet evolving market demands. This agility enables the company to stay ahead of the curve and maintain its competitive edge.


These characteristics collectively define Ayala Land Inc. as a leader in the property sector and a deserving recipient of the Asian Excellence Awards.


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