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The Culture of Call-Out: Vice Ganda-Axel-Christine Incident

Vice Ganda-Axel-Christine incident
The controversial incident that unfolded during the “EXpecially For You” segment on It’s Showtime continues to dominate discussions online, raising pertinent questions about media ethics and personal boundaries.

Controversy Over Gesture on “It’s Showtime”

Vice Ganda-Axel-Christine incident

On May 31, 2024, during a segment of It’s Showtime titled “EXpecially For You,” tensions escalated when host Vice Ganda, alongside other hosts of the Kapamilya noontime show, called out contestant Axel Cruz for a gesture involving Christine, another participant.

In response to the backlash, Axel Cruz clarified on June 1 that his interaction with Christine—initially perceived as a kiss—was merely a friendly gesture of closeness. He expressed regret if his actions were misinterpreted and apologized for any unintended harm caused.

Adding complexity to the narrative, Christine later addressed the incident on TikTok, asserting that she did not perceive Axel’s actions as offensive or invasive, contrary to media portrayals.

Public Backlash and Online Discourse

Vice Ganda initially expressed intent to apologize to Axel on June 2 for the misunderstanding during a Twitter post. However, during a live episode of It’s Showtime on June 4, Vice retracted the apology, defending the hosts’ actions based on audience reactions and Christine’s response.

The incident triggered a deluge of opinions online, with netizens and media personalities debating the appropriateness of Vice Ganda’s and the show’s handling of the situation. Discussions highlighted varying perspectives on personal boundaries and the responsibilities of media figures.

Personal Testimonies: Nikko Natividad and Nico Locco

Vice Ganda-Axel-Christine incident

Former It’s Showtime member Nikko Natividad and Vivamax actor Nico Locco shared their personal experiences and perspectives related to Vice Ganda’s hosting style and the show’s environment. Their statements added further context to the ongoing discourse.

Nikko Natividad took to Facebook on June 6 to express his sympathies for Axel and Christine amidst the backlash. His posts, though swiftly deleted, hinted at personal experiences of embarrassment and victimization during his time on the show.

In a significant move, Nico Locco criticized Vice Ganda for alleged bullying behavior on June 7, highlighting concerns about the show’s culture of humor and its potential impact on viewers, especially younger audiences. His statement resonated widely among those who perceive such behavior as unacceptable.

The Impact of Gotcha Culture

The incident also brought attention to the pervasive “gotcha” culture in media and online discourse, where public figures are quickly judged and condemned for their actions without always considering context or intent.

Beyond the individuals involved, the incident raised broader societal questions about privacy, respect, and the evolving dynamics between media personalities and their audiences. It underscored the complexities of balancing entertainment value with ethical responsibilities.

Wrapping All Thoughts…

Vice Ganda-Axel-Christine incident

As discussions continue, the Vice Ganda-Axel-Christine incident serves as a reminder of the nuanced challenges in media ethics and public accountability. It calls for thoughtful dialogue and empathetic understanding in addressing sensitive issues that impact individuals both in front of and behind the camera.

The aftermath of this incident illustrates the intricate interplay between media personalities, audience expectations, and societal norms. While debates rage on, it is essential to consider all perspectives and foster a culture of respect and responsibility in media and entertainment.

The Vice Ganda-Axel-Christine incident underscores the importance of media figures navigating interactions with sensitivity and accountability, respecting personal boundaries while fostering constructive dialogue. It serves as a reminder of the complexities involved in public perception and the ethical responsibilities that come with media visibility.

Ultimately, learning from this incident involves promoting a culture of respect, empathy, and responsible communication in media and entertainment.


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