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Palawan and Boracay Shine in Travel + Leisure Asia 2024

Travel + Leisure Asia
Palawan has once again captured hearts and secured the third spot in Travel + Leisure Asia’s 2024 Best Islands list. This marks the second consecutive year that this paradise has made it to this prestigious ranking, having been ranked 2nd just last year.

The Travel + Leisure Asia Luxury Awards 2024 is no ordinary popularity contest. The rankings are determined by votes from the magazine’s discerning readers, alongside insights from Southeast Asia editors and expert contributors. So, when Palawan lands in the top three, you know it’s a testament to its unmatched allure, outshining some of the most stunning destinations in the region.

Boracay Rises in the Ranks

Travel + Leisure Asia

Not to be overshadowed, Boracay has also made a significant leap, moving up to 4th place from its previous 5th position last year. Philippine islands are clearly on a roll, earning their place among the most sought-after destinations in the Asia Pacific.

Boracay’s rise in the 2024 rankings can be attributed to its pristine white sand beaches, particularly the renowned White Beach, vibrant nightlife with numerous beachfront bars and clubs, a wide range of activities including water sports, island hopping, and land adventures, luxurious resorts offering top-notch amenities, and its natural beauty with attractions like Puka Shell Beach and Mount Luho.

Additionally, Boracay offers a rich cultural and culinary experience, significant environmental rehabilitation efforts, easy accessibility with multiple flights and a short ferry ride, and exceptional hospitality from the local people, all of which combine to create an unforgettable experience for travelers.

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Island Resorts That Steal the Show

Palawan’s charm doesn’t end with its beautiful beaches. Several of its resorts have also earned top spots in the Best Island Upcountry Resorts category. Here are the standout winners:

Lagen Island, El Nido Resorts: Rank 2

Lagen Island is a haven of luxury nestled within El Nido’s stunning limestone cliffs and lush forests. The resort offers overwater, beachfront, and forest rooms, each designed to provide an immersive natural experience. Its commitment to sustainable practices, pristine surroundings, and exceptional service has earned it a top spot on the list.

Miniloc Island: Rank 3

Travel + Leisure Asia

Miniloc Island Resort offers a rustic, back-to-nature experience with its charming coastal village vibe. Known for its proximity to the Big and Small Lagoons, the resort provides unparalleled access to snorkeling and kayaking in crystal-clear waters. The friendly staff and eco-friendly initiatives enhance its appeal.

Club Paradise Resort, Busuanga: Rank 5

Club Paradise Resort is situated on Dimakya Island, a secluded paradise known for its vibrant marine life and stunning coral reefs. The resort offers a variety of accommodations, from beachfront cottages to hilltop suites, all designed to blend with the natural environment. Its outstanding hospitality, serene atmosphere, and excellent diving spots contribute to its high ranking.

Banwa Private Island, Roxas: Rank 6

Travel + Leisure Asia

Banwa Private Island is the epitome of exclusive luxury, offering a private and personalized experience on a stunning island. The resort features six beachfront villas, each with its own infinity pool and direct beach access. Its focus on privacy, bespoke services, and environmental sustainability makes it a top choice for discerning travelers.

Amanpulo, Cuyo: Rank 9

Amanpulo is a luxurious resort on Pamalican Island, part of the Cuyo Archipelago. It earns renown for its stunning white sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and private casitas nestled in the lush vegetation. The resort offers world-class amenities, including a spa, diving center, and fine dining options. Its secluded location, exceptional service, and pristine environment secure its place in the rankings.

Stellar Staff and Spas

Travel + Leisure Asia

Palawan’s appeal goes beyond stunning landscapes and luxurious resorts. The people who make your stay memorable are also gaining well-deserved recognition. Joegil Escobar of Club Paradise was named Rank 2 in the Best Hotel Manager category. Additionally, Amanpulo’s spa ranked 6th in the Best Hotel Spa category, with Lihim El Nido also making an appearance at Rank 8.

Joegil Escobar likely earned recognition as one of the best hotel managers due to his exceptional leadership qualities, dedication to guest satisfaction, effective management of operations, and fostering a positive work environment for staff. His ability to ensure a seamless guest experience, handle challenges with professionalism, and maintain high standards of service and hospitality likely contributed to his recognition in the Best Hotel Manager category.

Asia Pacific’s Top Islands

Curious about who else made the cut? Here’s the list of the top 10 best islands in the Asia Pacific:

  1. Koh Samui, Thailand
  2. Bali, Indonesia
  3. Palawan, Philippines
  4. Boracay, Philippines
  5. Phuket, Thailand
  6. Sri Lanka
  7. Sumba, Indonesia
  8. Penang, Malaysia
  9. Koh Phi Phi, Thailand
  10. Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Travel + Leisure Asia is the ultimate magazine for those who crave luxury and exotic experiences. With its finger on the pulse of the best travel destinations, it’s no surprise that its annual awards carry such weight. Readers cast their ballots until March 31, 2024, making this a community-driven celebration of the best the Asia Pacific has to offer.

Wrapping Up…

Palawan and Boracay have once again proven their status as top contenders in the 2024 Travel + Leisure Asia rankings, with Palawan securing the third spot and Boracay moving up to fourth. These accolades reflect their unparalleled natural beauty, exceptional hospitality, and diverse offerings that cater to both relaxation and adventure seekers alike.

With luxurious resorts like Lagen Island and Club Paradise Resort also earning accolades, the Philippine islands continue to shine brightly on the global stage of luxury travel destinations. Whether you prefer pristine beaches, vibrant nightlife, or world-class spas, Palawan and Boracay offer unforgettable experiences that justify their coveted positions among the best islands in the Asia Pacific region.

For those eager to dive deeper into the world of luxury travel, visit the website of Travel + Leisure Asia at You’ll find dreamy destination guides, insider tips on the most exquisite resorts, and much more.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your trip to Palawan now and discover for yourself why it ranks among the best in the world.

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