Things That You Can Do in Siquijor – A Must Know

Despite its small land area, there are a lot of things that you can do in Siquijor. The place is a haven for nature lovers as it is blessed with so much abundance of green. But of course it doesn’t end there. There are beaches, old churches, unique land formations and more. And you get to experience all that in Siquijor.

Here’s a list as to what you can do there.


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There are a lot of elevated areas in Siquijor and reaching the top gives you access to a panoramic view of the surroundings below. The best place to do this would be in Mt. Bandilaan – the highest mountain of the province. The view at the top is simply mesmerizing – you can see the whole island and even the neighboring islands of Bohol and Cebu on clearer days.
Aside from the panoramic view of the top, you can get to see springs and rivers along the way – you can take a dip in them if you want to take a refreshing break. There are also caves to explore and the way to the top is crowded with trees and other vegetation, giving you 100% fresh air.


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Being an island province gives you the perks of having beaches. And Siquijor has a bunch of good ones that’ll surely give you a great experience. Salagdoong Beach for instance, features a cliff dive, which, makes you to literally take the plunge, into the waters of course.
Another beach that you shouldn’t miss going to, and for good reason, is Paliton. It’s a white sand beach with great turquoise blue waters. It’s a somewhat hidden away from the main road so unless you have a guide with you then you might need to ask the people around there – but it’s also one of its good points as it’s not so crowded. Paliton is a good place to take a dip in the clean waters or snorkeling and the management can supply you with the gears.  

Take a Take Trip to the Past

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Compare to other islands like Cebu and Bohol, Siquijor is a much secluded place. Because of that, a lot of things here remained unchanged over the years. Churches and houses built over a hundred years old have lived through the ages and can still be seen by everyone. The Lazi Convent and Church was built in 1887 and still houses some of the historical artifacts used back then in its museum.
Aside from this one, there’s also the St. Francis de Assisi Church which welcomes you the moment you land on the Siquijor Wharf. Both are Spanish Colonial Churches and have stood for more than a century. And they are both well preserved too.

Take a Trip Below Siquijor

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After touring around the island, you can then start touring under it. I’m referring the number of unique land formations under Siquijor – its caves. One of the most popular caves here would be Cantabon Cave. It’s quite spacey and it’s full of stalactites and stalagmites, complimenting each other perfectly. There’s also a natural pool here.

Dipping in Freshwater

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If swimming in the sea isn’t your cup of tea, then swimming in a freshwater pool would do. Siquijor has a lot of that, and they’re all natural made. Cambugahay Falls is the most visited one. The place is filled with lush green and the falls is separated into three parts.
There are times where this place can get a bit crowded but most of the time you can get the place to yourself. It’s free so you can take a bath anytime. There’s also the Lugnason falls and a couple of others that you can go visit and take a dip in.


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