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Filipino Lawyer Recognized Among US State Department’s Anti-Human Trafficking Heroes

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In a commendable recognition of global efforts against human trafficking, a Filipino lawyer, Samson Inocencio Jr., has been honored as one of the anti-human trafficking heroes during the 20th anniversary of the Trafficking In Persons (TIP) Report Heroes awards program, hosted by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

Samson Inocencio Jr.’s Contributions

Samson Inocencio Jr. serves as the Vice President of the International Justice Mission (IJM) Philippines Program Against Online Sexual Exploitation of Children. His dedicated leadership has significantly strengthened both governmental and civil society responses to trafficking, particularly in protecting vulnerable groups, especially children, from exploitation.

Since 2005, Inocencio has been instrumental in achieving 147 convictions for commercial sexual exploitation and 220 for online sexual exploitation (OSEC) crimes. His tenure as IJM National Director in 2016 marked the successful removal of 544 children from situations of commercial sexual exploitation and the safeguarding of 1,237 children at risk of OSEC.

Under the U.S.-Philippine Child Protection Compact (CPC) Partnership, Inocencio played a pivotal role in combatting OSEC crimes. His advocacy efforts led to a remarkable 347 percent budget increase for the Philippine National Police – Women and Children Protection Center, reinforcing law enforcement capabilities against trafficking.

Inocencio’s efforts have not only impacted local communities but have also contributed to the Philippines maintaining a Tier 1 ranking in the U.S. Department of State Trafficking in Persons Report for eight consecutive years. This recognition underscores his significant contributions to combating human trafficking and holding offenders accountable through legal frameworks.

Past and Present TIP Heroes

Among past Filipino TIP heroes are the late Susan Ople, an advocate for Overseas Filipino Workers’ rights, and Prosecutor Darlene Pajarito, known for securing the first sex trafficking conviction in the Philippines in 2005. The esteemed group of global TIP heroes includes individuals from diverse backgrounds and regions, united in their relentless pursuit of justice and protection against human trafficking.

The TIP heroes recognized by the US State Department hail from various countries and sectors, including advocacy, law enforcement, and nonprofit organizations. Their collective efforts illustrate the international commitment to combating trafficking, mitigating vulnerabilities, and ensuring justice for victims worldwide.

In summary, Samson Inocencio Jr.’s recognition as an anti-human trafficking hero highlights the Philippines’ ongoing commitment and leadership in global efforts against human trafficking. His exemplary dedication and achievements serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration in the global fight to protect vulnerable populations and eradicate exploitation.


Samson Inocencio Jr.’s recognition as an anti-human trafficking hero not only honors his tireless efforts but also underscores the Philippines’ significant role in combating human trafficking on the global stage. His leadership and achievements, particularly in prosecuting cases of online sexual exploitation of children and strengthening law enforcement capabilities, have made a profound impact.

As a Filipino, Inocencio’s recognition signifies the country’s commitment to protecting its most vulnerable populations, especially children, from exploitation and abuse. It highlights the Philippines’ sustained efforts in maintaining a Tier 1 ranking in the U.S. Department of State Trafficking in Persons Report, reflecting ongoing progress in combating trafficking and upholding justice.

Inocencio’s dedication serves as an inspiration, not only within the Philippines but also internationally, showcasing how proactive leadership and collaborative efforts can make a difference in the fight against human trafficking. His recognition alongside past and present TIP heroes from diverse backgrounds reaffirms the global community’s united stance against trafficking and the shared commitment to safeguarding human rights worldwide.


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